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We Pigs News for 07-01-2018

Enzyme activity, metabolites and clinically demonstrable changes in guinea pigs in tocopherol deficiency. Intestinal absorption of oxalate in scorbutic and ascorbic acid supplemented guinea pigs. The effect of variations in vitamin C intake on the cellular immune response of guinea pigs. Raised ascorbic acid consumption in cholesterol-fed guinea pigs. Kinetics of ascorbate depletion in guinea pigs after long-term high vitamin C intake. 

Studies on the pathology of experimental zinc deficiency in guinea pigs. Pathologic study on riboflavin deficiency in guinea pigs. For the summer of 2011 & 2012 we had several of our animals at Nelis’ Dutch Village, in Holland, MI.We also now have 2 pigs at Martha Clara Vineyards on Long Island, NY. They are not the super tiny ones, but they are still adorable. Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Animal Health and Welfare on a request from the Commission related to animal health and welfare in fattening pigs in relation to housing and husbandry. 

Guinea Pig Rehome allows you to send emails to Guinea Pig Rehome’s Advisors who will be able to help you with rehoming a guinea pig, or finding a guinea pig to offer a home to. If you’re looking at rehoming a guinea pig, send an email to our advisor as they might be able to help you find a forever home for your guinea pig. Also if you are searching for a guinea pig to rehome, it is always worth talking to an advisor as they will be able to find your local rescues contact details and any guinea pigs looking at finding a home in your area. 

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Dealing with an Overweight Rabbit or Guinea Pig

If your rabbit or guinea pig has a poor diet and gets too little exercise, he/she will have trouble keeping off the pounds. Diet and ExerciseIf your rabbit or guinea pig gets the proper food and right exercise, it’s unlikely that he will end up overweight. Always feed your pet a food that is formulated specifically for his species, be it rabbit or guinea pig. It’s ok to treat your rabbit or guinea pig once in a while, but you can’t give him a fattening treat every day. Guinea pigs need vitamin C in their diet, so you should give them kale, red peppers, snow peas, or dark green leafy vegetables like mustard greens or turnip greens. 

Problems Associated with Overweight PetsJust like in humans, excess weight can cause a host of health problems in small pets. It’s important to know what these are in case you are dealing with an obese rabbit or guinea pig. Flystrike: This is a condition in rabbits in which the rabbit is too fat to groom himself properly, and leaves fecal material on himself. This results in flies laying their eggs around the rabbit’s anus. If you notice any maggots around this area on your rabbit, you should take him to the veterinarian to have him treated. 

Pododermatitis: This is a condition that is common in overweight rabbits and guinea pigs that results in irritation, soreness, and pain in the rabbit’s legs and hocks. Ketosis: This is a condition that affects overweight Guinea Pigs in which their body burns more fat than it needs to because of improper glucose or liver glycogen levels. 

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Official Minecraft Wiki

If successful, there is a 1⁄32 chance to spawn four baby chickens instead. If the egg was thrown at a wall at a certain angle, the chicken may spawn in the wall, suffocating the chicken. Baby chickens will grow up in 20 minutes, although the growth can be accelerated by seeds; each use of seeds reduces the remaining time by 10%. Baby chickens do not lay eggs. Adult chickens drop from 0 to 2 feathers, and 1 raw chicken. 

If a chicken dies while on fire, it drops cooked chicken instead of raw chicken. While in a loaded chunk, a chicken will lay one egg every 5 to 10 minutes, unless it is a part of a chicken jockey. Official release 1.0.0 Beta 1.9 Prerelease 2 Chickens can be bred with wheat. 15w43a Chickens can now drop several raw/cooked chickens if killed with a Looting-enchanted weapon. 1.11 16w32a Changed entity ID from Chicken to chicken. Added texture for under chicken’s head. Pocket Edition Alpha 0.3.0 Added chickens. 0.7.0 Chickens now lay eggs and have a 1 in 8 to spawn a baby chicken and a 1 in 254 chance an egg will hatch 4 chickens. 

TU14 1.04 Using a chicken spawn egg, baby chickens can now be spawned by using on an adult chicken. The changelog for Pocket Edition 0.3.0 referred to chickens as ducks… If you throw chicken eggs at glass panes, there is a small chance that the baby chicken will spawn on the other side of the panes. 

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Guinea Pig

Breeding The ideal age for the female guinea pig to start breeding is at least 20 weeks of age and before 1 year old. Average Litter Size The guinea pig can produce, on average, 3 young. General Physical Description The Rex Guinea Pig has a broad head and a short face. Feeding A well-balanced dry guinea mix will contain all the necessary nutritional requirements that a guinea pig needs. Visit our Guinea Pig Food department Cage & Bedding A basic standard cage, with a plastic base and a wire or plastic cover that attaches to the base, can be used as long as they are kept indoors, also the guinea pig must be allowed out for supervised exercise daily. 

An earthenware food bowl and a drinking bottle will also be required to feed and water the guinea pig. Visit our Guinea Pig Housing department Suitability For Children Character & Temperament Sleeping Habits In the wild cavies are more active at night. Visit our Guinea Pig Bedding department Toys & Exercise The cage or hutch itself could be furnished with items, such as boxes and tubes, for the guinea pig to hide in. Visit our Guinea Pig Toys department Types of Coat The coat of the Rex is woolly, dense and short. Colour The Rex guinea pig comes in many different colours. 

Visit our Guinea Pig Grooming department Intelligence Guinea pigs can become accustomed to the sound of your voice, and will show various degrees of response. It may even be possible, using treats as rewards, to train the guinea pig to carry out some of its natural activities. 

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