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My Guinea Pig Bites Me, Why?

Undercover Guinea Pigs: health

Well it is a little while since we have had to post a medical update but we have recently discovered that Agent Barbie is suffering from bladder sludge, here is what happened. A couple of weeks ago Mummy noticed that Barbie was limping when he ran thinking he may have just hurt his leg she gave him some anti-inflammatories for a few days and the limp went away. Last Thursday when Mummy cleaned us out she noticed that the bedding was covered with patches of blood, straight away she thought it was a problem with Barbie’s wee and she was right, she held him on a clean towel until he peed and the pee was slightly red. Mummy phoned our good vet but she only works Monday – Wednesday so instead she made an appointment at the local vet the next day to get an x-ray. When she checked Barbie on Friday his back legs and his tummy were covered in bloody urine so she cleaned him up to make him more comfortable(this is the first time he had been like that)when she checked him again before the vet visit he had cleaned himself up and looked much better. 

Barbie was very good at the vet and just sat there while she poked and prodded him and then agreed to an x-ray. The x-ray showed what the vet thought was a small stone and a line of white which she wasn’t sure about, as the local vet is not a guinea pig specialist mummy got some more Metacam from them for Barbie and made an appointment with out specialist vet for Wednesday. On Wednesday our good vet explained the x-ray to Mummy she said there was no sign of stones in the bladder or anywhere else in the urinary system, however he did have a large amount of sludge which looked to be lying on the bladder base, if Barbie had been a girl she would have suggested flushing it out with a catheter however he is a boy and so that wasn’t an option as we have more complicated plumbing. When he got home Barbie passed 2 gritty blood clots which was a good thing as it meant at least some of the sludge had been removed from his bladder, we are not sure what helped these clots to pass if it was the vet massaging his bladder of the vibration of the car on the journey. 9th Dec Weight 989g. Mummy is weighing everyday but only testing the urine every other day, so far there has been no more visible blood on the bedding and Barbie is his happy little self. 

The vet also confirmed that there was no sign of joint problems on the x-ray and that the limping was probably due to discomfort with the bladder. For those of you who are interested here are Barbie’s x-rays, the line of white just to the left of the back leg bones is the bladder sludge. 

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