We Pigs News for 07-23-2018

Polluting Pigs Part IV

The couple had moved into the area after the CAFO was already in operation and did not make any official complaints before the suit was filed. The favorable rulings in both cases gave hope to others living near CAFOs, which are known to seriously pollute area waterways and air, and drag down nearby property values while endangering residents’ health. Worse still, in June 2018, North Carolina legislators passed a law restricting future nuisance lawsuits aimed at pig CAFOs. North Carolina is the second largest pork producer in the U.S. and home to more than 2,500 pig CAFOs. 

Odors aside, air near CAFOs is known to be polluted with ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane, residues of veterinary antibiotics and bacteria, and research has found that people living near Iowa CAFOs have elevated rates of respiratory symptoms compared to those not living near the industrial farms. In North Carolina, CAFO neighbors report increased headaches, runny noses, sore throats, coughing, diarrhea and burning eyes,10 while the odors alone are also associated with tension, depression and anger. Children living near pig CAFOs also have a higher incidence of asthma,11 and these polluting CAFOs are found most often in areas with larger African-American, Latino and Native American populations. CAFOs in North Carolina are far less likely to appear in white communities, especially those low in poverty. Beyond pollution, CAFOs pose serious threats of spreading diseases to humans, including not only antibiotic-resistant bacteria but also novel viruses. 

It’s no wonder Murphy-Brown is a $15 billion company while WH Group, which owns them, brought in $22 billion in revenue in 2017.16 Yet, the people living near their noxious CAFOs are suffering from health complaints, reduced quality of life and a financial inability to sell their properties and move away from their polluting neighbors. Every time you buy CAFO pork, you’re supporting this atrocious industry. When you do so, you’re protecting your health and the environment, while indirectly taking a stand for those who are unfortunate enough to live near a North Carolina CAFO – and finding themselves with little opportunity to fight back. 

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BO-SE for Animal Use

BO-SE is an emulsion of selenium-tocopherol for the prevention and treatment of white muscle disease syndrome in calves, lambs, and ewes, and as an aid in the prevention and treatment of Selenium-Tocopherol Deficiency in sows and weanling pigs. Tocopherol appears to have a significant role in the oxidation process, thus suggesting an interrelationship between selenium and tocopherol in overcoming sulfur-induced depletion and restoring normal metabolism. Although oral ingestion of adequate amounts of selenium and tocopherol would seemingly restore normal metabolism, it is apparent that the presence of sulfur and, perhaps, other factors interfere during the digestive process with proper utilization of selenium and tocopherol. BO-SE is recommended for the prevention and treatment of white muscle disease syndrome in calves, lambs, and ewes. In sows and weanling pigs, as an aid in the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with Selenium-Tocopherol deficiency, such as hepatic necrosis, mulberry heart disease, and white muscle disease. 

Where known deficiencies of selenium and/or vitamin E exist, it is advisable, from the prevention and control standpoint, to inject the sow during the last week of pregnancy. DO NOT USE IN PREGNANT EWES. Deaths and abortions have been reported in pregnant ewes injected with this product. Discontinue use 14 days before the treated lambs, ewes, sows, and pigs are slaughtered for human consumption. Even in selenium deficient areas there are other disease conditions which produce similar clinical signs. 

Serum selenium levels, elevated SGOT, and creatine levels may serve as aids in arriving at a diagnosis of STD, when associated with other indices. ADVERSE REACTIONS Reactions, including acute respiratory distress, frothing from the nose and mouth, bloating, severe depression, abortions, and deaths have occurred in pregnant ewes. Ewes: 2.5 mL per 100 pounds of body weight. 

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We Pigs News for 07-13-2018

At Envigo, we are dedicated to helping you secure the potential of your products by providing you with a comprehensive selection of research animals, conditions that ensure animal welfare, scientific expertise, and customer service designed to support your research globally. BUCHAREST – Romania has reported an outbreak of African swine fever at a breeding farm for pigs in the southern county of Tulcea, the national food safety authority ANSVSA said on Monday. It said all pigs on the holding, or 44,580, would be culled. In June, Romania reported an outbreak of African swine fever among backyard pigs in the same county. African swine fever is a highly contagious disease that affects pigs and wild boar and has spread in Eastern Europe in recent years. 

Hungary, Russia, Poland, Ukraine and Romania are among the countries affected, alarming governments and pig farmers due the pace at which it has spread. Reporting by Radu Marinas; editing by Jason Neely. A 3-year old intact male guinea pig was presented on emergency for suspected bloat and with a history of chronic hair loss. Whether you are a pig farm or a pig production management company managing swine production for multiple owners across multiple barns, swinemanagement.com is for you. Our pig farm management software helps you manage your inventory, batch profitability, logistics, feed plans, batch transfers, offsorts, market sales, barn visits, treatments, health scores and all your reporting in one software application, with electronic interfaces to Feed Mills and Packers. 

Melbourne Rabbit Clinic – Australia’s first dedicated rabbit and guinea pig only hospital. At the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic we have an absolute passion for rabbits and guinea pigs and we delight in their uniqueness. Our friendly team understands and shares in your love for your pet rabbits and guinea pigs. 

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