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The mission and focus of this website is to educate people about mini pigs. Our team is dedicated to protecting pigs, saving pigs, ensuring accurate and credible information is available about pigs and most importantly, helping mini pig parents with the sometimes complicated care of pigs. We have seen dog shaming pictures, cat shaming videos…but I believe Mini Pig Info is the first to collect videos and pictures and attempt to create something like this. Every single person who is even remotely thinking of adding a pig to their family should watch this video before making that HUGE leap into mini pig parenthood. We do appreciate everyone allowing us to use their pictures and videos to create the video and we hope that it is helpful to someone out there who is contemplating whether or not a pig is the right pet for them. 

Thank you so much for coming to our website to find more information about mini pigs. If you have multiple pigs, once you answer, the results, up until the time you respond, will show up and if you don’t mind refreshing the page, you can answer multiple times, preferably once for each pig. This is the first in a series of polls we will be creating to try and provide more accurate information that reflects the overall pig community as it is now. I believe some of the numbers in the past that have been quoted have been skewed, inaccurate, exaggerated or possibly even made up, so we decided to collect info from the pig community and put together the results in a format that people can see for themselves. The responses will be from the people in the pig community and this particular survey will give everyone a better idea of the rate at which pigs are actually being rehomed. 

Again, we set it so you can vote multiple times since many people have several pigs that ended up in their care because of different circumstances, so please take the poll once for each pig in your care. It only takes a few seconds to sign and because one voice doesn’t affect much change, we know that a lot of voices can, so your signature could be life altering for someone who is fighting to keep their pig. 

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China to launch emergency inspections on farms after swine …

BEIJING, Aug 6 – China’s Liaoning province will increase inspections at pig farms and markets and strengthen the monitoring of hog transportation, after the nation’s first African swine fever case was reported there, local media Liaoning Daily reported on Monday. The African swine fever outbreak poses a major threat to the hog farming industry in the province and the whole country, and must be eradicated thoroughly, an official from Liaoning Provincial Bureau of Animal Health and Production said, according to Liaoning Daily. The provincial government has asked local authorities to launch emergency inspections at all pig farms, hog markets, slaughterhouses and harmless treatment sites in the province, and report any cases of pig deaths due to unknown reasons, slaughtered pigs found with splenomegaly or splenic hemorrhage, and immune failure among pigs after receiving swine fever vaccines, the paper reported, citing the animal health bureau. Liaoning also ordered the temporary closure of all live hog markets and slaughterhouses in Shenbei district, where the outbreak was discovered, the paper reported. China culled some 913 hogs near Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning, and banned transportation of hogs from the affected areas, following the outbreak. 

Hogs and products in Shenyang can only be distributed within the city, while those transported from outside must go through strict quarantine, the animal health bureau official said. The case in Liaoning, the first in East Asia, has stoked concern about its spread in China, which has the world’s largest pig herd, and possibly to neighbouring countries in Asia. Japan has suspended imports of heat-treated Chinese pork and tightened quarantine operations at airport and seaports, following the outbreak. Local authorities in Liaoning must put affected pigs under strict quarantine and monitoring once suspected cases were discovered. The movement of susceptible animals, and their products must also be restricted, the report said. 

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Source: http://news.trust.org/item/20180807114748-g11ct

Vitamins,Minerals, Probiotics, rich in vitamin C Pro-Vital® Guinea Pig supplements with amino acids and live beneficial yeast with nutritional extracts all natural

All of our products are designed with specific strains of probiotics to target specific organs and desired results. Our probiotics are grown in sofisticated laboratories to enhance quality of each live colony included. Provital’s® Guinea Pig Vitamins and Minerals with Probiotics been developed especially for Guinea Pigs to be used in large farms, or by pet owners. PRO-VITALS® GUINEA PIG formula is complete, developed for the pet Guinea Pig to maintain optimum health including in the aid and control of many ailments like deficiency of vitamin C. Provital has developed this product especially for Guinea Pigs to be used in large farms, or by pet owners. 

PRO-VITALS Guinea Pigs vitamins and minerals formula is complete, developed for high producing guinea pigs or to maintain optimum health including in the aid to control digestive disorders. Provital’s Guinea Pigs formula comes in different sizes, from the pet shop size of one animal to a big Guinea Pig farm. Provital’s guinea Pig vitamins and minerals formula will enhance the wellbeing of your Guinea Pig, and help them achive a sound and healthy life. Provital vitamins and minerals can be mixed in the food. In the food, it can either be mixed with the pellets or sprinkle lightly on vegetables. 

High levels of vitamin C. Minerals, complete spectrum. Digestive enzymes, for easy and efficient digestion of food stuff. In the food, it can either be mixed with the pellets at the rate of 1/2 to one teaspoon per 2 to 5 lb of food, or sprinkle lightly on vegetables. 

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