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Health check on a Guinea Pig

Cavy Haven Guinea Pig Rescue

Guinea Pig Health Problems Signs That Your Piggie is Unwell Signs of Guinea Pig IllnessesWhile guinea pigs suffer from very few health issues, the diseases and problems affecting guinea pigs can be surprisingly diverse. If any of these symptoms are experienced then it makes sense to seek veterinary assistance as soon as possible, as most guinea pig illnesses will clear up quite quickly if caught early on. Bladder Stones in Guinea Pigs Generally speaking guinea pigs are very healthy and can go through life with little problems. Bladder stones are normally detected by the owner when they hear the guinea pig squeaking/crying when passing urine/poo and/or there may be signs of blood in their urine. Bladder stones are generally related to a diet which is too high in calcium oxalates, and once a guinea pig has had a stone it is a good idea to eliminate certain calcium-rich foods. 

In guinea pigs and primates, including man, one key essential nutrient is vitamin C. The vast majority of other animals can produce their own vitamin C through their intestinal bacterial flora but guinea pigs and primates are unable to do this. If your guinea pig develops a deficiency, it is much better to give a crushed vitamin C tablet or liquid by mouth rather than in the drinking water, since the vitamin also breaks down rapidly in water and loses its potency. If your pet guinea pig is suffering from barbering, you will need to separate the fighting animals. Keep the submissive guinea pig separate from the dominant ones. 

Otherwise, feed your pet guinea pig the diet that has been formulated by your veterinarian and administer the dietary supplements that have been recommended by the doctor. Feeding your pet guinea pig a nutritious and well-balanced diet can prevent hair loss due to dietary deficiencies. For true barbering, separating the affected animals, minimizing stress, weaning baby guinea pigs from their mothers early, and feeding guinea pigs long-stemmed hay may prevent barbering behaviors. 

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> hazard, my son has a ginnie pig, and im very concerned about. Guinea pigs clean themselves reguarly, and tend to keep neat out of instinct. Guinea pigs very very rarely carry diseases that can pass to humans. The only one I know of is salmonella, and it’s in very very very rare cases where it has been a serious issue, and only those because the people with the pets had serious health issues as well or had weakened immune systems. As long as you take proper care of the animal and yourself, there shouldn’t be any issues. 

If you’re still concerned, to be safe, make sure to wash your hands before and after handling to prevent any germ passing between you and the pig. The only health issue I would even think about really is allergies, as many people have allergy issues with guinea pig dander, which is not the guinea’s fault nor yours. This however can be easy controlled by regularly cleaning the cage as well as changing air filters and brushing your pig regularly to help remove dander. Guinea pigs really arn’t health hazards like TV shows and urban legends try to pin on. Guinea pigs are actually very good pets and are very clean as long as you care for the animal properly. 

Like dogs and cats or any pet, your pig should see a qualified cavy vet yearly to make sure the pig is healthy as well. I handle, hug, and even kiss my pigs everyday and I’m still perfectly healthy 🙂 The chances of your boy getting sick from your pig is highly unlikely as long as you’re taking proper care of them. 

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glucosamine for pigs

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OVER 140 pigs have died in Binya and Ora-Pwoyo in Odek sub-counties in Gulu. According to a veterinary officer who declined to be named, the pig’s skin turns. The locals said pig rearing is a major economic activity from which money to pay. They have requested the veterinary department to vaccinate the pigs to stop the. When the disease broke out in the area, close to 70 pigs have died. 

Another victim, Zakeo Okello, noted that since last week, a total of 72 pigs. Have died from of the disease in Binya village only. The community suspects that the disease came from Lango. Pigs died in areas of Anaka and Amuru sub-counties in the Acholi sub-region as a. result of African swine fever. 

The public from eating the carcasses of the dead pigs have failed. Gulu district veterinary officer Dr. Okidi Ochora declined to comment on the. Outbreak, saying his office had not got any report about the disease although. 

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