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The types of antibiotics used by 110 pig farms in the Ashanti region and the handling practices of the farmers during disease management were assessed. Misdiagnosis and inadequate protection during antibiotic handling in the farms increased the risk of antibiotic resistance development and spread. The factors affecting antibiotic resistance development and spread are rife in pig farms in Ashanti region and appropriate education and veterinary interventions are needed to prevent resistant bacteria from becoming endemic in pork and pig farm communities. The use of antimicrobials in livestock and the husbandry practices of the farmers have been implicated as a cause of antibiotic resistance [2, 3]. Pig farmers use antibiotics for treatment, metaphylaxis, prophylaxis, and growth promotion in their farm animals [1, 2, 4]. 

The relatively larger farm animal populations consume more than half the antibiotics produced globally [4-6]. Diseases among pigs tend to reduce productivity by reducing feed conversion efficiency, slowing growth rate, and increasing mortalities. Because of the central role of antibiotics in disease management, a study of prevalent diseases and their management practices will aid in informing practical interventions that will aim at reducing the development and spread of antibiotic resistance as a result of antibiotic use in disease management. The absence of data on the type of antibiotics used and their handling practices on pig farms, especially in Ghana and Africa, is detrimental to our understanding of the factors leading to antibiotic resistance. As a step to encourage surveillance studies that shall help researchers track the factors influencing bacterial resistance, this study assessed the antibiotic types and their handling practices among pig farmers in disease management, allowing for recommendations to contain and prevent the development and spread of resistant bacteria through the food chain. 

Table 1: Types of antibiotics used by pig farmers in selected districts in the Ashanti region of Ghana. The types and handling practices of antibiotics used in both clinical and veterinary medicine have been implicated in the development and spread of resistant bacterial phenotypes that is affecting the therapeutic efficacy of current antibiotics and food security [1, 2, 7]. This study aimed at assessing the practices and types of antibiotics prevalent on Ghanaian pig farms, using the Ashanti region as a case study. The use of antibiotics intended for clinical use is advised against as a cause of the spread of antibiotic resistance from farms to communities and treatment centres [3, 7]. Hence, the use of mainly veterinary antibiotics for basically therapeutic purposes among the farms reduces the risks of antibiotics resistance development and spread. 

Nevertheless, the farms mainly depended on the tetracyclines, sulphadimidine, dihydrostreptomycin, and benzylpenicillin for the management of most diseases. The farmers depended more on fellow farmers than veterinarians for antibiotic knowledge, which resulted in the use of the same antibiotics and similar handling practices among farms in close proximity or within the same district. Errors in antibiotic handling and administration were common among the farms. Inadequate knowledge about antibiotics and their effect on the environment and public health among pig farmers made them use and dispose of antibiotics imprudently, increasing the risk of antibiotic resistance development and spread. Education on the importance of pro- and prebiotics, improved farm hygienic practices, strict laws regarding the sales, and use of antibiotics and increased veterinarian interventions on the farms are important to limit the occurrence of diseases and subsequent use of antibiotics. 

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Percy Pigs could be BANNED by health secretary Jeremy Hunt

Percy Pigs could be banned as part of a new policy to tackle childhood obesity. There are calls to ban cartoon characters like Percy advertising unhealthy food. Percy Pigs could be banned as part of a new bid to tackle childhood obesity, it has been reported. The popular Marks & Spencer sweets could reportedly be targeted as part of a proposed ban on cartoon characters being used to promote unhealthy foods. Percy Pigs could be banned as part of a proposal that would bar cartoon characters advertising unhealthy foods. 

Percy Pigs were first introduced in 1992 and come in several flavours, including a vegetarian option with green ears. A leaked government note suggested that Health Minister Jeremy Hunt is leading a review into sugary sweets and drinks. Unlimited refills of sugary drinks such as those sold at Nando’s could also be banned under the measure. Plans to prevent ‘licenced characters, cartoon characters and celebrities’ promoting junk food are being examined. This could include Percy Pig and Tony the Tiger, as well as characters like the Milky Bar Kid. 

A leaked government note suggested that Health Minister Jeremy Hunt, pictured, is leading a review into sugary sweets and drinks. The advertising of junk food products has been banned during children’s programmes since 2007. 

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Health, Medicine and Natural Healing 08

Compelling and I haven’t been able to eat pork since. Reading the book because I didn’t want to find myself giving up any. I think my oldest sister won’t eat pork, not sure if she read the. Since many of the glandular-type supplements are derived from pigs, I. haven’t used them. 

So I’m. mostly still just using vegetarian products for digestion and adrenal. I have used two adrenal cortex products, and they are both bovine. You’re getting too philosophical for me, sorry! If something helps me, I’ll take it. 

Once I’m mentally convinced that a. thing is unhealthy to eat, I become physically ill if I try to eat it,. It gives me just enough improvement to convince me I. need adrenal support, but not enough to actually feel any better. It should be easy to find ginseng products to replace. 

Some links for adrenal websites that you might want to check out. Against, bovine sources, higher quality vegetarian sources…. anything. 

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