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Healthy guinea pig takes care of a sick guinea pig.

Sugar Mountain Farm

Amy asked:We currently raise our pigs out on rotated pasture in the pacific Northwest. We have a local friend who mixes feed for us – its barley, wheat and peas with a mineral mix. We were allowing the pigs to self feed but I was told the boars and sows would get to0 big so we switched to hand feeding them. We will have 5 Jersey cows in milk this Spring so we hope to cut back on the grain and mainly feed milk and hay. Nine month old pigs who looked like they were five months old based on size. 

He lost money on cheap feed twice over – once paying for the feed and twice with the loss of growing time in the pigs. In fruit’s case there is a lot to digest for the animal but in grain’s case unless the animal chews their food well or has some other way of pulping the grains they will just pass on through into the animal’s manure piles. Pig’s don’t chew much so they are not good candidates for feeding hard grains whole. Ask the person you’re having mix the feed if they balanced the proteins. My recommendation would be that if you’re going to feed candy then do so in the evening. 

Have the pigs eat pasture/hay and dairy all day long and then give them dessert at the end of the day. In terms of transitioning from the grain to the pasture/hay and dairy I would suggest a two to three week period where you soak the grains in the milk to create something that is similar to what their digestive tract is used to while introducing the new feed. 

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Source: http://sugarmtnfarm.com/2012/03/09/feeding-barley

Human-pig ‘chimera embryos’ detailed

Embryos that are less than 0.001% human – and the rest pig – have been made and analysed by scientists. It is the first proof chimeras – named after the mythical lion-goat-serpent monster – can be made by combining material from humans and animals. The scientific report in the journal Cell shows the process is challenging and the aim of growing human organs in animals is distant. To create a chimera, human stem cells – the type that can develop into any tissue – are injected into a pig embryo. The embryo – now a mix of human and pig – is then implanted into a sow for up to one month. 

The process appears very inefficient – of the 2,075 embryos implanted only 186 continued to develop up to the 28-day stage. Crucially there were signs that human cells were functioning – albeit as a tiny fraction of the total tissue – as part of a human-pig chimera. Understanding the earliest stages of human embryo development. There was no evidence that human cells were integrating into the early form of brain tissue. Mouse stem cells were injected in the deficient rat embryos, promptly took advantage of the missing pancreas and grew a mouse one there instead. 

This was then transplanted back into mice to treat diabetes. The work to try this in humans and pigs is already under way. Although in the long term cows look likely to be a better host for human organs as both cow and human pregnancies last about nine months. 

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Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/health-38717930

Pigs for Peace

Social interaction in the aftermath of conflict-related trauma experiences among women in Walungu Territory, DRC The aim of this study was to understand the relative contribution of posttraumatic stress disorder- and non-PTSD-associated reductions in social interaction among a group of adult Congolese women who have experienced multiple and different traumatic events and are participating in a village livestock microfinance programme. Visit the website Risk for Family Rejection and Associated Mental Health Outcomes Among Conflict-Affected Adult Women Living in Rural Eastern DRC Stigma due to sexual violence includes family rejection, a complex outcome including economic, behavioral, and physical components. We explored the relationship among conflict-related trauma, family rejection, and mental health in adult women living in rural eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, who participate in a livestock-based microfinance program, Pigs for Peace. Visit the website Livestock/Animal Assets Buffer the Impact of Conflict-Related Traumatic Events on Mental Health Symptoms for Rural Women In the context of multiple adversities, women are demonstrating resilience in rebuilding their futures, through participation in microfinance programs. In addition to the economic benefits of microfinance, there is evidence to suggest that it is an effective vehicle for improving health. 

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Source: http://pigsforpeace.org

Guinea Pig Chew Toys and Nibblers

Unlike human teeth, your guinea pigs’ teeth keep growing throughout their lives. To keep them at a manageable length, guinea pigs need to regularly wear them down by chewing, biting and grinding rough objects. Guinea pig chew toys are specifically designed to help your cavies do this. Most are brightly coloured, but your cavy won’t care as long as their chew does the job. Chew toys made from natural materials are best, providing fun and helping to keep your guinea pigs’ teeth short and healthy. 

There are a few chew toys which are made from plastic, or at least contain plastic parts. Guinea pigs are resourceful creatures, and will use any objects they can to help keep their teeth short. Guinea pigs will chew on almost anything, like this wooden house, to keep their teeth short. Because these items are more expensive than a chew, it can be annoying when your guinea pigs eat their way through them. Placing a cheaper, disposable chew in their cage may encourage them to use that instead, but ultimately your pets will use whatever works best, and if that’s their house then you’ll just have to put up with it! 

A natural, free alternative to buying a chew toy is to give your pets a simple twig from a fruit tree, such as an apple or pear tree. As well as helping maintain your guinea pigs’ dental health, they also taste great, so your pigs will really enjoy munching on them. 

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Source: https://www.guineapigcorner.com/chew-toys-and-nibblers

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