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Can a guinea pig get hairballs

Guinea pigs arerodents belonging to the family Caviidae and the genus Cavia. Despite their common name, the animals are not pigs, nor do theycome from Guinea. They are originally native to the Andes, they are closely relatedto several species which are commonly found in the grassy plainsand plateaus of the region. The guinea pig plays an important rolein the folk culture of indigenous South Americans, especially as afood source, but also in folk medicine and in community religiousceremonies. Since the 1960s, the guinea pig has become increasingly importantas a staple food in the Andes, and efforts have been made toincrease consumption of the animal outside South America. 

InWestern societies, the guinea pig has enjoyed widespread popularityas a household pet since its introduction by European traders inthe sixteenth century. Because of its docile nature, the relative ease of caretaking, andits responsiveness to handling and feeding, the guinea pig remainsa popular pet choice. Organizations devoted to competitive breedingof guinea pigs have been formed worldwide, and a large number ofspecialized breeds of guinea pig, with varying coat colors andcompositions, are cultivated by breeders. Biological experimentation on guinea pigs hasbeen carried out since the seventeenth century; the animals werefrequently used in scientific contexts in the nineteenth andtwentieth centuries, but have since been largely replaced by otherrodents, such as mice and rats. They are still used in researchprimarily as models for human medical conditions such as juvenilediabetes, tuberculosis, scurvy, and pregnancy complications. 

GuineaPigs are still kept in the Andes where they were first discoveredas a food source. 

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Animal transplants coming ‘soon’

Using animals as a source of organs for transplantation into humans was once one of medicine’s next big things – a solution to transplant waiting lists. Using stem cells to build more complicated organs such as a heart is a long way off and mechanical body parts are used in the short term before an actual transplant. Whole organs The pig is the donor of choice despite non-human primates, such as the chimpanzee, being much more closely related to humans. Another problem with primates is that they may be too closely related, with the risk of diseases jumping between species when an organ is donated. Finally pigs have organs of a similar size to humans. 

Dr David Cooper from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre is one of a group of researchers arguing in the Lancet that the problems with organ rejection are being overcome. While therapies are distant on the whole organ level, they believe researchers are getting closer to transplanting small numbers of cells. Transplanting organs from animals fit uncomfortably into medicine. At the moment the best treatment for organ failure is generally a human organ transplant. Animal organs do not have a proven safety and effectiveness record so cannot meet the demand. 

Doctors would like to use personalised stem cells to make replacement organs, which would match the body’s tissue and have no chance of rejection. Animal organs do have considerable potential, but only if they can be proved safe, effective and if nothing better comes along first. 

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Potbellied Pigs: Are the Lardiest Pets a Health Hazard?

Pigs – even the domesticated potbellied kind – are on a long list of pets that are prohibited from living in New York dwellings. Animal experts say living with any large animal can pose hazards to small children, and parents should exercise caution with a swaggering tub of lard – even a domesticated pig. Pigs can carry ringworm or bacteria that cause intestinal illnesses in humans. Finck, who rallied her town of Bradenton, Fla., to change ordinances, allowing pet owners to keep pigs legally, agrees that pet pigs are not for everyone, and especially not for city dwellers. She owns four potbellied pigs, two of them living indoors. 

Potbellied pigs were popular during the 1980s, but then went out of fashion because of the destruction factor. Clooney Mourns Max Actor George Clooney shared his Hollywood home with a 300-pound potbellied pig until Max the star went to hog heaven at the age of 18, after suffering from arthritis and partial blindness. Rivaled in intelligence only by primates, whales and dolphins, pigs learn faster than dogs, and can even be trained to count. Pet pigs are reasonably priced – at less than $500, no more than a purebred dog – although there is the bill for copious amounts of food. Pigs only shed their coats once a year, when they lose their bristles in the spring. 

Like other domesticated animals, pigs need all their inoculations and health checks. Still, some pet owners are more realistic about a pig’s ability to love back. 

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Hairless Hilltop Hunks

When first deciding to breed hairless guinea pigs, you must make sure your sow is under 7 months old when first being bred. You want him to be mature and sturdy for his new duties 🙂 My Hairless Guinea Pig Boars sometimes get beaten up by the sows when they are not in season and some even loose a little weight from running around all day chasing them around. Depending on the size of the litter, you might not notice the babies moving or a change in body size until about a month before the birth. You will be able to feel the back bones, and other parts of the babies bodies very clearly. Some immediate signs that she is in labor is a hiccupping motion which is her pushing the babies out. 

Other signs of labor is she might roll on her tummy and turn in circles several times looking for her babies. With each contraction she will push the babies out one at a time, with about 5-10 minutes between each baby. I will remove the sack on the babies nose right away and use a baby booger sucker to such out their mouths and noses. It is very hard on sows already to be having babies, and she will need time to rest. CARING FOR NEWBORNS.Skinny pig babies are born fully developed with no furr unlike Baldwins. 

From my experience some babies might get the shavings in their eyes and then become irritated so I put a towel down for about a week. I will bottle feed all the babies about 2-4 times a day if it is a litter of 3 or more. 

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