We Pigs News for 05-30-2018

Scientists Reanimate Disembodied Pigs’ Brains

Summary: Following recent news that scientist have successfully reanimated the brains of dead pigs by pumping them with artificial blood and restoring ‘life’ for 36 hours, a new study considers how reanimation of human brains and head transplants might impact us psychologically. In a recent meeting at the National Institutes of Health, Yale neuroscientist Nenad Sestan revealed that his team has successfully reanimated the brains of dead pigs recovered from a slaughterhouse. Admittedly, the pigs’ brains did not regain consciousness, but Sestan acknowledged that restoring awareness is a possibility. Crucially, he also disclosed that the technique could work on primate brains, and that the brains could be kept alive indefinitely. According to some, it is impossible for a disembodied brain to house anything like a normal human mind. 

They say his brain will be overwhelmed by the unfamiliar chemical and electrical signals sent to it by his new body, and it could send him mad. A disembodied brain would be likely to react similarly – but because it would be unable to signal its distress, or do anything to bring its suffering to an end, it would be even worse. To end up as a disembodied human brain may well be to suffer a fate worse than death. It is far from clear whether your disembodied brain would even be you. Some working in this area think we are purely psychological beings, and so could survive as disembodied brains so long as our memories and personalities were preserved. 

We should also be deeply concerned about the possibility of reanimating conscious human brains from an ethical standpoint. According to this view, irrespective of whether your disembodied conscious brain would be you, it would still be an entity with full moral status. So the bottom line is this: to keep a disembodied conscious human brain alive may well be to subject an entity with full moral status to an existence of hellish tedium, or to the mental torture of inescapable madness. 

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Source: http://neurosciencenews.com/pig-brain-reanimation-8970

Troubles a 4 year old guinea pig

There were three guinea pigs and one rabbit, who all lived happily together. Strictly speaking, rabbits are not meant to be kept with guinea pigs because they don’t always get on, but all four animals seemed to be good friends, so Paddy decided to continue to keep them all together. The guinea pigs, especially, are playful creatures, often running and jumping together. Paddy had noticed that the two other ones often seemed to pick on Troubles, jumping on his back, but he presumed that this was just the way that guinea pigs played, and Troubles never seemed to mind. When Paddy went to collect them after the holiday, he noticed was that Troubles had put on weight. 

He had always been a trim, lean guinea pig, but now he had a big pot belly. Paddy’s first thought was that perhaps Troubles had been given too much food while he’d been away, but the other guinea pigs seemed as slim as ever, so this did not really add up. The tiny skeletons of two baby guinea pigs could be seen in Troubles’ abdomen. Paddy quickly set up special maternity arrangements: Troubles is being moved to her own cage and run, so she can rear her young safely away from the others. Paddy isn’t yet sure what he’ll do with the baby guinea pigs, but he’s hoping a friend will take them. 

He’s probably going to find another female guinea pig to keep with her, in a separate guinea pig house and run. I’ve double checked that his other guinea pigs are both male, and in due course, I’ll be checking Troubles’ babies. 

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Source: https://www.petethevet.com/troubles-a-4-year-old-guinea-pig

We Pigs News for 05-27-2018

Guinea pigs make wonderful, interactive pets, but they do require some specific care in order to keep them healthy. If there were lots of uninfected guinea pigs to balance out their infected friends, this might not be such a problem. If the remaining guinea pigs happen to carry T. cruzi, the parasite becomes concentrated in a smaller population. Wire mesh bottoms should NEVER be used for guinea pigs due to the risk of feet becoming trapped and subsequent injury. 

Behavior – Guinea pigs generally have social and vivacious personalities. We recommend keeping guinea pigs in pairs or small groups if they have been neutered/spayed. Intact males may fight and since there are so many homeless guinea pigs out there, intact male/female pairs should be avoided. Vitamin C deficiency: Guinea pigs require vitamin C every day to survive. Upper respiratory infection/Pneumonia: This is one of the most common bacterial diseases of pet guinea pigs. 

Guinea pigs are tail-less rodents with long, short, or sometimes wild hair that ranges in color. Described as cuddly and comical, guinea pigs love to vocalize with squeals, chirps, squeaks, and whistles. Guinea pigs are hardy little animals, and their easy care makes them especially affordable pets! 

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