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Daily Guinea Pig Routine | Spring 2015


Diseases transmitted from animals to humans can also affect visitors to farms – especially children or the elderly, who are more vulnerable to infection. Name Description Animal carrier Anthrax Anthrax is an extremely rare but potentially life threatening bacterial disease that can be transmitted to humans through contact with infected animals or animal products. Birds Bovine Tuberculosis Bovine tuberculosis is a bacterial disease of humans and animals. Cattle, Poultry Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease CJD is a very rare, fatal neurodegenerative disease, which is thought to be caused by the build up of an abnormal form of the naturally occurring ‘prion’ protein in the brain. The disease is spread via the ingestion of contaminated water or food, or by direct contact with infected animals or humans. 

Rodents Hydatid Disease Hydatid disease is caused by the canine tapeworm. Hardjo is similar to Weil’s disease but is generally caught from infected cattle. Sheep, Birds Lyme Disease Lyme disease is a potentially serious bacterial infection transmitted via tick bites. Ticks Newcastle Disease Newcastle disease is a highly contagious disease of birds, but is very rare in humans in the UK. It can be transmitted to humans through contact with infected birds or their products. 

Sheep, Goats Ovine Chlamydiosis Ovine chlamydiosis is a bacterial disease acquired from infected sheep or goats. In most humans it leads to a mild flu-like disease, but in pregnant women it can cause a severe life-threatening disease in the mother and lead to stillbirth or miscarriage of the unborn child. Dogs, Bats Ringworm Ringworm is a fungal skin disease of humans and other animals. 

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Source: http://www.hse.gov.uk/agriculture/topics/zoonoses.htm

Mini Potbelly and Micro or Teacup Pigs as pets

Mini pigs are gaining popularity and recognition as great pets. Our pigs are ‘true miniature’ potbelly, Juliana and mixed. Our focus is on small good natured mini and micro pigs. It is important to remember that there are no real standards for terms such as mini and micro pigs and breeders usually use these terms loosely to denote an animal that is smaller than it’s farm counterpart. Wees: We take a slightly different approach from other breeders with our pet pigs in that we like to bring attention to the adult pigs on our small farm. 

Seeing the adults pigs and learning the age, weight and size of the adults it infinitely more important than how many ounces the piglets are. I recently had a client who put a deposit on a piglet and then contacted a rescue agency where she was told that there is no such thing as a mini pig, that they are merely starved pigs and that she should demand a refund. This particular client had come and visited and met all of our pigs and was satisfied in learning that we don’t starve our pigs and that the largest pigs on our farm are still quite small. It’s very common to end up with something not so mini a couple of years down the road. We strongly recommend that people get in touch with pig rescue agencies before making any commitment. 

While our Wee Pigs are some of the smallest in the state of North Carolina if not the US, we like to remind people that they do grow up. Our smallest pigs grow to a mature weight of under 30 lbs. Teacup pigs: Our largest pigs grow to about the size of what is called teacup- 15 inches in height and well under 100 lbs which is still very small. 

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Source: http://www.minipigpets.com

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is a survival horror video game developed by The Chinese Room and published by Frictional Games. The game is an indirect sequel to Amnesia: The Dark Descent, developed and produced by Frictional Games. Set in London on New Year’s Eve, 1899, the game’s protagonist is Oswald Mandus, a wealthy industrialist and butcher who is implied to be the great grand-nephew of Daniel, the protagonist of the first game. Throughout the game, he hears the voices of his sons, Edwin and Enoch, calling for him as they lead him through the different areas of the game. The game is a survival horror game played from a first-person perspective. 

The core of the game remains the same as in The Dark Descent, so as not to disappoint fans who want more of what they loved in the original. In 2010, after the release of The Dark Descent, Frictional Games wanted to further the Amnesia franchise, but had no time for it. Development for the game began in December 2011 at The Chinese Room, while Frictional Games was producing and publishing the title. In February 2013 Frictional Games announced a status update about the game in which they announced they would release the game in Q2 2013. The three hyperlinks were hints towards The Chinese Room’s involvement in the game. 

On 14 June 2012, the first teaser trailer was released on Frictional Games’ YouTube channel. On 31 October 2012, to coincide with Halloween, a second trailer was posted on Frictional Games’ YouTube channel. 

Keywords: [“game”,”Machine”,”Amnesia”]
Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amnesia:_A_Machine_for_Pigs

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