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Manila to slaughter 6,000 pigs to stop Ebola spread

MANILA, Feb 23 – The Philippines will slaughter 6,000 pigs at a hog farm north of the capital Manila to prevent the spread of the Ebola-Reston virus, health and farm officials said on Monday. The government has lifted a quarantine on a second hog farm after tests by experts from the World Health Organisation, World Organisation for Animal Health and Food and the Agriculture Organisation showed no more signs of the disease. The country has more than 13 million heads of swine and the discovery of Ebola-Reston on two hog farms north of Manila was isolated, the government said. The government said 6,000 pigs would be killed, burned and buried as experts sought to determine the source of Ebola-Reston in pigs as well as pig-to-pig and from pig-to-human transmission. Duque said 147 human samples have been tested for Ebola, but only six have tested positive. 

It is the first time the virus has been found outside monkeys and the first time it has been found in pigs. The virus had previously jumped from monkeys to humans but this was the first case of a jump from hogs. The Ebola-Reston virus was found in the Philippines as early as the late 1980s and 25 people were found infected after contact with sick monkeys. Only one developed flu-like symptoms and later recovered. 

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Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/idUSMAN392763

List of Guinea Pig Illnesses

That means by the time your guinea pig, or cavy, shows any signs of disease, he might already be very sick. Since cavies are sensitive to many antibiotics, good supportive care might be the only way to pull your pet through sickness. Respiratory disease, specifically pneumonia, kills more guinea pigs than any ailment. Bacterial types of pneumonia are the most common, but a guinea pig might come down with the disease caused by an adenovirus. Treatment can prevent an early respiratory illness from turning into full-blown pneumonia and possibly save your guinea pig’s life. 

Guinea pigs can’t throw up, so diarrhea is the primary symptom of any gastrointestinal disorder. Make sure your guinea pig always has grass or timothy hay available, along with fresh, clean water. Your guinea pig’s teeth grow continuously throughout his life. Affected guinea pigs drool and can’t chew their food correctly. Lack of vitamin C, which guinea pigs can’t manufacture in their bodies, can also lead to dental disease. 

Older guinea pigs often develop tumors, which might or might not be malignant. If your older cavy starts looking scruffy, or experiences paralysis, he could be suffering from lymphosarcoma, the most common type of tumor in cavies. 

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Source: http://animals.mom.me/list-guinea-pig-illnesses-6155.html

Juliana Pigs

Pictures do not do these pigs justice; you have to see them in person to see how small they really are! A lot of people claim that no pig can be healthy and that small. Kimber Ranch’s breeders are registered with the JPAR. True to Julianas, all of my pigs have spots all over their bodies. None of my pigs are inbred, and I will never, ever inbreed my pigs. 

Many breeders only choose their breeder pigs based on size. Buying a Pig.If you are interested in purchasing a Juliana mini pig, please feel free to contact me. I will allow the baby mini pigs to go to their new home when they are fully weaned. Pigs are incredibly smart animals, so they can be a lot of fun to own if you give them the time to keep them mentally stimulated. Part of why my Juliana miniature pigs are so expensive is because they are such a huge commitment. 

If, for some reason, you decide that owning a pet miniature pig isn’t for you, I will take your pig back with no questions asked. Again, if you are interested in buying a miniature pig, please feel free to contact me. I’d love to tell you whatever I’ve learned throughout my experience as a miniature pig owner. It is not healthy for the animal, and I only sell healthy pigs. 

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Source: http://www.kimberranch.com/Juliana_Pigs.php

Stress and Meat Quality

Gentle handling in well-designed facilities will minimize stress levels, improve efficiency and maintain good meat quality. Rough handling or poorly designed equipment is detrimental to both animal welfare and meat quality. Progressive slaughter plant managers recognize the importance of good handling practices. Constant management supervision is required to maintain high humane standards. Every extra handling procedure causes increased stress and bruising. 

Elimination of unnecessary procedures at the slaughter plant will also reduce stress. There have been numerous research studies on stunning methods, but until recently, stress and discomfort during a lairage and movement of the animals to the stunning point was neglected. Feedlot cattle with excitable temperaments have tougher meat and a higher incidence of dark colored lean. Bos Indicus-Cross feedlot cattle with excitable temperaments have tougher meat and a higher incidence of borderline dark cutters Meat Science, Volume 46:4, 367-377. 

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Source: http://www.grandin.com/meat/meat.html

Bios Agricorp Ltd: “Protecting, Promoting, and Encouraging Life”

Bios Farm Cleaner is completely non-irritating to skin and eyes. It is easy to use, safe, biodegradable and very effective to remove even old, dry dirt in animal houses etc. Applications: Suitable for washing of walls, floors, machines and equipment etc. Especially good in removing dirt like animal manure and droppings. May be used with traditional wash with brush and water or with the high-pressure wash. 

Instruction to Use Mix Bios Farm Cleaner with clean water or via high pressure washer’s dosing system following instructions. Wet the washable surface beforehand completely and spread the washing agent everywhere. Let the product affect from 10 to 15 minutes depending on the application and the degree of the dirt. For better results can be obtain by scrubing or hot water of temperature above 30°C. Flush surface well, especially when the use of cationic solution is done after the wash. 

The product can also be use in multipurpose cleaning machines. 

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Source: http://biosagri.com/pigs-farm-cleaner.php

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