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We Pigs News for 05-15-2018

The aim of this assignment activity is to provide an opportunity for you to design and perform experiments to investigate the properties of agonist and antagonist drugs using the isolated ileum of the guinea pig, and investigate the pharmacological effect and mechanism of action of given antagonist drugs on the contractility of isolated guinea pig ileum. Experimental Setup: The software simulates an experimental setup on an isolated piece of guinea pig ileum removed from a freshly killed guinea pig and suspended in warmed and aerated physiological solution called Tyrode’s solution. Whether you are thinking of adopting or you are already a proud owner of a guinea pig, how to properly care for this delightful creature is essential for good guinea pig health. A good Veterinarian that specializes in exotic animals is an important factor in your guinea pigs health as it grows. Your vet will provide regular checkups and advise you in the best nutrition and exercise for your guinea pigs health. 

Waiting until the last minute to choose a vet during an emergency could possibly cause major repercussions in your guinea pigs health or life. Proper nutrition is essential to guinea pig health and well-being. Guinea pigs love a variety of foods such as pellets, grass, vegetables, and fruits. Purchase pellets that are fortified with vitamin C as guinea pigs cannot produce their own and depletion could cause problems to your guinea pigs health such as Scurvy. Guinea pigs chew on grass to prevent their teeth from overgrowing, and also to help aid their digestive system. 

Guinea pigs get a vital portion of their vitamins from consuming fresh fruits and vegetables every day. If you take the very best care of your wonderful pet and follow this guide about the basics of your guinea pigs health then you will be able to reap the rewards of having such a charming animal as a companion. 

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Burgess Excel Guinea Pig Nuggets with Mint

A delicious, complementary food for guinea pigs that is high in fibre and Vitamin C and rich in nutrients. Product Description Customer Reviews You may also like We Recommend A delicious, complementary food for guinea pigs that is high in fibre and Vitamin C and rich in nutrients. If you are currently feeding a muesli style food to your guinea pigs you should gradually transfer your pets onto a hay and nugget based feeding plan over a period of between 14 and 28 days, by gradually reducing the amount of muesli and increasing the proportion of nuggets until they have completely replaced the mix. Sticking to The Excel Feeding Plan will ensure your guinea pigs get the right amounts of fibre in their diet. Bad Guinea Pig Greens: ​Apple pips, avocado, potato and potato tops, rhubarb, tomato leaves. 

On Thursday, 29 May, 2014 12:41 PM The Guinea Pigs at Little Critters Rescue Club are thoroughly enjoying Guinea Pig Nuggets, much more then they ever have with other pellets. I much prefer this product over all the other guinea pig pellets available in SA. My guinea pigs had no problems transitioning to Burgess, and started eating their nuggets straight away. I would recommend this food to any guinea pig owner. On Wednesday, 26 November, 2014 9:33 AM With Burgess Excel food I have reduced the amount I feed by 50%. 

Even with the smaller amount it is evident that my Guinea Pigs are full and satisfied throughout a whole 24 hour period. The nuggets/pellets contains everything and more of what your Guinea Pig needs. On Sunday, 21 February, 2016 9:27 PM My guinea pigs are doing so much better since I changed over to the Burgess Excel pellets. On Sunday, 03 December, 2017 2:10 PM Incredible food, my Guinea Pigs love it and I notice an improvement in their coats/health when they have it. 

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Peter Gurney: Educator of Guinea Pig Lovers

Peter Gurney came to appreciate guinea pigs rather late in life-he was 48 years old when he owned his first cavy. He spent the last 20 years of his life learning everything he could about them, and the best part is that he worked tirelessly to pass his knowledge on to other guinea pig lovers. In trying to take care of his pets, he realised that most veterinarians have a dearth of knowledge about guinea pigs. With her worthy assistance he was able to put together several books about the care and health of guinea pigs-and he educated quite a few small animal veterinarians as well as pet owners. As people like Mrs. 

Stanley and Gurney gained knowledge about the best care for guinea pigs and then took the next step of sharing that information, many RCVS vets protested. Gurney participated in a roiling controversy about whether to anaesthetise guinea pigs for dental work. His best accomplishments were the books he put out for every guinea pig owner to own in order to provide the best possible care for pets. This second book is a veritable wealth of information for guinea pig owners, and its infinite supply of information is well illustrated with over 200 photos that make the author’s point easy to understand for people of all ages. In 2006, after successful years advocating for the health and care of guinea pigs-and all animals-Gurney lost his battle with cancer. 

Gurney’s website still provides a wealth of information for guinea pig lovers. Every year on the 9th March, which was his birthday, guinea pig lovers all over the world light a candle. If you’d like to do this next March, you can email the Guinea Pigs Daily Digest with your location, and the website will display a map pinpointing all the locations-all over the world-where people still remember Peter Gurney. 

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