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How guinea pigs taught me today’s exam stress is serious

A tiny progressing in a spring, as a vigour began to mountain forward of final exams, a comparison mentor during a Cambridge college where we am boss motionless to assistance soothe a highlight for some students by appropriation 4 guinea pigs to be fed, petted and generally adored. Since we are also deeply committed to biscuits, a fourth guinea pig was called Oreo. Students seem to unequivocally like a idea, utterly those who are blank pets during home. Cambridge colleges are not particularly animal-friendly; and roughly everybody during some indicate in their lives has found a pet soothing, calming and cheering. The subtext was glaringly obvious: they’ve got iPhones, they can select vegan food in a cafeteria, and now they wish bloody guinea pigs as well. 

What we know, as conduct of a college, is that self-harm, eating disorders, breakdowns and self-murder attempts – some, appallingly, successful – have turn common during many of a universities. We seem to be vital by an wholly nonessential and mostly purposeless generational war, that consists of baby boomers, and those a tiny younger, definitely unwell to know what is confronting millennials. We didn’t worry hugely about what category of grade we got, solely for a tiny minority who desperately wanted to go into a polite use or turn academics themselves, it didn’t seem to matter really much. We infrequently think: how brave we, who had it so easy, snarl with such self-regarding relief during today’s students, with debt piled on their backs like enormous rucksacks; who face a cruel and most some-more resourceful pursuit market, in that to destroy to get a initial can immediately bar we from a career we have always dreamed of; and who, even if they attain in those super-pressurised final year exams, have a vanishingly tiny possibility of owning their possess home until they are good into their 30s or beyond. If a small, soppy nose of a outspoken tiny guinea pig temperament a name of an iconic suffragette or a novelist of talent can play a partial in helping, we for one am gratified with a experiment. 

After 3 bustling and happy years as boss of a college, we have a unctuous guess that we am going to be remembered as a guinea pig lady. We usually wish we had named one of the guinea pigs Snowflake. 

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Standardized preparation for fecal microbiota transplantation in pigs

The intestine of pigs harbors a mass of microorganisms which are essential for intestinal homeostasis and host health. Intestinal microbial disorders induce enteric inflammation and metabolic dysfunction, thereby causing adverse effects on the growth and health of pigs. In the human medicine, fecal microbiota transplantation, which engrafts the fecal microbiota from a healthy donor into a patient recipient, has shown efficacy in intestinal microbiota restoration. Given that pigs share many similarities with humans, in terms of anatomy, nutritional physiology, and intestinal microbial compositions, FMT may also be used to restore the normal intestinal microbiota of pigs. Feasible procedures for performing FMT in pigs remains unclear. 

Here, we summarize a standardized preparation for FMT in pigs by combining the standard methodology for human FMT with pig production. The key issues include the donor selection, fecal material preparation, fecal material transfer, stool bank establishment, and the safety for porcine FMT. Optimal donors should be selected to ensure the efficacy of porcine FMT and reduce the risks of transmitting infectious diseases to recipients during FMT. Preparing for fresh fecal material is highly recommended. Frozen fecal suspension can also be prepared as an optimal choice because it is convenient and has similar efficacy. 

Oral administration of fecal suspension could be an optimal method for porcine fecal material transfer. The dilution ratio of fecal materials and the frequency of fecal material transfer could be adjusted according to practical situations in the pig industry. Future studies should also focus on providing more robust safety data on FMT to improve the safety and tolerability of the recipient pigs. This standardized preparation for porcine FMT can facilitate the development of microbial targeted therapies and improve the intestinal health of pigs. 

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Source: https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fmicb.2018.01328

We Pigs News for 06-07-2018

Researchers at Pirbright, the University of Oxford and the National Institutes of Health, USA, have shown that pigs may be better candidates for flu vaccination trials as they best represent the human immune response. Researchers at the Pirbright Institute have collaborated with the University of Oxford and the National Institutes of Health, USA, to show that S-FLU, a candidate for universal flu vaccine, induces different immune responses in pigs compared to ferrets, increasing the possibility that ferrets may not give the whole picture and that pigs can more accurately represent the disease of human influence. The team also identified a type of T cell in pigs for the first time, which can quickly help fight respiratory infections. The research, published in the Journal of Immunology, showed that when pigs received the S-FLU aerosol vaccine, the newly identified T cells were activated when they were submitted to an influenza virus of a different strain. Pigs provide a model that is more similar in size, naturally infected with influenza viruses and with a very similar human respiratory system. 

The discovery of the T-cell activation group of memory resident in pigs brings them closer to an understanding of how influenza is fought in the lungs. Any micro pig owner knows how much pigs love their bedding. Pigs love to immerse in their bedding straw, so make sure they have enough to cover themselves which will help keep them warm during the bad weather. You shouldn’t need to use heat lamps or heat mats if you pigs home is watertight and weatherproof. If you set up any Christmas or holiday lights at your home make sure that any electrical cabling is out of your pet pigs reach. 

Peppa Pig’s GP visits copied by fans, says doctor – World News Hill. The family’s GP in the animation series, Dr Brown Bear, provides the Pigs with unparalleled medical help. 

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