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Raising Pigs For Beginners Guide

A pig farm can be a lucrative business if you know the ins and outs of about how to raise pigs. If you compare that to the country’s population which is more than 315,000,000 as of January of the current year, that’s a possible 105 million pigs needed to feed each American. Another thing you should take care of is where you’ll put your pigs. Pigs in enclosures have more tender meat as compared to grazers which tend to have tougher meat because of the muscles that often develop. If you’re keeping pigs for meat, you’ll need to feed them right for them to become bigger, meatier and more profitable. 

You should also be aware of what not to feed your pigs. >> Learn about the guide which help me to raise pigs correctly over the years here <<. One more important tip on how to raise pigs properly is to provide them access to water. Be prepared to clean their water troughs regularly as pigs like to clean themselves in the water. Even if you originally planned on keeping pigs for meat, you can still profit from breeding. These tips on raising pigs is only a guide for you to kick off your business venture. 

As you go along, you will harvest enough knowledge on how to raise pigs which you can use for your pig farm to thrive and provide you with more income. 

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Purdue Food Animal Education Network

Gestation and Farrowing Crates for Pigs Some pork farms use gestation and farrowing crates or stalls for pregnant sows. Gestation crates are individual housing for sows during the time of pregnancy. Gestation crates are used so that individual sows can be fed relative to their individual needs and to reduce the impact of aggressive behaviors seen in group housing. A farrowing crate is a penning system which has an area for the sow and areas for the pigs. Farrowing crates have been designed to reduce the number of pigs which are accidentally laid or stepped on by the sow. 

Farrowing crates provide a cooler area for the sow and warmer areas for the young pigs. The flooring is designed to keep the pigs dry which reduces the spread of enteric diseases. Farrowing crates also allow the pork producer to assist in the birth process of pigs. Research has found that both gestation crates and group housing systems have positive and negative effects on animal well being. In terms of gestation crates, they can reduce aggressive behaviors and allow for more precise individual feeding management of sows. 

Farrowing crates reduce preweaning mortality – and provide a warm dry environment for the pigs which improves their health status and well being. 

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Source: http://www.ansc.purdue.edu/faen/gest crates.html

c60 charcoal capsules

We are an ethical company whose main product is a feed additive, Happ.y Tummy® Charcoal , which exploits a completely new paradigm in health care for horses, ponies and all mammals. Our science based approach to restoring and maintaining good health is based upon an age old technology adapted to work in a modern environment. We have developed and perfected a charcoal feed additive capable of removing over 4,000 known toxins from the horse’s system. This function, coupled with a massive input of bound oxygen, cleans up the animal’s internal environment enabling a stronger and more effective immune response. We have grown our company over the years from a customer base of a few hundred leisure riders to the point where we now supply many of the top racing stables and studs in the world. 

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Is guinea pig butt swollen is it constipated

Before I can explain what that means, I need to explain certain anatomy of a guinea pig. It traps the soft poop pellets that a guinea pig needs to eat to regain some of it’s B-vitamins while the harder poop that has no nutritional benefit to the guinea pig are pooped out of the rectum. As a guinea pig ages, the skin of the perineal sac becomes stretched out, making it extremely hard to the guinea pig to expel these droppings. They build up in the perineal sac and can plug up the anus, making digestion difficult and making the guinea pig vitamin B deficient because he can no longer eat these benificial droppings. You will have to clean out the impaction yourself as your cavy cannot do this on his own. 

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Pigs, goats roam Makululu – Zambia Daily Mail

NUMEROUS pigs and goats are on the loose in Makululu settlement, posing a health risk to residents. Central Province Minister Sydney Mushanga has launched the ‘Make Zambia Clean, Green and Healthy’ campaign in the province with a call to residents to prioritise living in a clean and healthy environment. Mr Mushanga launched the campaign on Friday at Reformed Church in Zambia Makululu congregation. During the launch, residents informed Mr Mushanga, who is Bwacha Constituency member of Parliament and Kabwe Mayor Prince Chileshe that the domesticated animals are a nuisance in the area. 

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Source: https://www.daily-mail.co.zm/pigs-goats-roam-makululu

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