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What should I feed my guinea pig?

Guinea pigs are herbivores that would usually spend many hours a day foraging and grazing on grass in small herds. Their teeth grow continuously throughout life, so they need a diet high in roughage to encourage chewing. Chewing helps to wear down their teeth and prevent serious dental problems. Providing sufficient fibre in their diet is also very important for both their gastrointestinal system and general health. Guinea pigs should not be fed Lucerne or Clover hays as they are too high in protein and calcium. 

Providing grass/grass hay is paramount in providing the ‘complete’ diet and encourages ‘chewing’ for long periods of time. A dietary source of Vitamin C because, guinea pigs cannot synthesise Vitamin C from other food substances. This is usually supplied sufficiently by the fresh leafy green veggies, but it is safer to supplement this with small quantities of vitamin C rich foods such as citrus or kiwi fruit. High quality commercial ‘Guinea Pig’ pellets may be offered in small quantities, but these should not form the main part of the diet. If you need to change your guinea pig’s diet, please make sure you introduce any changes gradually over a few weeks. 

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Health and Behavior of Micro Pigs.Micro pigs or Teacup pigs are becoming a very expensive and adorable pet option in the world. Everybody who wants a different kind of a pet and who is ready to accept the price tag that comes along with a teacup pig is buying these little piggies and they are also very happy with the results. There are celebrities like Paris Hilton and Rupert Grint who already own them and also declare their love for teacup pigs. If you are planning to buy such pigs there are a lot that you need to know about their health and behavior. First of all, the teacup pigs are not an established breed and are fairly unstable. 

There are many breeders out there who have spent a lot of time and energy in beading them and then there are some who simply bred a pig that looked small but grew as huge as a normal pig itself. Always make sure that you get your teacup pigs from a responsible and experienced breeder only. Here are a few facts about the health and general temperament of these pigs as well as the steps you need to take in order to maintain their health. 

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BOAH: Swine/Pigs

Pre-entry PermitSwine are required to have a pre-entry permit before entering Indiana. From 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Commuter Herd Agreements A commuter herd agreement may simplify the requirements for interstate movement of swine in commercial production systems. A commuter herd agreement is a written agreement among the owner(s) of a herd and the animal health officials for the states-of-origin and destination specifying the conditions required for the interstate movement from one premises to another in the course of normal livestock management operations. Requirements to establish a commuter herd agreement include a detailed, written Swine Production Health Plan; herd health inspections every 30 days by an accredited veterinarian; and notification to the accredited veterinarian in charge and the sending and receiving states prior to each interstate movement of swine between premises within a swine production system. 

Before moving animals to another state, always call the state-of-destination for that state’s requirements. 

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Source: https://secure.in.gov/boah/2382.htm

What are the health benefits of eating pigs kidneys

A USDA study found that artichokes have more antioxidants than any other vegetable, including quercertin, rutin, anthocyanins, cynarin, luteolin, and silymarin. Artichoke leaf extract kills cancer cells and reduces their proliferation in many different forms of cancer, including prostate cancer, leukemia, and breast cancer. The flavanoids present in artichokes reduce the risk of breast cancer. The pulp of artichoke leaves contains a polyphenol antioxidant called cynarin which increases bile flow. Cynarin and another antioxidant, silymarin, may even regenerate liver tissue. 

Artichokes are a natural diuretic, they aid digestion, and improve gallbladder function. Many people swear by artichokes as a hangover treatment. Ingredients in artichoke leaves reduce cholesterol by inhibiting HMG-CoA reductase. They raise good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol. One large artichoke contains a quarter of the recommended daily intake of fiber, and a medium artichoke has more fiber than a cup of prunes. 

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Source: http://qa.answers.com/Q/What_are_the_health_benefits_of_eating_pigs_kidneys


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