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Guinea pigs are generally very active animals, and signs of any health problems become immediately visible. Streptococcal infections are bacterial infections that could be fatal to the guinea pig if not treated in the early stages. Guinea pigs generally do not refrain from eating and hence, if you see the pig refraining from food, then it is important to immediately seek medical help as there is a very high possibility that the guinea pig is sick. People rarely think of pigs being used for any other purpose other than their meat, but pigs sometimes have secondary jobs. After commiting to the decision of raising a new baby guinea pig, you probably learned that there are actually several guinea pig breeds to choose from. 

Of all the different types, the Peruvian guinea pig takes the cake for the longest hair. The longest hair recorded by any guinea pig reached 20 inches long! Unlike the Abyssinian, the Peruvian has long straight hair. Because of the styling of the hair, I have heard some really great guinea pig names specific to the Silkie. The Rex guinea pig is another shorthaired rodent with hair no longer than 1 cm long. 

Rex guinea pigs are great for children because of they are much easier to take care of than most other breeds. The Himalayan guinea pig is truly a remarkable breed and is often called the siamese cats of guinea pigs. All these guinea pig breeds have warm personalities and as long as you properly take care of them, they will love you back. 

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We Pigs News for 07-02-2018

Sometimes eyes get scratched or irritated by something in your guinea pig’s cage like hay or bedding or even after a struggle with another guinea pig. Pigs heavily parasitized are more susceptible to diseases such as scours and pneumonia. Swine dysentery is a highly contagious disease of growing and finishing pigs. The surefire signs of guinea pig illness that will tell you if your guinea pig needs medical attention. What your guinea pig can’t eat! 

Knowing this will save your guinea pig from potential health problems. The most important information that is included in this eBook in my opinion is the list of foods that a guinea pig can eat and the foods that can harm or possibly kill your pig. BlueStoneCages.com for lots more info on guinea pigs and guinea pig cages. Find out more tips about raising a. Guinea Pig and how to have your guinea pig live two times longer with his popular free ecourse. 

Be prepared to give your Guinea Pig the proper diet, exercise and daily attention, and the result will be excellent Guinea Pig health. Whether you are thinking of adopting or you are already a proud owner of a guinea pig, how to properly care for this delightful creature is essential for good guinea pig health. As a guinea pig ages, the skin of the perineal sac becomes stretched out, making it extremely hard to the guinea pig to expel these droppings. Guinea Pigs must be cared for in such a manner as to avoid potential diseases and infections. 

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Best Indoor Guinea Pig Cage Models Reviewed

The type of indoor guinea pig cage you choose to become your little piggie’s new home can have a huge impact on her health and wellbeing. For a single guinea pig’s indoor guinea pig cage. For two guinea pigs living together in an indoor guinea pig cage. For more than two guinea pigs living together in an indoor guinea pig cage. The vet-recommended cage height should not change with the addition of more guinea pigs to shared big indoor guinea pig cages. 

For this reason, you don’t technically even have to put a top on any indoor guinea pig cage that is 12 inches or higher – typically, your pig won’t try to climb out. Selecting a guinea pig indoor hutch that meets each of these criteria in full is essential for your guinea pig’s long-term health and safety. These roomy indoor guinea pig cages will suit one pet guinea pig perfectly well. If you are keeping two or more guinea pigs, you will need an indoor guinea pig cage that provides at least 11 square feet of floor space. At 55.91 x 23.62, this roomy half-hutch, half-cage offers everything a guinea pig could ever want in indoor cages for guinea pigs. 

You may be choosing an indoor guinea pig cage based on in-home space limitations, budget, number of pet piggies, two pigs who do/do not get along together and many other important variables as well. What can be really helpful is to sit down and write down your priorities before you start searching for an indoor guinea pig cage. 

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Head cheese

Head cheese is not a dairy cheese, but a terrine or meat jelly made with flesh from the head of a calf or pig, or less commonly a sheep or cow, and often set in aspic. Head cheese may be flavored with onion, black pepper, allspice, bay leaf, salt, and vinegar. Edit] Austria In Austria, head cheese is known as Presswurst, Sulz or Schwartamaga in the most western regions. Finland In Finland, head cheese is known as syltty, tytinä or aladobi. Germany In Germany, head cheese is known as Sülze, Schwartenmagen, or Presskopf. 

Ukraine In Ukraine, known as kovbyk, kendiukh or saltseson, head cheese is usually a combination of a variety of pork meats made into a pressed loaf. United Kingdom In England and Wales, head cheese is referred to as brawn or pork cheese. Head cheese is very popular and is usually referred to as queso de cabeza in Chile and Colombia. Brazil In Brazil, head cheese is very popular among the gaucho population and is commonly known as queijo de porco. Pennsylvania, United States In the Pennsylvania Dutch dialect, head cheese is called souse. 

In Mississippi, Alabama, and other southern states, it is encountered in a spicy form known as souse or less spicy hog’s head cheese. New Brunswick A spread similar to cretons made from pork head and Boston Butt and seasoned primarily with onion, salt, and summer savory, is often referred to as head cheese. 

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