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Apple’s Chronic Health Issue (Guinea Pig)

Guinea Pig Course Certificate

The Guinea Pig course is suitable for anyone working and volunteering with guinea pigs in an animal shelter or veterinary surgery. This course is also of interest to guinea pig owners wanting to learn more about the care and welfare of guinea pigs. Module 1 examines the routine health checks required for Guinea Pigs. Learn about how to recognise and deal with parasites as well as common diseases and health disorders that affect Guinea Pigs. Learn about the nutritional requirements of Guinea Pigs and how to ensure an adequate diet that also incorporates aspects of environmental enrichment. 

As well as guinea pigs they include mara, capybara and several species of cavy, such as the yellow-toothed cavy. Guinea Pigs are susceptible to a wide range of diseases and disorders. As well as health care and nutrition, correct environment and sufficient exercise and enrichment also play major role in keeping guinea pigs happy and healthy. These are much richer in energy than grass, meaning that domestic guinea pigs can be quite prone to excessive weight gain. Having access to grass in a large run can certainly be considered as environmental enrichment for guinea pigs, as it allows them to express their natural grazing behaviour. 

This guinea pig course explores how to provide environmental enrichment, adequate nutrition, carry out health checks and how to recognise common health problems and deal with parasites. The course is of relevance to anyone working with or owning guinea pigs. 

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Guinea Pigs Harbor a Hidden Health Hazard

The bacteria, Chlamydia caviae, normally causes pink eye in guinea pigs. Three adults in the Netherlands wound up hospitalized for pneumonia after contact with guinea pigs resulted in their infection with C. caviae. Dr. Steven Gordon, chair of infectious disease at the Cleveland Clinic, said the cases are a reminder to practice good hygiene around pets. 

The two people who landed in the ICU had guinea pigs as pets, and those pets had been sick with respiratory symptoms. The man had two guinea pigs, while one of the women had 25, researchers said. The other woman worked in a veterinary clinic, where she cared for guinea pigs suffering from pink eye and nasal inflammation. Doctors detected Chlamydia bacteria in samples drawn from the patients and figured it was Chlamydia psittaci, a bacteria carried by birds that’s known to cause a form of pneumonia called psittacosis, Ramakers said. The analysis also matched the DNA of C. 

caviae in one of the patients’ guinea pigs to the bacteria that had infected its owner. Not all guinea pigs carry C. caviae, but many likely do, Ramakers said. An earlier study found the bacteria’s DNA in 59 out of 123 guinea pigs with eye disease. Don’t give away your favorite pet guinea pig just yet, though. 

People who want to protect themselves should get their guinea pigs treated by a vet if their pet appears ill, especially if it is suffering from pink eye or respiratory illness, Gordon said. 

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Veterinarian in ALLENTOWN, PA

Guinea Pig Health and Wellness – Guinea Pigs are large rodents weighing about two pounds with a lifespan of five to seven years. Guinea pigs are easy to handle, docile creatures sturdy enough for even small children to handle. Once you have hand-tamed your guinea pig, you should let him run around in a small room or enclosed area to get some additional exercise every day. You will need to carefully check the room for any openings from which the guinea pig can escape, get lost or possibly end up hurt. Guinea pigs are very conscientious about grooming themselves, but brushing them on a regular basis will help keep their coat clean and remove any loose hairs. 

Long-haired guinea pigs should be brushed daily in order to prevent tangles and knots from forming. Housing – Guinea pigs are social animals preferring to live in small groups. Plan to provide at least four square feet of cage space per guinea pig. The ASPCA recommends offering small amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables to your guinea pigs every day. While guinea pig pellets and certain fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, the best way of ensuring your pet has enough vitamin C to keep him healthy is to give him 50 mg. 

Veterinary Care – Most guinea pig health disorders can be prevented with appropriate housing, nutrition and daily vitamin C administration. Guinea pigs are much easier to treat in the early stages of a problem. 

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Guinea pig care – Canterbury Vet Clinic

Children should always be supervised when playing with a guinea pig. When children hold a guinea pig they should be sitting on the ground with the guinea pig in their lap this way the guinea pig does not have very far to fall if it struggles and the child lets go. If a guinea pig is dropped from any height it may suffer serious injuries such as broken legs or internal damage. In recent years it has been a trend for guinea pig dry foods to contain molasses. These bacteria produce toxins that can result in death of the guinea pig. 

Bran is especially good for the older guinea pig that is loosing weight. Greens are especially important for guinea pigs as they supply them with Vitamin C. Guinea pigs must have a dietary source of Vitamin C or they will become sick and die of Vitamin C deficiency. Guinea pigs obtain most of their water through leafy greens so you may notice that your guinea pig does not drink very much. The guinea pig scratches itself and large scabs form. 

The broken skin can become infected with bacteria and make the guinea pig very sick. If your guinea pig is itchy then it should bought into the clinic for an examination and treatment. If your guinea pig is showing these symptoms it should be bought into the clinic for examination. 

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Source: https://canterburyvet.com.au/guinea-pig-care/

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