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Pisces Zodiac Compatibility

Pisces is the Mutable Water Sign and as such they are emotional creatures that are ruled by water. The best pet compatibility for Pisces then are pets that are cuddly and warm, or are water dwellers that understand the emotional currents of Pisces. Like Scorpio, Pisces doesn’t just own a cat, they instantly become a part of the cat’s family, and vice versa. Pisces as well like Scorpio can look at their cat and know what they want and are thinking. Cats as well respond to Pisces in a unique way, running to aid when tears are in play, or when drama is in the house. 

Because Pisces is so loving, they often have more than one pet in the home, and a guinea pig is an ideal addition. Fish Pisces is symbolized by the fish and so it is only natural that they would become good fish owners. As a Water Sign however, there are many layers and currents to Pisces. With fish, Pisces will go all out in a way that no other zodiac sign will. A huge pond in the yard with exotic fish will be built by Pisces, because Pisces instinctively knows what their marine friends need. 

Pisces is likely one of the only zodiac signs as well that is not afraid to own and properly take care of exotics such as a piranha either. If you are a Pisces looking for a great companion, you would do well with a fish in a way that no other zodiac sign is capable. 

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Complete Swine News, Markets, Commentary, and Technical Info

Those who take gut health for granted have never been without it. Researchers on the Genome Alberta-led project to boost disease resilience in pigs appreciate the importance of a healthy intestine. That’s why Janelle Fouhse, a Post Doctoral Fellow at the University of Alberta, is working with Dr. Ben Willing on host/ microbe interactions, especially in the gastro-intestinal tract. What they’re finding is significant for piglet health and, potentially, for human health as well. 

These findings are made possible by Fouhse’s involvement with Mitacs Canada, a non-profit, national research organization that manages and funds research and training programs for undergraduates, graduate students and Postdoctoral Fellows in partnership with universities, industry and government. In working with Alltech through the Mitacs program, Fouhse is helping them identify the best way to market the nutritional supplement to producers. For Fouhse, working with Mitacs and Alltech has been gratifying on a few fronts. Based on their work so far, that role is a substantial one. They hope that the boost in gut health will be an ally that can prevent illness or reduce its severity for pigs faced with a disease challenge. 

To anyone who has struggled with gut health, that’s a worthy goal indeed. 

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Source: http://www.swineweb.com/gut-check-researchers-target-gi-health-in-pigs

Fighting Guinea Pigs

They live the best when they are with other guinea pigs. Since they do better in groups, it is always better to have at least two guinea pigs if any. Besides being a social animal like human beings, guinea pigs share another trait with human beings. Because each individual guinea pig is different than the others, there are chances that multiple guinea pigs in one place will fight. Though most thrive on the company of other guinea pigs, it is natural for a little healthy competition between two or more. 

When your guinea pigs start chattering their teeth, it is usually a sign that a fight will break out. This usually happens when a new guinea pig is brought into the picture. If your guinea pigs are not new to each other and they are still fighting, then it is important to determine why this is happening. The possibilities could be anything from the cage being too small, the guinea pigs are feeling cramped or they don’t like to share with each other. After some time like a month or so, you can try to reintroduce the guinea pigs to each other. 

It is always important to find ways for the guinea pigs to interact with each other. Besides having an acute sense of smell, hearing and speech, the guinea pigs also need to touch. 

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Source: https://www.healthguidance.org/entry/11835/1/fighting-guinea-pigs.html

Guinea pig health tips

If you don’t have guinea pigs already, buy at least two animals. Guinea pigs need the company of their own kind as they are socially gregarious creatures. Other pets such as rabbits, or people themselves, are no substitute for a guinea pig partner. Bear in mind that male guinea pigs will only tolerate each other when they can’t see, hear or smell a female. Avoid stress with guinea pigs – symptoms include a tendency to flee, frequent stiffening, aggression or fur or weight loss. 

Guinea pigs must eat incessantly – otherwise they can’t utilise and move the nutrition in the gastrointestinal tract. One teaspoonful per animal per day is an ample sufficiency. Clarify whether the vet also treats and knows about guinea pigs. It’s precisely when you’re keeping several guinea pigs that it’s hard to take stock of whether each animal’s eating enough or which one has diarrhoea. That’s why you should scrutinise each animal regularly. 

Weigh each animal and note it down to be able to ascertain any changes. Rub the fur dry as best you can! You mustn’t ever bath a guinea pig completely, that would be too stressful for the creature and could make them very ill due to chilling! 

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Source: http://www.maxizoo.ie/guinea-pig-health-tips

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