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Housing and Feeding Your Guinea Pig

Dr. Kenneth Welle, an exotic pet veterinarian at the University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Urbana, has advice on housing and feeding your guinea pig. A guinea pig cage should have a solid floor covered in bedding rather than a wire-bottom cage, which can cause problems if the guinea pig catches its toes on the wire. If you use a cage with a wire floor, be sure to provide another surface where the guinea pig can relieve its feet. Cleanliness is very important for good guinea pig health. 

Legume hays may be appropriate for growing guinea pigs or pregnant ones, but not for adult guinea pigs. Dr. Welle recommended limiting pellets by weight: 1 tablespoon pellets per pound of guinea pig. Young, growing guinea pigs can have unlimited access to pelleted guinea pig food. Dr. 

Welle says that salt licks are not necessary for guinea pigs unless they are somehow eating mineral-deficient hay. If you do want to get your guinea pig a salt lick, the colored salt-and-mineral ones are better than the plain white ones, which have no added minerals. Salt licks can also help with getting your guinea pig to drink more water, if that is a concern. Guinea pig digestive systems are designed for grass diets, which are high in fiber and low in carbohydrates. If your guinea pig has been on such a diet, switch to a plain pellet and hay diet gradually. 

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Source: https://vetmed.illinois.edu/pet_column/feeding-your-guinea-pig/

Guinea Lynx :: What’s Normal?

If you suspect your guinea pig has mites, be sure to treat them as soon as possible! Aromatic greenish droppings may be caecal pellets, which the guinea pig re-ingests. Very young guinea pigs often have an orange or brown tint to their urine. BOAR GLUE. Yes, male guinea pig ejaculate is normal! 

Ejaculate is generally white in color and appears rubbery. Be sure to check out your guinea pig if he is in discomfort or has difficulty urinating. To help monitor health, weigh your guinea pig weekly! Use the weight/health record pages provided in GL’s handy Cavy Health Record Book, a loose-leaf notebook, or a calendar, but be sure to record your guinea pig’s weight on a regular basis. If your guinea pig has lost four or more ounces, see a vet immediately. 

WATER CONSUMPTION. Water consumption is different for each guinea pig. Make sure your guinea pig is not just playing with the water bottle if you suspect your pet is drinking too much. If your guinea pig is not eating favorite foods or is hiding it its house, something is wrong. See a vet promptly if you suspect your guinea pig is sick. 

So if you decide to adopt, make sure you are there for the long haul! While rare, some guinea pigs have even lived over 10 years. 

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Source: http://www.guinealynx.info/normal.html

Guinea pig Insurance

Browse our veterinary-reviewed Dog and Cat Illness Guide to learn more about pet health. Always talk to your veterinarian if you have a concern about your pet’s symptoms or health. Pet Assure allows pet owners to save on their pet’s veterinary care, even pre-existing conditions. Pet Assure is a low – cost pet insurance alternative. It’s perfect for Guinea pig! 

Learn why more than 100,000 households have chosen Pet Assure for their pets. Among pet health plans, Pet Assure is the best value pet plan for your Guinea pig. It is the best pet insurance alternative and available for any type of pet. Pet Assure covers every medical condition, including ear infections, skin allergies, skin infections, gastritis, enteritis / diarrhea, arthritis, bladder infections, tumors and hypothyroidism. We are the cheap pet insurance alternative that covers every medical service, including routine visits, dental work, x-rays, laboratory work, vaccines, cremation, spay & neuter, hospitalization and emergency services. 

Compare pet insurance to us; whether you are looking for dog insurance or cat insurance, insurance for your pet is costly. Choose Pet Assure, the pet discount plan that more than pays for itself. 

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Source: https://www.petassure.com/education/exotic-breeds/guinea-pig-insurance/

How To: Check Your Guinea Pigs And Rabbits Health

Providing your small pet with a safe home is vital for your small pets health and wellness. Is happy and well-cared for, you should choose a cage that will feel like a comfortable, safe home for your pet. When selecting a cage you should ensure that there is plenty of space for your furry friend to live and play in and choose a design and material to suit your pets needs. The Habitrail range of cages are a perfect home for a small pet. They have a mixture of tubing, connectors and accessories creating a fun and stimulating environment for small pets. 

With plenty of space, lighting and room for play and intereaction, they will make your pet feel right at home! 

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Source: https://blog.petworlddirect.ie/check-smallpets-health/

Recommendations for health monitoring of rodent and rabbit colonies

These recommendations are primarily intended to standardize health monitoring programmes and reporting. In this way they may also help to standardize the microbiological quality of animals. It is not a requirement of these recommendations that animals tested are free from all of the microorganisms listed. Recommendations for health monitoring of mouse, rat, hamster, guineapig and rabbit breeding colonies. FELASA recommendations for the health monitoring of mouse, rat, hamster, gerbil, guinea pig and rabbit experimental units. 

Recommendations for the health monitoring of rodent and rabbit colonies in breeding and experimental units. 

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Source: http://www.felasa.eu/recommendations/recommendation/recommendations-for-health-monitoring-of-rodent-and-rabbit-colonies/

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