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As her 12-year-old daughter, Poppy, scanned the a la carte restaurant menu at the exclusive five-star resort in Mauritius, settling on the oysters, Dawn Barber felt a familiar pang of pride mixed with envy. She herself had been 40 before she tasted an oyster, hardly surprising given that her childhood holidays were spent at a guest house in Blackpool. Now aged 56, this self-made millionaire, whose council house upbringing was ‘hand-to-mouth’, barely recognises the kind of childhood enjoyed her daughter, who goes to an exclusive private school, rides horses, plays the piano and is growing up in a seven-bedroom detached house set in five acres. In our class-based, socially mobile society, where each generation hopes to have more than the previous one, parents have long countered their children’s complaints with such retorts as: ‘You don’t know you’re born!’ This certainly resonates with Hannah Martin, who was entitled to free school meals growing up, but whose two children attend an idyllic £12,000-a-year private school close to their detached family home in Worthing, West Sussex. The issue of children speaking in a different accent to parents applies the other way round, too – when parents have moved ‘down’ the social ladder. 

Chloe Farrington-Hill, who was brought up in a £1 million detached home in Buckinghamshire and is now raising her children in a council house in Sheffield, knows this all too well. 

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Common Guinea Pig Health Problems

Guinea pigs are generally very active animals, and signs of any health problems become immediately visible. The deterioration rate of the guinea pig is very fast and if not treated immediately, it could result in sudden death. It is better to avoid feeding your guinea pigs with foods rich in starches, sugar, carbohydrates and fruits. Streptococcal infections are bacterial infections that could be fatal to the guinea pig if not treated in the early stages. Guinea pigs generally do not refrain from eating and hence, if you see the pig refraining from food, then it is important to immediately seek medical help as there is a very high possibility that the guinea pig is sick. 

Anorexia results in the breaking of liver cells which deteriorates the health of the pig rapidly. Heart problems and blood circulation problems manifest by excessive panting, snout and blue-tinged lips. The guinea pig should not strain more than 10 minutes while delivering the baby or stop trying to deliver due to exhaustion. The pigs squeal too much while delivering and the placenta is not produced during the delivery. Pigs suffering from diarrhea look very ill and are not active. 

This is generally mistaken for another disease called scurvy caused due to lack of vitamin C. Open wounds, scaly skin, excessive scratching and pain are signs of fungal infections in the pigs. Guinea pigs do not recover automatically if they catch infections. 

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Despite their dirty reputation, pork is still one of the more popular forms of meat. Pigs were domesticated from the wild boar between 7,000 and 9,000 years ago in the Middle East and the eastern Mediterranean; it is also possible that boars were also independently domesticated in China. Ironically, despite their history in the Middle East, pork is forbidden in Judaism, Islam and some orthodox Christian sects. Many Buddhists and Hindus also do not eat pork, though this is due more to their vegetarianism rather than a particular doctrine against pork. Pigs are not picky eaters and are thus fed a wide range of foods. 

Pigs are raised both by individuals and on an industrial scale, and their housing depends upon the climate of the region. In warmer locales, they can usually be outside all year long; in the cold climate of the United Kingdom, they are often housed in specialized indoor pig farms during the winter. People rarely think of pigs being used for any other purpose other than their meat, but pigs sometimes have secondary jobs. In France, some pigs are trained to find black truffles, a delicious yet notoriously difficult delicacy to find. This scavenging cleans up the town and allows them to later slaughter and use the pig’s meat with minimal investment in feed. 

Pig parts are used to make all sort of things. Pig heart valves are even used as replacement for failing heart valves in humans. 

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The 10 Types of Guinea Pig Breeds

After commiting to the decision of raising a new baby guinea pig, you probably learned that there are actually several guinea pig breeds to choose from. One of the older species, the Abyssinian guinea pig is certainly an icebreaker for a new home visitor. Of all the different types, the Peruvian guinea pig takes the cake for the longest hair. The longest hair recorded by any guinea pig reached 20 inches long! Unlike the Abyssinian, the Peruvian has long straight hair. 

Because of the styling of the hair, I have heard some really great guinea pig names specific to the Silkie. The Texel guinea pig is truly a remarkable species that’s much sought-after by some of the biggest enthusiasts. The Rex guinea pig is another shorthaired rodent with hair no longer than 1 cm long. Rex guinea pigs are great for children because of they are much easier to take care of than most other breeds. The Himalayan guinea pig is truly a remarkable breed and is often called the siamese cats of guinea pigs. 

They originated from a lab guinea pig colony, where strains of shorthaired and hairless guinea pigs were crossed to produce this breed. Although they aren’t the most attractive breeds of guinea pigs, they have similar personalities to the other 9 types. All these guinea pig breeds have warm personalities and as long as you properly take care of them, they will love you back. 

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