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Guinea Pig Eyes: Conditions and Eyedrop Treatment

Guinea Pig Tips

Guinea pigs are extremely fragile, and are more prone to illness then other pets. We’ve listed some of the most common health problems in guinea pigs that you may experience Sneezing, Discharge of the Nose Sometimes, your guinea pig can become allergic to his bedding. Despite what some people say, guinea pigs are extremely low maintenance pets, and easy to take care of. Guinea Pigs Nails Your guinea pig’s nails are going to need trimming, or they will get long and painful. Giving your guinea pigs rocks, rough stones, bricks, and other, similar. 

Most people choose not to breed simply because they don’t have the room for the extra piggies. Others realize that they don’t have the time, or money, to keep the little puppies. Make sure there aren’t too many guinea pig breeders in your area! If there are too many, there’s going a lot of competition,. One Guinea Pig, Two Guinea Pig, Three Guinea Pig, More While one guinea pig is probably enough to keep you entertained and alert, you should put some serious thought into purchasing two guinea pigs or more. 

Not only are guinea pigs extremely social creatures, they love the company of others. 

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037 Gene Editing Virus Resistant Pigs

The African Swine Fever Virus is a devastating pathogen that leads to fatal disease in domesticated swine. Scientists at the Roslin Institute led by Prof. Bruce Whitelaw have made an important advance for domestic pig health and welfare. Wild African pigs like warthogs do not get the disease. Researchers at Roslin have studied the genes associated with viral infection, and found what is likely a critical difference between the wild and domestic pigs. 

Using new gene editing technology, the change in wild pigs has been created in domestic pigs, and they will be tested for resistance to the virus this year. This example is one of may that is coming in animal, plant, and fungal genetic improvement through gene editing. 

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Source: http://www.talkingbiotechpodcast.com/037-gene-editing-virus-resistant-pigs

Popular Pigs Health-Buy Cheap Pigs Health lots from China Pigs Health suppliers on Aliexpress.com

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Quality service and professional assistance is provided when you shop with AliExpress, so don’t wait to take advantage of our prices on these and other items! 

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Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Animal Health and Welfare on a request from the Commission related to animal health and welfare in fattening pigs in relation to housing and husbandry

Acknowledgement: The European Food Safety Authority and the AHAW Panel wishes to thank the members of the working group chaired by the panel member D.M. Broom: B.Algers, T.Nunes Pina and M. Sanaa, M.Bonde, S.Edwards, J.Hartung, I. de Jong, X. Manteca Vilanova, G.Martelli, G.P. 

Martineanu, for the preparation of the Scientific Report, which has been used as the basis of this Scientific Opinion. The scientific co‐ordination for thi Scientific Report has been undertaken by the EFSA AHAW Panel Scientific Officers Elisa Aiassa and Oriol Ribó. 

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Source: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.2903/j.efsa.2007.564/full

Mar. 14, 09, Our Pigs, Our Food, Our Health and MRSA

That’ll be the focus of my next column, on Sunday. Nicholas Kristof’s Op Ed piece Our Pigs, Our Food, Our Health, which appeared in the New York Times on March 11, is a frightening look at the possibility of hog-to-human transmission of MRSA, a particularly virulent kind of antibiotic resistant staph infection that’s been an ongoing problem around the world. 

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Pretty Little Porkers

You hear all sorts of descriptions, teacup, mini, micro-mini, etc This can be very confusing when looking for a miniature pig. When you are looking at miniatures, you are getting something much smaller than a potbelly pig, but they still grow to be larger than an actual teacup! We have five different sizes that are explained on the Mini Pigs page. 

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guinea pig health issues Archives

Today’s post is an interview with Reading-based Reiki Master / Teacher, human and animal Aromatherapist Chrissie Slade. Chrissie is the founder and owner of Gorgeous Guineas, the world’s first company to create aromatherapy products specifically developed for guinea pigs. Since March is Adopt a Guinea Pig month, I thought it [].. 

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Source: https://animalwellnessguide.com/tag/guinea-pig-health-issues

Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon, one of the most enjoyable marathons in the world!

The 20th anniversary Flying Pig Marathon powered by P&G celebrated a record crowd and wins by a Wisconsin runner and a former Cincinnatian running in only her second marathon. The 2018 Flying Pig Marathon registered 43,127 for total weekend participation, a 13% increase from 2017, representing all 50 states and 22 countries. 

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Forty by HTML5 UP

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