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There are over 40 different breeds of guinea pig recognised by the British Cavy Council and these include many different colours, coat types and coat lengths so there is definitely a guinea pig to suit everyone. Guinea pigs live on average for 4-8 years and owning them is very rewarding, but it is also a big responsibility and commitment in terms of care and finances, so please think about this before you buy your guinea pigs. The guinea pigs that we keep as pets are descendants of wild guinea pigs found in the Andes and were introduced to Europe in the 16th century. If you are picking up a guinea pig always do it by placing one hand under the chest and use the other to support their hind quarters – always make sure you have a firm hold of your guinea pig while you are cuddling them, as falling from a height can injure them. Dietary problems are one of the main causes of most illnesses and problems that we see in guinea pigs at Castle Vets and a poor diet can lead to obesity, soft stools, diarrhoea, fly strike, scurvy and bone and teeth problems. 

Fresh fruit – Don’t over do the fruit as although your guinea pigs will love it, it contains lots of sugars and can lead to obesity and dental problems. Traditionally Guinea pigs have always been kept in hutches in the garden, however guinea pigs are just as happy when kept indoors. There are a wide range of hutches and indoor accommodation available for Guinea pigs but please remember that most of the cages available from pet shops are far too small for guinea pigs! Hay and straw are generally good materials for bedding, and the bottom of the hutch or enclosure can be lined with newspaper. Fleece/Vetbed/Towels – commonly used for indoor guinea pigs This keeps guinea pigs dry and is soft on their feet also. 

Make sure there is no excess salivation or dribbling which may indicate that there is a problem with your guinea pig’s teeth or gums. Stroking your guinea pig will help you feel for any lumps, bumps or wounds on the skin; if you find anything out of the ordinary make a note of exactly where it is before contacting your vet as small lumps can be difficult to find again! Flaky or dry skin could also indicate poor diet or a parasite problem. If you suspect that your guinea pig is unwell or may have any of the problems listed above, please don’t delay and get him or her to the vet as soon as possible for a check over. 

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DIY Guinea Pig Cage Ideas t

Such places have step by step instructions on how to 4 Apr 2013 Most guinea pig owners don’t realize that there is another option for a guinea pig cage that is not only cheaper, but more comfortable overall for the guinea pig. Safe from If you’ve got the time, skills and inclination you can be as creative as you want when designing and building a guinea pig cage! There are plenty of ideas and inspiration online, especially over on Pinterest and DIY project portals. 23 Oct 2016 Tips and guidelines on proper guinea pig cage setup, along with issues that may arise from buying the wrong cage. The complete cage setup, from the cage itself to the bedding to the items inside the cage, should provide plenty of room for your guinea pig, and enough interactivity to Save Up to 4X on Cage. A guinea pig is more a natural lunch than a natural friend to a dog; and the guinea pig is likely aware of this. 

Image may contain: food and indoor 1y Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue As night approaches and the busy household quiets down, your pet guinea pig comes out to spend time with the family. 27 Jan 2016 These DIY Guinea Pig Cage ideas won’t just save you money, they’ll make your cavy very happy! 20 Feb 2016 – 4 min – Uploaded by Little AdventuresHere are a few ideas to make the most out of the space you have with your guinea pig cage 16 Mar 2017 How to Make a Guinea Pig Cage. By Alice Cali Cavy 11 Tips to Spotless Fleece Bedding for Your Guinea Pig Everything you need to know about using fleece bedding in your guinea pig’s cage. You all have a wealth of knowledge and I’m in Need of plans for guinea pig DIY cat proof indoor cage. Guinea Pig Cage Ideas & Cavy DIY. , and fleece in the rest of the cage. If my parents agreed to me getting a guinea pig 🙁 tho my mum said I might be allowed to get a dwarf hamster :D. 

The entire bill was about $80. This is a rather important article for owners looking to purchase a guinea pig cage, so make sure to read this thoroughly before shopping. These DIY Guinea Pig Cage ideas won’t just save you money, they’ll make your cavy very happy! 4 Feb 2017 Here are some fun and inexpensive toys to keep your piggy busy. 

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