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Guinea pig health

In order to keep your Guinea pig in the best possible condition, you will need to handle him daily, check him over for signs of illness and injuries. Eye condition: A healthy Guinea pig has bright, alert eyes. Dull eyes indicate that the Guinea pig isn`t feeling well, and you need to investigate further to determine the cause. Sensitivity of Guinea Pigs to Certain Antibiotics: Guinea pigs as a group are unusually sensitive to certain antibiotics, whether they are given orally or by injection. Interestingly, even certain antibiotics used topically may produce lethal effects. 

The major way in which certain antibiotics cause reactions is by altering the normal microbial balance within the gastrointestinal tract Once the normal intestinal microfloral balance has been upset, certain bacteria multiply to abnormally large numbers. Certain antibiotics are directly toxic and do not alter the microbial balance within the gastrointestinal tract. These antibiotics should never be used in guinea pigs. Though injectable antibiotics can cause the problems described above, oral antibiotics are more often associated with them. Antibiotics should never be given to guinea pigs unless they are prescribed by a veterinarian. 

If oral or injectable antibiotics are prescribed, 2 1/2 cc of plain, white yogurt should be given orally to the treated animal morning and evening for the duration of the antibiotic therapy and for an additional 5-7 days afterward. Yogurt helps replace those beneficial intestinal bacteria that often perish during antibiotic treatment. 

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Infection from pigs Archives

NiV was first recognized during an outbreak of sickness that occurred in Kampung Sungai Nipah, Malaysia in 1998. In subsequent NiV outbreaks, there were no intermediate hosts. In 2004 many humans became infected In Bangladesh with NiV the reason was consuming date palm sap that had been contaminated by infected fruit bats. NiV Transmission and spread. The virus is present in bat urine and potentially, bat faeces, saliva, and birthing fluids. 

Nipah virus easily transmits to human by the direct contact with bats, pigs, or other humans who already infected with NiV. Safety measures are important hospital workers who are dealing the infected patients. Signs and Symptoms of NiV. NiV infection in humans has a scope of clinical presentations, from asymptomatic infection to intense respiratory disorder and fatal encephalitis. Niv Incubation time is 5 to 14 days, patient sickness with 3-14 days of fever and headache followed by drowsiness, disorientation and mental confusion. 

NiV is additionally equipped for causing illness in pigs and other household Aminals. There is no vaccine for humans or animals NiV infected. Laboratory diagnosis of a patient with a clinical history of NiV and Combination of tests. NiV can be prevented to avoid exposure to sick bats, pigs in endemic areas and stop drinking/ consuming palm sap of raw date. Fumigation play is most important role from prevention the NiV. 

Air treatment should be performed after handling the NiV infected patient. 

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Why Pigs Love Mud

Since few farmers provide their swine with mud pits, wallowing may be an animal welfare issue, researcher Marc Bracke of Wageningen University and Research Center wrote online in April in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science. Bracke reviewed 66 research papers on wallowing behavior in pigs, wild boar and other wallowing species. Many of the papers explored theories of why animals wallow, from sun protection to parasite removal to temperature regulation. The strongest motivation for wallowing seems to be temperature regulation, Bracke found. Pigs have few sweat glands, high body fat and a barrel-shaped torso that stores heat. 

Wallowing can lower a pig’s temperature by 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, making it more efficient than sweating would be even if pigs had lots of sweat glands. A mud bath is more cooling than a dip in cold water, Bracke wrote, because the water in mud evaporates off the pig’s coated body more slowly, allowing the animal to reap the cooling benefits of evaporation for longer. Even in cool weather, pigs still wallow, suggesting that the magic of mud doesn’t just lie in thermal regulation, Bracke wrote. Some wild pigs seem to use mud baths to scrape off parasites such as ticks and lice; they may also rub their scent glands around wallowing areas, possibly as a way of territory marking. Bracke warned, farmers shouldn’t think that they can replace wallowing with air-conditioned barns and anti-parasite medicines. 

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The French claimed the coast of present-day Guinea in 1890 and named it French Guinea in 1895. After Guinea gained independence, the first president, Sekou Touré, named the country the People’s Revolutionary Republic of Guinea. Guinea’s complex history reflects the diversity of its geographic zones. Islam also has played an important role in Upper Guinea’s history. A postal clerk and union activist, Touré was head of the Democratic Party of Guinea, which drew support from market women and low-level African bureaucrats. 

Guinea is one of the world’s poorest countries. As a result, the price of goods imported by sea increases dramatically from Lower Guinea to Upper Guinea and the Forest Region. Postcolonial Guinea has had only two presidents: Touré and Conté. Guinea’s often tumultuous history has left a complicated legacy for its citizens. Cassette tapes are cheaper in Guinea than in the rest of West Africa and most of the world, making Guinea a mecca for buyers of recorded music. 

In the 1960s, Touré founded Les Ballet Africains to highlight Guinea’s rich cultural tradition. Many of the Guinea’s best students and scholars in all fields seek education and employment outside the country. 

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