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Could New Pig Virus Pose Threat to People?

WEDNESDAY, May 16, 2018 – A new virus found in pigs may pose a threat to people, new research suggests. Researchers found the virus was able to infect cultured human cells and cells of other species in a lab. The pig virus, known as Porcine deltacoronavirus, was first identified in China in 2012. Two years later, it was discovered in the United States during an outbreak of diarrhea among pigs in Ohio. Young pigs infected with the virus develop severe diarrhea and vomiting that can be deadly. 

The ability of a virus to jump between species depends on its ability to find receptors on the cells of people or animals, explained the study’s lead researcher, Scott Kenney. He’s an assistant professor of veterinary preventive medicine at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center. To investigate the pig virus’ potential to jump to other species, researchers at Ohio State and Utrecht University in the Netherlands honed in on a particular cellular receptor called aminopeptidase N. The study, published online this week in the journal PNAS, showed the virus could bind to the receptor in human cells, and to cells from cats and chickens. These were cells cultured in a lab setting. 

The researchers added that their findings don’t prove that the pig virus can cause disease in other species. The team plans to continue its investigation, looking for antibodies in human blood that would indicate that the pig virus may have already infected people. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides more information on how diseases spread between animals and people. 

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Guinea Pigs Harbor a Hidden Health Hazard

The bacteria, Chlamydia caviae, normally causes pink eye in guinea pigs. Three adults in the Netherlands wound up hospitalized for pneumonia after contact with guinea pigs resulted in their infection with C. caviae. Dr. Steven Gordon, chair of infectious disease at the Cleveland Clinic, said the cases are a reminder to practice good hygiene around pets. 

The two people who landed in the ICU had guinea pigs as pets, and those pets had been sick with respiratory symptoms. The man had two guinea pigs, while one of the women had 25, researchers said. The other woman worked in a veterinary clinic, where she cared for guinea pigs suffering from pink eye and nasal inflammation. Doctors detected Chlamydia bacteria in samples drawn from the patients and figured it was Chlamydia psittaci, a bacteria carried by birds that’s known to cause a form of pneumonia called psittacosis, Ramakers said. The analysis also matched the DNA of C. 

caviae in one of the patients’ guinea pigs to the bacteria that had infected its owner. Not all guinea pigs carry C. caviae, but many likely do, Ramakers said. An earlier study found the bacteria’s DNA in 59 out of 123 guinea pigs with eye disease. Don’t give away your favorite pet guinea pig just yet, though. 

People who want to protect themselves should get their guinea pigs treated by a vet if their pet appears ill, especially if it is suffering from pink eye or respiratory illness, Gordon said. 

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Source: http://www.health.com/healthday/guinea-pigs-harbor-hidden-health-hazard

Pigs for small farms: Journey to Forever

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in Japan says 65% of pigs sent to abattoirs are sick. The farmer chased the pigs out of the house onto the field. Several pigs began digging in the soil with their noses. Pigs had cleared the trees and grass, eaten it all, and quickly turned poor red mountain soil into fertile black soil rich in microorganisms, and the microorganisms then became good food for pigs. He told me that costs are low farming pigs this way, and the pigs grow happily and healthily with plenty of exercise and lots of sunshine. 

Pigs bred in modern housing are very prone to white scour – prolonged diarrhoea. Pastured Pigs – Greg Gunthorp of Indiana is a fourth-generation pasture pork producer. Email mailing list for the exchange of ideas about raising pigs on pasture. This is what pigs were made for, not to have rings in their noses. Htm The Kunekune is a cute and friendly little pig from New Zealand, smaller than other pigs and with one other big difference – they’re grass eaters. 

Pigs are found everywhere, often kept by peasants, but methods and function differ widely. Also covers scavenging pigs and tethered pigs, and uses of liquid manure and dung. 

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Farm Animal Health Veterinary Advice

Veterinary Medicine Textbook of Diseases of Pigs, Cattle, Horses, Sheep & Goats With this revised edition of Veterinary Medicine an accompanying Phone App is also offered, presenting in handy mobile format differential diagnoses, synopses of key points from the book, and tips and practical hints on therapeutics. When used together, the Veterinary Medicine book and App make an unbeatable reference that combines all the benefits of comprehensiveness with the convenience of portability. Comprehensive manual of diseases of cattle, horses, sheep, pigs & goats for students, livestock specialists & veterinary practitioners. Extensively used as a reference by veterinarians around the world! New 11th edition – farm animal & equine experts Hinchcliff & Constable are joined as editors by Professor Stanley Done, a distinguished authority on the diseases of pigs. 

The new edition has been reorganized into two volumes for ease of use and offers many NEW features and topics! The new edition has been fully reviewed and the references updated. 

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