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How to health check a guinea pig

General Care of the Pig |

GENERAL CARE OF THE PIG. Pigs can be very clean and intelligent animals, especially if they are brought up to be clean from birth. There are various stages of pigs in their growing stages; starter, grower, finisher, and breeding. The space requirement will vary with the size and age of the pig. The Chinese pigs have more fat than the American pigs. 

While growing pigs are fed free choice, we advise controlling the feed of grown pigs. Pigs are normally castrated at about one week of age. Removal of the canine teeth is not recommended in any pig species due to the complications involved from a jaw fracture to jawbone infection. The amount of feed converted to pig, or feed efficiency should average 3.5 pounds of feed for 1 pound of gain. Usually the sow is treated before breeding and 2 weeks before farrowing with products that are labeled for pregnant pigs. 

Most worming medicines do not deworm the pig for coccidiosis and other parasites that area found on a fecal exam. If you purchase a pig keep the bill of sale in your pig health record file; if this pig is later sold and/or you plan to slaughter it you will need such documentation in Colorado. Pig notches and tattoos have not been recognized as official identification since 2013. 

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Porkie the Guinea Pig, Cody the cat and Ike the boxer mix are Pets of the Week at the Humane Society of Harford County

Pets of the Week available for adoption at the Humane Society of Harford County include Porkie the Guinea Pig, Cody the cat and Ike the lonely boxer mix who’s missing his sister Tina who was recently adopted. The Humane Society includes pictures of all their available pets on their website. If you’d like to help the animals without adopting one, you can donate money for their care through the Humane Society’s website. Adoption Fee: $20.Hi, my name is Porkie, and I’m a Guinea Pig. I was surrendered because my owners could no longer take care of me. 

I would make an excellent friend for a responsible child. Color: Gray.Breed: Domestic Short Hair.Gender: Male.Adoption Fee: $75.Hi, my name is Cody, and I am a 7-year-old domestic short hair cat. I am a mild-mannered, mature guy who loves to be pet and brushed. I was surrendered because my owner could no longer take care of me, so I want to find my final fur-ever home. Breed: Boxer Mix.Gender: Male.Adoption Fee: $160.My name is Ike and I came into the shelter with my buddy and sister, Tina. 

Tina found a loving home and although I’m happy for her, I am lonely without her. I like to go on walks and run around in the play yard. 

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Pigs do not really care for baths and a trick we use is we put Cheerios in the tub for them while we bathe them. Your mini pig should be dewormed at least twice a year. Good for mites and lice!* Can be used in pregnant & nursing pigs. DOES NOT treat mites or lice!* Can be used in pregnant & nursing pigs. Mini pigs may need to have their hooves trimmed a couple times a year. 

The only safe anesthesia to use on a mini pig is ISO. Remember this if your mini pig ever needs surgery for any reason! Most vaccines are for farm pigs, for one particular strain of disease, which mini pigs rarely if ever get. You need to check with your local vet, and for any laws requiring vaccinations in your area! Make sure your vet knows how to dose a mini pig!!! 

Some veterinarians do recommend Rabies vaccines to protect your pet pig in case she/he bites a person. This can be prevented with a rabies vaccine! Pigs CAN contract rabies although it isn’t likely. There is no approved rabies vaccine specifically for pigs, but they can still have the vaccine for legal protection or requirements. This is done behind the lower ear lobe because they have found that when the young pigs are chipped where dogs are the chip gets lost as they get older. 

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Caring for your Guinea Pig

Vitamin C – Guinea Pigs are like humans they need vitamin C. You can get some brands of Guinea Pig food that have it added however this should not be considered a reasonable substitute for feeding your Guinea Pig fresh food. If your Guinea Pig is not eating or drinking this is very serious. Checking your Guinea Pigs eyes, nose and ears daily will alert you to any infections they may have picked up. If your Guinea Pig has any sores or any signs of an infection you must take the Cavy to the vet. 

A Guinea Pig can be close to dying by the time you may notice. Guinea Pigs nails need regular trimming so they do not grow excessively. Guinea Pigs must have hay to grind their teeth down with. Signs that your Guinea Pigs teeth may be over grown are they may have salvia around their mouth, or it could possibly show by a lack of interest in food. I have read many different views on how often you should bath a Guinea Pig. 

The first time was to clear his fur of mites that he had picked up from the pet store I had brought him from. If you have a long haired Guinea Pig you are going to have to groom them daily. Her fur has grown slowly over the 6 months I have had her and when I cut it off, her fur was roughly 3inches long. 

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