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Come along and see us at one of our upcoming events!​. QGPR Piggy Shop! Not only do we sell our own Pig’n’Mix and hay at open days, we also have a large range of products at competitive pricing. This includes hutches, bedding, water bottles and food bowls for your guinea pigs’ every need. The profits from all sales goes towards the guinea pigs in our care. 

Qld Guinea Pig Refuge sells top quality grassy or barley hay and our own Pig’n’Mix so you know your guinea pigs are getting food that meets their dietary needs. To help you help your guinea pigs, we’ve created our own recommended fruit and vegetables guidelines which can be downloaded from the link below. Rex and Spike are 2 year old brothers who are looking for a new home that can cater for our possible future medical needs. They are fun-loving, talkative boys who are an absolute joy to care for. Rex and Spike have fit right into their foster home and aren’t easily fazed by much. 

Rex and Spike have recently both had surgery to remove cysts that our vet believes may be genetic and re-occur in the future. They recovered from these procedures well but need a home that is prepared to provide this care for them is they continue having cysts occur. Each edition includes information about QGPR, adoptables, medical information, food facts, handy hints and much more! ​. QGPR Piggy Parlour Food Sale Points in Brisbane. 

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Kaytee Forti-Diet Pro Health Guinea Pig Food, 5-lb bag

Filter by: All stars5 stars only4 stars only3 stars only2 stars only1 star onlyAll positiveAll critical. I have 5 Guinea Pigs, and NONE of them will touch this food. I could see if one or two didn’t care for it, there is always one in every crowd, but not a single pig would eat it. The local pet stores stopped carrying it for some reason and I had to substitute a different kind and she would pick through the bowl and barely eat anything. My little g pig loves it he can’t go with out it. 

Very happy with this tho, because my piggy is a very picky eater. I have tried several different foods for my 2 Guinea Pigs and they do not care for a lot of the stuff added to their foods such as the big pieces of carrot and corn and who knows what….but this food they liked. I didn’t have to pick out any of the food pieces. Definitely 2 -4 dollars cheaper on every product I buy…pedigree dog food, kaytee guinea pig food/treats, milk bone dog biscuits, parakeet seed. This is a quality product and my guinea pig likes her food too. 

My Guinea Pig Peanut, hates the extras that are in her diet and only eats the pellets and the dried up peas! I love theese cuz as soon as she hears the bag when i put my hand in it she comes running by her food bowl! Anyway, I loves these in all ways. This is okay, my Guinea pig just like hay and fresh veggies more. 

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Guinea Pig

Raising a guinea pig requires basic knowledge of the animal’s characteristics and weaknessesIt is a common phenomenon that many guinea pig lovers who want to keep a pure breed of the lovely rodent end up keeping a fake one. This mistake keeps occurring as long as guinea pig devotees have no basic knowledge of this tiny pet. Ms Sujintron said the best age for getting a guinea pig is one month because its outward appearance and structure start to be clearly defined. Buying a guinea pig when it is still tender is also beneficial since the younger it is, the tamer it is. Ms Sujintron says it is not advisable to keep a guinea pig on grass because parasites and mites on the ground can make the animal fall ill easily. 

Guinea pigs kept in a cage can be dewormed every five months. A guinea pig enjoys playing with toys, too. In addition to major nutrients, a guinea pig also needs vitamin C, which helps prevent hair loss and colds. Ms Sujintron said pneumonia is a very common disease among guinea pig since by nature it likes playing in water a lot. Ms Sujintron said guinea pig owners can examine the animal’s health by themselves every week to look for abnormalities. 

If it loses weight, pet owners have to take it to a vet because most sick guinea pigs will lose weight. Any sick guinea pig will have too much eye discharge, with tears running down all the time. 

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Marlborough Bird & Animal Hospital

Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, were domesticated by 500-1000 AD in South America. When frightened guinea pigs will either freeze in their tracks or make an explosive attempt at escape. Female guinea pigs intended for breeding should be bred before six months of age to prevent dystocia. Babies are born with full body hair, open eyes, and the ability to eat solid food within the first day. There are many guinea pig/rabbit cages commercially available. 

Guinea pigs develop dietary preferences early in life and do not adapt readily to changes in type, appearance, or presentation of their food. Starting them on a good diet early in life will prevent most health problems later in life. Commercial guinea pig pellets with 20% protein and 16% fiber should be offered free choice. Guinea pigs have a dietary requirement for Vitamin C. Commercial guinea pig food is processed with Vitamin C, however it only remains active for 90 days after the milling date. 

Vitamin C containing foods such as oranges, kiwi fruit, beet greens, chicory, spinach, red and green peppers, broccoli, tomatoes, parsley, kale, and cabbage can also be offered in small amounts. Guinea pigs tend to have a very sensitive stomach, sudden changes in diet may result in serious GI upset. Feed bowls should be cleaned regularly because guinea pigs like to sit in them and defecate. 

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