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Medical Care Kit For Guinea Pigs

Trichinae Fact Sheet

The historical problem of trichinae infection in pigs is responsible for strict federal control of methods used to prepare ready-to-eat pork products in the U.S., and expensive carcass inspection requirements in Europe. While prevalence has declined considerably in U.S. pigs, the lowest prevalence rates in domestic pigs are found in countries where meat inspection programs have been in place for many years; these countries consider themselves essentially free of trichinae. Despite the fact that trichinae is rare in today’s industry, pork still suffers from its legacy. In the U.S., the traditional approach for trichinae control is strict control of processed products to inactivate trichinae and warnings to consumers of the need to cook fresh pork. 

An alternative method of testing pigs for trichinae infection is an indirect method which looks for antibodies to the parasites in pig blood. These include herd testing to prove that trichinae infection is not present or raising pigs under conditions which prevent exposure. The OIE Code states the following: A country, or part of the territory of a country may be considered free from trichinae in domestic swine when: 1) trichinellosis humans and animals is compulsorily notifiable in the country; 2) there is in force an effective disease reporting system shown to be capable of capturing the occurrence of cases; and 3) it has been found that trichinae infection does not exist in the domestic swine population as determined by regular testing of a statistically significant sample of the population; or 4) trichinellosis has not been reported in five years and a surveillance program shows that the disease is absent from wild animal populations. Farm certification as a method of trichinae control – Like Canada and many other developed countries, the U.S. has an extremely low incidence of trichinae infection in pigs. 

Although human trichinellosis is a reportable disease, the U.S. has no history of regular testing to determine trichinae infection in pigs, nor do most states require reporting of trichinae infection in pigs if found. Considering the existing public perception of trichinae as a problem coupled with the reality of a very low level of occurrence, the U.S. pork industry would likely benefit substantially from a program which assured the absence of trichinae from pigs. Efforts to certify pork free from trichinae should have an immediate impact on international markets by producing a product which is competitive with countries which currently inspect for trichinae. 

The U.S. pork industry can’t catch up with the rest of the world on trichinae by starting now to test pigs at slaughter. 

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Source: https://www.aphis.usda.gov/vs/trichinae/docs/fact_sheet.htm

The Beginners Guide To Raising Goats

I’ve put together these steps and first-rate tips for you to start a wonderful journey to raising goats from scratch and you can avoid the costly mistakes along the way. Discover the management goat program to guide you from choosing the fencing, feeder, water container, equipments, nutrition, health, feeding, showing, etc. The content covers developing your own time and budget for starting to raise goats, selection criteria of goats, disease descriptions, nutrition plan, production plan, training show goats and showmanship. Discover housing plan and equipments for small herds of goats. If you decide to build facility for your goats, be sure to check this manual as it covers milk house, milking room, milking stand for goats, feed racks for goats, keyhole goat feeder, walk-thru milking parlor for goats, loose housing for 20 goats and kids, milking barn and milkhouse for 10 goats, etc. 

This 250 pages of ebook explains from A to Z about raising angora goats. Learning to raise goats from one breed can give you another perspective of raising goats in general. This informative guide shares with you the goat meat demand, import/export, seasonal trends, ethnic populations and immigration patterns which affects the goat meat consumers. An extensive resource list is included and the guide covers on raising goats on pasture, controlled grazing, supplemental feeding, body condition scoring, reproduction, kid management, health concerns and marketing of goats. Yes Ted! 

I am eager to start learning how to raise goat and claim my copy of the How To Raise Goats – The BeginnersGuide To Raising Goats’ for over 50% OFF. All Yours Instantly For:$187. Ive already explained to you exactly how this comprehensive guide can help you – itll teach you the knowledge I wish I knew when I first started out to raise goat – saving you both time and money! If YOU want to learn How To Raise Goats without making the costly mistakes the ‘The Beginners Guide to Raising Goats is For YOU! 

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Source: http://www.raising-goats.com

Swine Feed Supplements, Health Products for Swine, Feed Supplements For Swine

LIV – 100 Powder & Liquid: Natural Herbal Avail from us, our natural herbal liver tonic, which is cost effective and highly efficient product along with this we also offer swine health products. Dosage for Powder: Minimum 500 gms to 1 kg mixed in 1 M.T of feed. Dosage for powder: Minimum 1 kg mixed in 1 M.T of feed. Powder: – 1 Kg and 20 Kg HERBALEAN Powder: Our manufactured Herbalean powder is made from herbal preparation, in order to keep the body fat free, healthy & lean. AROSTRESS Powder & Liquid: Our Arostress powder & liquid is a herbal anti-stress tonic, adaptogens for stress & metabolic regulation. 

Dosage for powder : Minimum 1 kg mixed in 1 M.T of feed. Dosage for Powder: In Prevention 1-2 kg/ M.T of feed depends on conditions. Powder: – 1 Kg and 20 Kg DESENTA POWDER & LIQUID It’s an anti – diarrhoeal, promotes immunity against diarrhoea to swine. Powder: – 1 Kg and 20 Kg CHOLINE-H Powder Our choline-h powder is a natural source of 100% assimiable herbal choline & biotin. Dosage for Sow: Powder: 10-12 gms twice daily Liquid: 20-40ml twice daily Presentation: Liquid 450 ml, 900ml Powder 1 Kg, 20Kg. 

DHETASOLE Capsules/Powder Our capsules/powder is used as heat inducer, which brings the female animal in proper heat. Semi-herbal Feed Supplements» TOXSTOP Powder Toxtop Powder is a herbal toxin binder that detoxifies the system & eliminates toxins. Dosages: Swine : 5 ml Daily NURIMIN SUPER FORTE Powder Nurimin Super Forte is a powder mineral mixture with Vitamin-A. Overcomes Anoestrus and Infertility Prevents Hemoglobin urea Overcomes prolapse, anemia and prevents rickets Removes emaciation, general debility and unthriftness Increases libido. 

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Source: http://www.veterinaryindia.net/swine.html

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