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Avian Flu Diary: California: San Luis Obispo Public Health Investigating Suspected Swine Variant Flu Cases

Like we saw in Michigan last week, and in Indiana in early July, pigs carrying swine flu are suspected of infecting fairgoers at the California Mid-State fair. The County of San Luis Obispo Public Health Department is investigating several cases of influenza in the community to determine whether they are linked to a case of influenza in a pig at the California Mid-State Fair. At this time, the Public Health Department does not have any laboratory confirmation that the cases are linked to pigs. A number of cases of pigs transmitting influenza to humans at agricultural fairs have occurred in other states in recent years. If you seek medical attention for the flu and have had extended contact with pigs, tell your health care provider about that contact. 

Swine flu outbreaks linked to county fairs and agricultural exhibits present a particularly sticky problem for both fair organizers, and public health officials. As we saw a year ago in EID Journal: Transmission Of Swine H3N2 To Humans At Agricultural Exhibits – Michigan & Ohio 2016, these venues are particularly good at disseminating novel flu viruses to the public. Variant influenza infections in humans continue to occur through contact with exhibition swine; often, the cases are in swine exhibitors with close and prolonged swine exposure. Of note, while widespread illness in pigs was only rarely reported, surveillance revealed an average prevalence of influenza A in fair pigs of 77.5%. This study cautions that this suggests `that subclinical influenza A infections in pigs remain a threat to public health. 

This from the CDC. CDC Recommendations For People At High Risk:If you are at high risk of serious flu complications and are going to a fair where pigs will be present, avoid pigs and swine barns at the fair. Take protective measures if you must come in contact with pigs that are known or suspected to be sick. To further reduce the risk of infection, minimize contact with pigs in the pig barn and arenas. 

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Source: http://afludiary.blogspot.com/2018/08/california-san-luis-obispo-public.html

China to launch emergency inspections on farms after swine …

BEIJING, Aug 6 – China’s Liaoning province will increase inspections at pig farms and markets and strengthen the monitoring of hog transportation, after the nation’s first African swine fever case was reported there, local media Liaoning Daily reported on Monday. The African swine fever outbreak poses a major threat to the hog farming industry in the province and the whole country, and must be eradicated thoroughly, an official from Liaoning Provincial Bureau of Animal Health and Production said, according to Liaoning Daily. The provincial government has asked local authorities to launch emergency inspections at all pig farms, hog markets, slaughterhouses and harmless treatment sites in the province, and report any cases of pig deaths due to unknown reasons, slaughtered pigs found with splenomegaly or splenic hemorrhage, and immune failure among pigs after receiving swine fever vaccines, the paper reported, citing the animal health bureau. Liaoning also ordered the temporary closure of all live hog markets and slaughterhouses in Shenbei district, where the outbreak was discovered, the paper reported. China culled some 913 hogs near Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning, and banned transportation of hogs from the affected areas, following the outbreak. 

Hogs and products in Shenyang can only be distributed within the city, while those transported from outside must go through strict quarantine, the animal health bureau official said. The case in Liaoning, the first in East Asia, has stoked concern about its spread in China, which has the world’s largest pig herd, and possibly to neighbouring countries in Asia. Japan has suspended imports of heat-treated Chinese pork and tightened quarantine operations at airport and seaports, following the outbreak. Local authorities in Liaoning must put affected pigs under strict quarantine and monitoring once suspected cases were discovered. The movement of susceptible animals, and their products must also be restricted, the report said. 

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Source: http://news.trust.org/item/20180806103210-ghnce

High fat diets and pathology in the guinea pig. Atherosclerosis or liver damage?

Animal models have been widely used to investigate the relationship between diet and atherosclerosis and also to study disease etiology and possible interventions. Few published studies actually reported observations of characteristic atherosclerotic lesions and even fewer of advanced lesions. Studies, by our group, of guinea pigs fed on a high-fat diet revealed similar observations, with indications primarily of fatty streaks but little evidence of atherosclerotic plaques. This review discusses the feasibility of the guinea pig as a model for dietary-induced atherosclerosis. As it stands, current evidence raises doubt as to whether guinea pigs could serve as a realistic model for atherosclerosis. 

Our own data and the literature suggest that they could be useful models for studying lipoprotein metabolism, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and dietary interventions which may help regulate these conditions. Substance High fat diets and pathology in the guinea pig. 

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Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23195951

Romania reports 500 outbreaks of African swine fever in pigs

BUCHAREST, Romania – Romanian authorities have reported more than 500 separate outbreaks of African swine fever in pigs, mainly in the Danube Delta and near the Hungarian border. In the eastern county of Tulcea, the region worst hit by the disease, an official told The Associated Press on Monday that a state of emergency had been proclaimed. Mihai Pagal, a spokesman for the Tulcea prefect’s office, said 48,000 pigs had been culled since June after they came down with the disease. He said two large commercial farms had been badly hit, as well as many smaller farms. Tulcea alone has seen 471 outbreaks of swine fever, according to Romanian veterinary authorities. 

They said nationwide, 500 farmers will receive compensation for dead livestock. The World Organization for Animal Health says African swine fever doesn’t affect humans. 

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Source: https://apnews.com/afc7dcfcf195459fabfca6dbb17b67b6

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