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Weekly Health & Weight Check For Guinea Pigs

Ultimate Guinea Pigs

A complete guide to the guinea pig cage and how to easily maintain a healthy environment… The 5 things you must do before placing your guinea pig in his new home… What to feed your guinea pig – and what not to give him! There is a ton of inaccurate info out there. How to care for a single guinea pig and more than one! 

I’ll tell you what type of bedding to buy and how much to use… How to choose a healthy guinea pig from the store – there are little known things to look for that the pet store owner’s don’t want you to know! The surefire signs of guinea pig illness that will tell you if your guinea pig needs medical attention… An entire chapter devoted to guinea pig illnesses and cures. Your guinea pig has the potential to completely recover from an illness, but it’s not how you think. 

I’ll show you the truth about curing your guinea pig… Why a specific type of bedding – frequently recommended – is actually extremely dangerous for your guinea pig. It’s known to cause respiratory problems… A complete guide to all the accessories your guinea pig needs to be happy in his new home… A complete guinea pig first aid kit. 

This is an important one! The supplies in this kit just may save your guinea pig’s life! Where you should never place your guinea pig cage in your house. Knowing what’s normal and healthy behavior – and what’s not! – can help you provide the best possible care for your guinea pig… All about feeding your guinea pig, including tips on varying his diet to make sure his intestinal tract stays healthy… 

What to do if your guinea pig won’t eat… The importance of quarantine cage and how to set one up… Why your guinea pig loves to be on a schedule – and why it’s great for his health… An entire chapter devoted to breeding your guinea pigs – step-by-step instructions from start to finish… How to prepare food for your guinea pig. 

What your guinea pig can’t eat! Knowing this will save your guinea pig from potential health problems… How to arrange your plants in your tank for optimum visual effect… How to properly introduce your guinea pig to his new cage mates. This is very important as you don’t want to cause your guinea pigs any undue stress as it could lead to illnesses later on. 

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Source: https://www.seanleezx.com/store/ultimate-guinea-pigs

Hog Wild in Florida! Feral Pigs a Problem

Downloadable pdf Florida’s population boom now includes some 500,000 wild hogs whose piggish habits are causing problems for farmers, residents and health officials as well as native flora and fauna. Wild or feral hogs can now be found in every Florida county and in at least 35 states – including 1 to 2 million hogs in the Southeast. Nationwide, their population totals about 3 million. He said the problem can be traced to 1539 when Hernando DeSoto brought hogs into southwest Florida, and some of them found freedom in the New World. In Florida, some of the highest densities of feral hogs can be found north and west of Lake Okeechobee where large forested tracts, dense vegetation, abundant water and limited public access provide an ideal environment for the pigs. 

Hog numbers tend to be lower in areas with intensive agriculture or urban development. Giuliano, who conducts research on the animals with George Tanner, a professor in the UF wildlife ecology and conservation department, said hogs can also host many diseases and parasites, including hog cholera, psuedorabies, brucellosis, tuberculosis, salmonellosis, anthrax, ticks, fleas, lice and various flukes and worms. Acorns are their favorite food, but they will eat almost anything, including dead animals, and it seems like they’re always looking for opportunities, he said. When natural foods are scarce or inaccessible, hogs will forage on almost any agricultural crop and livestock feed. In Florida and the Southeast, this may be a problem in regenerating long-leaf pine forests. 

In addition to the effects of consuming, knocking down and trampling large amounts of native vegetation and crops, the rooting behavior of wild hogs causes significant damage, Giuliano said. Rooting – digging for foods below the surface of the ground – destabilizes the soil surface, uprooting or weakening native vegetation, damaging lawns and causing erosion. 

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Source: http://www.research.ufl.edu/publications/explore/v10n3/extract6.html

Flying Pigs and False Claims

On July 7 the Fourth Circuit invoked Flying Pigs to vacate a lower federal court judgment in a Medicaid false claim case, even though neither the lower court nor any of the parties asked it to. The case started in 2007, when the relators filed a qui tam action in Virginia state court against several medical labs, alleging that they had submitted false Medicaid claims in violation of state law. The defendants removed the case to federal court on the theory that the claims alleged by the relators, if proven, would constitute violations of the federal Anti-Kickback Statute. The district court dismissed all claims against one lab, and the remaining parties-relators, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the remaining labs-entered into a settlement agreement. When the Commonwealth proposed that the relators receive $139,000, they objected, arguing for $350,000. 

The district court sided with the Commonwealth, and the relators appealed to the Fourth Circuit. The Fourth Circuit raised the question whether the district court ever had jurisdiction. The court noted that federal question jurisdiction under 28 U.S.C. 1331 can arise in two ways. The second requires that that a federal issue be necessarily raised, actually disputed, substantial, and capable of resolution without disrupting the federal-state balance. Flying Pigs, L.L.C. 

v. RRAJ Franchising, L.L.C., 757 F.3d 177, is a precedent holding that the first of those four requirements-the necessarily-raised requirement-isn’t met unless every legal theory supporting the plaintiff’s claim requires resolution of a federal issue. The court vacated the judgment and remanded to the district court for remand back to the state court, where it all started nearly nine years ago. 

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Source: http://beyondhealthcarereform.com/flying-pigs-and-false-claims

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