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External & Internal Anatomy

ADVERTISEMENT.Guinea Pig Anatomy A Guinea Pig is a small, burrowing rodent that has a compact body. Guinea pigs have small ears and eyes, a small snout with sensory whiskers each side and no tail. Because these teeth are continuously growing, it is very important that Guinea Pigs have something to gnaw on to help keep the teeth trim. Guinea Pigs have short legs and little feet with claws on. Guinea Pig claws do need a regular trim as these too continuously grow. 

When trimming Guinea Pig claws, care must be taken to trim after the ‘quick’. If the ‘quick’ is accidently caught, it will cause the Guinea Pig much pain and discomfort. Internal Anatomy of a Guinea Pig The skeleton of a Guinea Pig has some specific adaptions made to suit its life environment in the wild. A Guinea Pigs skull is mostly constructed of flat bones of a developed structure containing partly cartilage and partly fibrous membrane. The teeth of a guinea pig form a V shape with the apex directed towards the front. 

These teeth grow continuously throughout the lifespan of the guinea pig. Guinea Pigs teeth comprise of molars, incsiors and premolars – they do not have any canines. 

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Guinea pigs for adoption

Animal shelters are full of great pets available for adoption. Most of them are dogs and cats but you can easily find guinea pigs, hamsters, birds and almost any imaginable pet. Unless you are really determined to get a certain dog breed check animals available for adoption. A significant percentage of purebred dogs and cats can be found in animal shelters. I did a quick search when I was writing this page and the first result I pulled up is a list of seven guinea pigs ready to be adopted. 

Backyard breeders that breed large numbers of guinea pigs, just let a herd breed on their own. You can find very young guinea pig pups in animal shelters. If you think that animals in shelter are potentially sick, you are most likely mistaking. In serious, animal loving shelters they will give you a healthy pet. Maybe some of them got to know the guinea pig you like and can give you some tips to help you start with it. 

If you don’t know anything about guinea pigs but you really fell in love with one, the shelter staff will usually be very helpful. Here is one more very useful tool to help you find a guinea pig for adoption. 

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Source: http://www.cool-small-pets.com/guinea-pigs-for-adoption.html

Gene-edited pigs resistant to deadly virus

Genetically modified pigs are resistant to the world’s costliest livestock diseases that causes breathing trouble, death among young animals as well as causing pregnant sows to lose their litter, a study has found. According to the study, the modified animals were not affected with Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome – a killer virus which costs the worldwide farming industry billions per year. The animals also showed no signs that the change in their DNA has had any other impact on their health or well-being. The virus infects pigs using a receptor on their cells’ surface called CD163. For the study, published in Journal of Virology, the team used gene editing techniques to remove a small section of the gene. 

They focused on the section of the receptor that the virus attaches to, leaving the rest of the molecule intact. The pigs were then exposed to the virus, but scientists found no traces of the infection in the animals after conducting blood tests. Removing only a section of CD163 allowed the receptor to retain its ordinary function in the body and reduced the risk of side effects. 

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Raising Small Groups of Pigs

While textbooks say pigs can get by with a minimum of 20 square feet per pig in an outdoor area, they need more room to roam. Pigs are natural excavators and will try to dig out of any pen. Many folks have found it useful to put one strand of electric wire inside the pen at ground level to keep the pigs from digging under the fence. Generally, raising pigs in a barn requires more labor than an outdoor pen. Do not buy pigs from a livestock auction as they have been exposed to other pigs and may get sick. 

Start with pigs weighing a minimum of 50 pounds, especially if they are to be raised outdoors. To grow efficiently, pigs need access to feed 24 hours a day. Fifty pound pigs should be fed a commercial hog feed containing around 16% protein. Once the pigs reach 125 pounds you can go to a 14% protein feed. You may find it necessary to treat your pigs for internal parasites when they are about 125 pounds. 

What many people do is feed 5 pigs and sell the other four to relatives, neighbors, friends, etc. Raising market pigs is a short term, low investment project that requires very little management. 

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Source: https://extension.psu.edu/raising-small-groups-of-pigs

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