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Pasta promotes weight loss when pigs fly

Yes, that’s a real headline about an actual study. The researchers behind this review set out to study pasta’s effects on body fat. They couldn’t find a single randomized, controlled trial over three weeks long that was able to put those effects under the microscope. Which consisted of 32 trials that looked at pasta’s influence on global body fat measures – like weight, BMI, waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio, and belly fat. Pooling these results showed that eating pasta in a low-glycemic index setting was able to reduce subjects’ body weight by one pound. 

There wasn’t any observable effect from pasta-eating with respect to waist size, waist-to-hip ration, or belly fat – at least, not compared to higher GI diets. Which really tells you nothing, except that it’s better to eat spaghetti than it is to eat spaghetti and donuts. Especially over the fact that subjects were able to maintain their meager, single-pound weight loss over six months. The study authors were even so bold to say that this proves eating pasta can deliver sustained weight loss. No matter how anyone tries to spin it, the fact is, pasta – a simple, refined carbohydrate – is not a weight loss food. 

In chapter 11 of my A-List Diet Book, you’ll find countless recipes that will allow you to eat the foods you enjoy – without the refined carbohydrates. Recipes include stuffed chicken with squash ribbons and vegetable lasagna. 

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Source: https://www.drpescatore.com/pasta-promotes-weight-loss-when-pigs-fly

The Perfect Home for a Guinea Pig

Proper nutrition is very important to your guinea pig. Contrary to popular belief, guinea pig food rarely provides all the vitamin C that your pig requires. Though not necessarily high in vitamin C, other good treats to offer your guinea pig are coarse cut oatmeal, bananas, apples, carrots, papaya, mango, kiwi fruit, pineapple, and 1/2 an orange with most of the pulp scooped out. Hay is a very important part of the guinea pig diet. Guinea pigs cannot keep their nails trimmed either, and if they grow too long the nails will curl and your pig will have a hard time walking. 

Choosing an appropriate home for your guinea pig is very important. Your guinea pig will get most of her exercise in her cage, so you should provide a large, spacious cage for her home. The cage should also have a few things for the guinea pig to climb on and hide in. NEVER use cedar shavings in your guinea pigs cage, as they can cause liver disease and respiratory problems in guinea pigs. If your guinea pig lets out a high-pitched squeal when it is being held, that means that your pig is feeling uncomfortable being held that way. 

In order to insure the guinea pig’s safety, it is best to have your child sitting down with the pig in his lap, rather than walking around with the pig in his hands. Your guinea pig needs exercise time outside her cage every day. 

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Source: https://www.mspca.org/pet_resources/the-perfect-home-for-a-guinea-pig

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EQUIPMENT- HIRE, LEASE, PURCHASE. We are proud to be the distributor of choice for world leading brands, delivering increased accuracy, safety and productivity to our clients. We frequently source items from overseas on short notice for our clients and manage all aspects of the supply chain. This may include negotiation of design specifications or even the development of prototypes. FIELD SERVICES. 

We provide in-field and corporate consultancy services. TRAINING. Our qualified trainers deliver bespoke courses. We also host international trainers and offer specialist ‘schools’. We partner with SIMTARS – training, research and testing and recommend their industry courses to our clients. 

When we sell equipment, we often include SIMTARS training as standard, ensuring that our clients receive recognised training solutions for the best possible results in the field. Any training that we provide or recommend focuses on manufacturer guidelines, industry standards and overarching legislation, for the accurate, productive and safe use of the products we distribute. 

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Source: http://gasandoil.com.au

Rabbit, Guinea Pig, And Small Mammal Information From Lafeber Company

Welcome to the world of rabbits, guinea pigs, and small mammal pets! Rabbits and guinea pigs are two of the more popular small mammal pets, but you already know that if you have one of these precious souls. Lafeber Company wants you and your furry companions to enjoy the best life possible together, so we’ve brought together information to help you do just that. For guinea pigs and rabbits, as with many pets, the challenge is to take care of both the physical needs like food and shelter, and also mental needs, which means preventing boredom and encouraging engagement. Keep in mind that enrichment like the nutritious foraging prompted by Lafeber’s® Hey!Berries™ makes rabbits and guinea pigs smile! 

OK, maybe they don’t actually smile, but they probably would if they could. 

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Source: https://lafeber.com/mammals

Are guinea pigs allowed to go outside

If they’re living indoors, only put them in they’re run outside for an excercise in warm weather. If they’re living outdoors, only put them in they’re run outside for an excercise in reasonably warm weather. Don’t put them outside if it’s too hot -You should also put out a little hiding spot for your guinea pig to run into if he feels scared. Only put out a guinea pigs if it’s 65-80F degrees out, or else they freeze/overheat. Whats cute is they eat the grass but dont get excited and do it because they can get ticks. 

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Source: http://qa.answers.com/Q/Are_guinea_pigs_allowed_to_go_outside

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