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Pig antibiotics

Antibiotics are used to help treat many different bacterial diseases of pigs, and can be given as injections, in the feed or as a spray. Please contact your veterinary surgeon if you are concerned with the health or welfare of any animal under your care. When used correctly, antibiotics have an important role in improving health and welfare of pigs. There are concerns that resistance or resistant bacteria could be transferred from animal to human health, and vice versa, and reduce the effectiveness of some antibiotic treatments. It is vital that antibiotics are used in the correct and appropriate manner to minimise this possibility. 

MSD Animal Health supports the responsible use of antibiotics. Many farm assurance schemes also produce similar guidelines to support best practice. Amfipen LA® 100 mg/ml Suspension for injectionAmoxypen® Injection 150 mg/ml Suspension for injectionAmoxypen LA® 150 mg/ml Suspension for injectionDepocillin® 300 mg/ml Suspension for injectionEngemycin® 10 % Solution for injectionEngemycin® 10 % Farm Pack Solution for injectionEngemycin LA® 200 mg/ml Solution for injectionEngemycin Spray® 25 mg/ml cutaneous spray, suspension for cattle, sheep and pigsNeopen® Suspension for injectionNuflor® 40 mg/g Premix for Medicated Feeding Stuff for Swine. 

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Owning and Caring for Pet Guinea Pigs

The Guinea Pig, a South American native, is not a pig. While the Guinea Pig is most active during the day, it will also play with you at night – just make sure it rests. Unlike Hamsters they prefer not to be alone, and enjoy the company of other Guinea Pigs. This, of course, could lead to more Guinea Pigs, so be sure of the sexes if you do not intend to breed. There are thirteen recognized breeds of Guinea Pigs. 

Older Guinea Pigs can still be trained, and you may be saving a life. The Guinea Pig of your choice should be alert and active, its eyes clear and bright, ears clean, its nose clear of any crusty deposits, and its coat full and shiny. Guinea Pigs usually end up being about a foot long, so keep that in mind when you visit Century21. Your Guinea Pig will benefit from fresh Guinea Pig pellets available at your pet store. The Guinea Pig gets much of its day’s water requirements from these foods. 

Guinea Pigs are generally very hardy and healthy, but they do have some common ailments. Talk with your vet about using more nutrient rich foods, and foods that are easier for an older Guinea Pig to eat. 

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Source: http://pgaa.com/caring-for-guinea-pigs

Vietnamese Pot-bellied Pigs

A potbellied pig is a unique, fun, and affectionate pet. Potbellied Pigs are…. SOCIAL. They like living with other pigs. Single pigs are much more likely to have behavior problems, including aggression towards humans, than pigs with at least one other piggy companion. 

When it comes to potbellied pigs, two heads are definitely better than one! Potbellied pigs are highly affectionate and love getting attention from people. Because they are such social creatures, potbellied pigs do not do well when left alone for long periods of time. If the dog has a high prey drive, he may attack and kill the pig. Pigs and dogs should not be left alone together unsupervised. 

The bored pig will be destructive to the home or yard when looking for something to do. CLEAN. Untrue to the common stereotypes, potbellied pigs are very clean animals. Potbellied pigs need…. COMPANIONSHIP. 

Lonely pigs do not make good pets. NUTRITION. Good nutrition is also an important part of keeping a pig at a healthy weight. 

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Source: http://www.caretoadopt.org/info/display?PageID=4274

Your One Stop Pet Pig Shop for all your Mini Pig Needs!

Inhibits the activity of negative bacteria while providing positive bacteria for replacement. Vanilla Flavor that pet pigs just love! $17.95 DeOdorase. Deodorase is derived from the yucca plant and absorbs the ammonia smells from the urine and feces. Simply by adding one small scoop a day to a Pot Belly Pig’s feed ration. Yes, it really works! 

Feed to your pet pig as a top dressing for control of ammonia odor in urine and feces. Sarsaponin works to control ammonia odor by stimulating bacterial use of ammonia while speeding waste breakdown. Outstanding success in controlling odor in litter boxes and pens of pot bellied pigs. Provides pain relief for your pot belly pig and eliminates stiff joints. Aids in the discomfort of pot bellied pigs due to old age or arthritic conditions. 

Will increase the activity of older pot-bellied pigs as their pain is relieved. Manufactured for pot bellies since 1988.Thousands of happy customers Available in 20lb flat rate, 25 lb. Reduces or eliminates dandruff-like scaly dermatitis. 

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Source: https://healthypigs.storesecured.com

Guinea Pig Pet Insurance Alternative By Pet Assure

It’s perfect for guinea pigs! Learn why more than 100,000 households have chosen Pet Assure for their pets. Among pet health plans, Pet Assure is the best value pet plan for your guinea pig. It is the best pet insurance alternative and available for any type of pet. Pet Assure covers every medical condition, including LUTD, chronic renal failure, diabetes, periodontitis / dental disease, ear infections, skin allergies, gastritis, enteritis / diarrhea, arthritis, bladder infections, tumors, upper respiratory infections and hypothyroidism. 

We’re the cheap pet insurance alternative that covers every medical service, including routine visits, dental work, x-rays, laboratory work, vaccines, cremation, spay & neuter, hospitalization and emergency services. Compare pet insurance to us; whether you are looking for dog insurance or cat insurance, insurance for your pet is costly. Choose Pet Assure, the pet discount plan that more than pays for itself. 

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Source: http://www.petassure.com/guinea-pig-insurance.html

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