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Tonisity Px USA

Tonisity Px is an isotonic, highly palatable liquid solution that pigs will drink voluntarily, as early as Day 2 of life. With a taste profile pigs crave, Px provides the intestinal support and hydration needed to get them off to a fast, healthy start. From Day 2, Tonisity Px can be used in farrowing as well as nursery settings. Tonisity Px is the only known ‘non-milk’ drink for pigs that is used from Day 2 and throughout the weaning period. Tonisity Px is specifically designed to help support intestinal function during times of stress. 

Use on pigs from Day 2 of life, before and after weaning or transport and during any other stressful events which may occur in the pig’s life. Tonisity Px is not just another electrolyte solution composed of salt and sugar. Tonisity Px nourishes piglets’ intestines at a cellular level to help improve productivity from the very beginning. Tonisity Px is the only isotonic protein drink on the market that can be used from Day 2 and throughout the weaning period. A Tonisity Px scoop can be found within each pouch making it very convenient to mix the Px powder with water to create a 3% Px solution. 

Tonisity Px liquid solution is highly palatable and can be mixed with dry feed to make a gruel druing the transistion through weaning. Tonisity Px results in higher returns on investment for participating pig producers. 

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All About The Lovely Blue French Bulldog

So you might see various colors of French Bulldogs such as the Chocolate French Bulldog, Black and Tan French Bulldog, maybe even a Brindle, Fawn or Pied as well. In the case of the Blue French Bulldog, it would appear truly washed out, shades of a gray color or almost blue looking in appearance. According to bring specifications, the Blue French Bulldog is extremely rare and difficult to locate. Many breeders will not typically breed for Blue French Bulldog. When a Blue French Bulldog is presented in the present ring with undesirable coat colors or markings, the french bulldog can be disqualified from competitions. 

Even though Blue French Bulldog are disqualified for show and are not considered to be of a standard breed. The Blue French Bulldog has a color variation that simply comes from a recessive gene. When born, the Blue French Bulldog puppy has very light baby blue eyes. In some cases, it has been reported that Blue French Bulldog puppies have been born blind or with missing eyes. Not all Blue French Bulldog will get any or all of these diseases. 

The Blue French Bulldog should be easy to find by checking the Web for reputable breeders. Regardless of what state or country you live in, the best way to locate a Blue French Bulldog or any French Bulldog, is to get in contact with your country’s official dog association or club. 

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Folktale Unit: The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

To help kids create their own versions of stories and learn to write a letter. The format for a letter is very important and also addressing an envelope can also be taught if time permits. First read the story of The True Story of the Three Little Pigs. Discuss the differences in this story with the original version that the kids remember. Discuss whose perspective the original story was written by and whose perspective The True Story of the Three Little Pigs was told by. 

Show the children where everything goes in this kind of a letter and how nice and neat it makes the letter look. Explain to the class that this kind of letter is a friendly letter and there are many different kinds of letters such as formal memo, cover letter, and business letter. Explain to the class that they are going to write a letter to the wolf from whichever character they want. They can pretend to be Red Riding Hood, the Huntsman, Grandma, or another creature in the woods that might have seen the whole story unfold from his perch on a branch. They can make up a character if they relate well to the story. 

The letter can be about how this character felt about what the wolf did and what they think should be his punishment. It would probably be helpful to make up a friendly letter on the board with kids and have them tell you where to start and end. 

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Guinea Pig Food: Dried Fruits, Pellets & More

When it comes to your little guinea pig’s vegetarian diet, an assortment of fruits and berries guinea pig food, fresh fruit and veggies are key. He will also need a constant supply of tasty guinea pig grass hay to help him keep his teeth clean and in good condition. Crunchy pellets are also a great way to give your guinea pig added sources of vitamins and minerals. Add a fresh supply of drinking water along with a variety of delicious foods and you’re guinea pig will stay in tip-top shape. Oxbow Essentials Cavy Cuisine Adult Guinea Pig Food is specially formulated to mirror an adult guinea pig’s natural diet. 

It’s full of high-fiber grass hay that promotes healthy gastrointestinal health and it’s low in protein, calories and calcium. Kaytee Alfalfa Cubes Small Animal Food is an all-natural, chemical free delicious treat that your guinea pig will love. Oxbow Botanical Hay Small Animal Food is the perfect veterinarian-recommended hay for all guinea pigs at all stages of life. It’s a rich blend of herbs like chamomile and lavender mixed in with hand selected, hand packed Western timothy hay that is quality assured. Mix it with other hays to create an appetizing, long-strand fiber meals. 

Feed your guinea pig a good variety of foods and treats. Shop the best guinea pig foods and treats here in Chewy. 

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