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Peter Gurney

Born at Luton on March 9 1938, Peter Gurney was educated at Beech Hill Secondary Modern and did his National Service with the Navy. His career as a guinea pig expert began when he was 48; he was twice divorced and facing redundancy when he bought a guinea pig from his local pet shop. Soon he was sharing his small flat with many guinea pigs and he began campaigning for cavy welfare. Gurney wrote several books about guinea pig care; he ran a comprehensive website, gave talks and spent hours dispensing free advice over the telephone day and night. In 1990 it occurred to him that the children at Great Ormond Street Hospital might enjoy being visited by guinea pigs, and the hospital welcomed the idea. 

Gurney would arrive by Underground pulling a long, narrow plywood box on wheels with wire mesh down one side; inside would be five guinea pigs. He would place an animal on a child’s lap and talk about what interested him most – guinea pigs. He began to take a close interest in guinea pig medicine, which put him on a collision course with vets. In 1992 he was diagnosed with kidney cancer, and, during his recovery, wrote his first book, The Proper Care of Guinea Pigs, taking all the photographs himself. Bond’s then guinea pig, Olga, had been off-colour but recovered as a result of Gurney’s ministrations. 

Gurney wrote a number of other books, including The Sex Life of the Guinea Pig, which he promoted on a tour of the United States. Earlier this year he was told that he was losing his battle with cancer and made careful arrangements to find new homes for his guinea pigs, 40 of whom survive him. 

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AN OVERVIEW OF CAVY NUTRITION Providing your cavy with a diet tailored to suit its nutritional needs can be a challenging task. If you know what your cavies needs are it can be easily done. To understand what a cavies body requires we first must understand how its digestive system works. Biological Structure A cavies digestive system is designed to obtain cellulose from various vegetation, primarily in the form of hay. Without a diet high in fibre a cavy will suffer from severe digestive upset which can vastly lead to other illnesses and lower the immune system. 

If you have a diet high in protein and low in fibre it can compromise the health of your cavy. You do not need to overcompensate with a diet high in fats and sugars, a cavy should have a diet tailored to suit its digestive and nutritional needs. In certain cases such as where a cavy needs to gain weight oats can be given as a supplement in their diet. Pellets should have a fat percentage of preferably 1- 2%. Calcium to Phosphorus The calcium: phosphorus ratio is also an important part of a cavies diet. 

In a cavies diet you need to have a higher calcium to phosphorus ratio. If you observe any white substances being excreted out of your cavies system through its urine you know that there is an excess of calcium in the system and you must analyze your diet to ensure that you decrease that amount. Providing your cavy with the correct percentage or fats, protein, fibre, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus enables owners to ensure that their cavies digestive system is not compromised and enables correct digestion. 

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