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Guinea Pig Health Kit Supplies: Part 4 of 6: Skin Issues and Cuts, Scrapes, Bites


Mr. Chairman, Ranking Member Specter, distinguished members of the committee, Vietnam Veterans of America is very pleased to have the opportunity to share our views with you today on a topic that has been at the very core of VVA’s mission from day one: investigating toxic exposures among America’s veterans. If we are to be certain that all data that may effect the health of American veterans is to be available for the veterans and their physicians, the Congress must create such a standing declassification review panel immediately. Such a move would also help to restore trust and confidence among veterans in the federal government and its response to veteran’s health issues. The components of the initiative will be a provider education program leading to certification in veterans’ health; a comprehensive military history that will be coded in a registry and be available for education, outcomes analysis, and research; a database for any veteran to register his military history and to automatically receive updated and relevant information on issues of concern to him/her; and a Web site where any veteran or health care provider can access the latest scientific evidence on the health effects of military service. 

The visualized cash awards for clinicians passing competency exams in veteran specific health issues has not materialized. We know from internal VA emails obtained via FOIA that senior officials in Public Health and Environmental Hazards resisted creating a registry for Vietnam era SHAD veterans. Meetings with representatives of 60 national veterans groups were conducted, and congressional interest identified. New objectives featured DoD’s commitment to the health and welfare of Gulf War veterans as well as current and future service members and veterans. Target audiences were expanded to include all active duty, Guard, and Reserve and their family members; health care providers in the DoD; plus veterans and community members living and working near military installations. 

These same products are regularly distributed around the nation to base libraries, clinics, and family support centers; VA clinics and hospitals; veterans’ support groups such as VFW chapters; regional veterans’ service centers; and even state libraries. The national organization Vietnam Veterans of America is a non-profit veterans membership organization registered as a 501(c)(19) with the Internal Revenue Service. He has served as Consultant on Legislative Affairs to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, and served at various times on the VA Readadjustment Advisory Committee, the Secretary of Labor’s Advisory Committee on Veterans Employment & Training, the President’s Committee on Employment of Persons with Disabilities – Subcommittee on Disabled Veterans, Advisory Committee on veterans’ entrepreneurship at the Small Business Administration, and numerous other advocacy posts in veteran affairs. 

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Guinea Pig Health Problems Signs That Your Piggie is Unwell Signs of Guinea Pig IllnessesWhile guinea pigs suffer from very few health issues, the diseases and problems affecting guinea pigs can be surprisingly diverse. If any of these symptoms are experienced then it makes sense to seek veterinary assistance as soon as possible, as most guinea pig illnesses will clear up quite quickly if caught early on. Bladder Stones in Guinea Pigs Generally speaking guinea pigs are very healthy and can go through life with little problems. In guinea pigs and primates, including man, one key essential nutrient is vitamin C. The vast majority of other animals can produce their own vitamin C through their intestinal bacterial flora but guinea pigs and primates are unable to do this. 

If your pet guinea pig is suffering from barbering, you will need to separate the fighting animals. Feeding your pet guinea pig a nutritious and well-balanced diet can prevent hair loss due to dietary deficiencies. For true barbering, separating the affected animals, minimizing stress, weaning baby guinea pigs from their mothers early, and feeding guinea pigs long-stemmed hay may prevent barbering behaviors. Guinea pigs very very rarely carry diseases that can pass to humans. The only health issue I would even think about really is allergies, as many people have allergy issues with guinea pig dander, which is not the guinea’s fault nor yours. 

Guinea pigs really arn’t health hazards like TV shows and urban legends try to pin on. Guinea pigs are actually very good pets and are very clean as long as you care for the animal properly. The public from eating the carcasses of the dead pigs have failed. 

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How To Raise A Happy Guinea Pig Essay

Not only are guinea pigs extremely social creatures, they love the company of others. Guinea pigs need attention, and if you have just one, your guinea pig is going to get lonely very fast, and cry for your attention more often. If you’re going to just get a guinea pig, sex doesn’t matter too much. By nature, female guinea pigs are going to be more docile and less active, while their male counterparts are going to have more energy and need more exercise. A common misconception with male guinea pigs is that if you put two in the same cage, they’re going to fight to the death. 

Two male guinea pigs will fight if they don’t have enough cage space, but given plenty room, each guinea pig will have his own territory and be content with it. If you have two male guinea pigs, you cannot introduce a female guinea pig to the cage. Two females in the same cage will get along well, but you may find that they will ‘bicker’ a bit over food and water. The female acknowledges that the male is dominant, and the male accepts the female as his, and act peacefully towards her. The female cycle is only 18 days, and the gestation of guinea pigs are only two months – while this is relatively long for rodents, it’s very possible that two lively guinea pigs can give birth to literally dozens of puppies in just a year. 

Many pet stores will have at least one cage of guinea pigs, if not two or more. It’s simply that guinea pigs give birth a lot, and there is a demand for the puppies they produce. 

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