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I was an ObamaCare guinea pig

For the past three years, since leaving a job at a non-profit organization and then exhausting my COBRA, I have relied on the individual insurance market to get coverage for myself, my partner and our daughter. Three years ago when I was shopping for insurance, there weren’t that many options to choose from. So I logged onto the New York State health insurance exchange website. Early on the first Saturday morning following the launch of the exchange site – probably because the rest of the state was still asleep – I was able to log-in and complete my registration and check out all my options for insurance. There were literally 50 plans that were better than my current insurance – both with lower premiums, lower out-of-pocket costs and better coverage. 

There were ten plans with a higher premium than my current insurance, but with lower deductibles. While the exchange site was user-friendly and explained my options in a clear and simple way, picking an insurance plan isn’t exactly like ordering a hamburger. Plus in the past, I spent several days looking for and comparing insurance options. Counter to wild stories about the government taking over health care, the exchange was simply a public portal to a range of all-private insurance options. One of the most exciting things is the new companies providing private insurance through the exchange; I’ll be watching the reviews over the next year and might change plans when re-enrollment comes around. 

As of October 20, the Associated Press reported that 476,000 Americans had filled out insurance applications through the federal and state exchanges. The fact is that ObamaCare has created a private marketplace so that millions of American families like mine can get affordable, quality health insurance while keeping more of our hard-earned money. 

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Pharmacology US Academic Writers

Students will be provided a copy of the simulation program to work at their own pace for this assignment. The aim of this assignment activity is to provide an opportunity for you to design and perform experiments to investigate the properties of agonist and antagonist drugs using the isolated ileum of the guinea pig, and investigate the pharmacological effect and mechanism of action of given antagonist drugs on the contractility of isolated guinea pig ileum. Experimental Setup: The software simulates an experimental setup on an isolated piece of guinea pig ileum removed from a freshly killed guinea pig and suspended in warmed and aerated physiological solution called Tyrode’s solution. The tissue is carefully suspended in an organ bath with the bottom end of the tissue fixed and the top end attached to a freely moving isotonic lever which is in turn connected to a transducer. The lever responds to the contractions of the longitudinal muscle in the ileum and the resulting movement is converted into an electrical signal by the transducer. 

The electrical signals are then sent to a chart recorder which displays the signals as a trace. The organ bath is kept at a constant temperature of 37C by means of a water jacket which circulates water at the required temperature. A variety of drugs are added into the organ bath to observe the effect on.2 intestinal contractility. The set up also allows examining how antagonists can interfere with agonists at tissue level. Experimental Procedure: When performing experiments in which you are. 

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Medicine and Health Articles

Whether you are thinking of adopting or you are already a proud owner of a guinea pig, how to properly care for this delightful creature is essential for good guinea pig health. A good Veterinarian that specializes in exotic animals is an important factor in your guinea pigs health as it grows. Your vet will provide regular checkups and advise you in the best nutrition and exercise for your guinea pigs health. Waiting until the last minute to choose a vet during an emergency could possibly cause major repercussions in your guinea pigs health or life. Proper nutrition is essential to guinea pig health and well-being. 

Guinea pigs love a variety of foods such as pellets, grass, vegetables, and fruits. Purchase pellets that are fortified with vitamin C as guinea pigs cannot produce their own and depletion could cause problems to your guinea pigs health such as Scurvy. Grass may not seem so important but for the proper development of guinea pig health it plays a big role. Guinea pigs chew on grass to prevent their teeth from overgrowing, and also to help aid their digestive system. Guinea pigs get a vital portion of their vitamins from consuming fresh fruits and vegetables every day. 

Always give your guinea pig plenty of fresh water, but never give your pet mineral water. If you take the very best care of your wonderful pet and follow this guide about the basics of your guinea pigs health then you will be able to reap the rewards of having such a charming animal as a companion. 

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