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Guinea Pig Illness Symptoms + What They Might Mean

writing about eating: How to eat a pig’s head

The Boy and I headed over for dinner with Tim and Peter. Mine was a light, refreshing sidecar; Tim and The Boy went for absinthe. While I’d discovered plenty of advice on how to. Said object, there was precious little information on how to eat a pig’s head. And now here one was, eyeing me expectantly. 

We started by tearing off the ears; the skin was fantastic, salty and crunchy, but not worthy of too much attention when the rest of the head was sitting there, full of secrets. Then The Boy flipped Babe on his head and started in on the sweetbreads. At least, we assume they were sweetbreads: they were where we expected sweetbreads to be. Everything that came off that piggy’s head was fabulous: rich and sweet, salty and fatty, warm and melty. Our waiter had compared the head to pork shoulder, but it was much more than that. 

Of course they were as roasted as the rest of the head, and were basically delicate lumps of fat, not even as chewy as snails. We worked over the head a little longer, occasionally uncovering pockets of sweet, fatty treasure, finding cavities still sealed, the meat hot to the touch even after we’d been eating for an hour. We enjoyed a long, langorous, relaxed, four-hour dinner, at least half of which was focused on how to eat a pig’s head. It wsn’t just food consumed in the presence of friends; it was meat shared, a communal feast, an act of celebratory participation. 

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Pig Industry Fund

All pig owners must contribute $0.20 per head to the Pig Industry Fund when pigs are sold for $20 or more per head. Contributions must be made for sales within and outside South Australia. The Minister for Agriculture, Food, and Fisheries acts as the administrator of the Pig Industry Fund. Pork SA makes recommendations to the minister on spending priorities for the Fund.Contributing to the fund. The pig vendor is responsible for contributing to the fund unless a collection agent is involved. 

Collection agents are responsible for contributing to the fund when they are involved in a sale. Pig vendors must confirm that the collection agent has made a contribution as they may become ineligible to take part in programs sponsored by the Pig Industry Fund if the contribution has not been forwarded. Collection agents must complete and return the contribution form and payment 14 days after the end of each month. Support the operation of Pork SA.How to access the fund. Pork SA will invite applications for projects seeking support from the Pig Industry Fund in early 2017 for the 2017-18 year. 

The invitation will identify the areas that the industry considers to be priorities for project work in 2017-18. The invitation will be published in the Stock Journal and on the PIRSA PorkPage. Refunds can only be requested from the preceding financial year. 

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Source: http://www.pir.sa.gov.au/biosecurity/animal_health/pigs/pig_industry_fund

How To Take Care of A Very Young Baby Pig

Many times I have had inquiries on what to do with a baby pig that is for one reason or another without a real Mom. It is possible to do it even on new born’s, but the odds are fifty-fifty with those very young babies. We do not bottle feed here as for one thing there is not that time available and two, we want to know exactly what goes in and a baby that eats on his own from a flat pan will not aspirate the food into his lungs as easily. The most important thing to remember is that these babies need to be warm, very warm. Baby pigs cannot produce their own heat when they are born so by keeping them warm we are saving the energy that they would have to use for this purpose. 

We have taught even 12 hour old babies how to eat out of a dish this way. A baby pig won’t take much at one time so they need to be fed often when very young. We start adding Gerber’s rice baby cereal at about three days, making it very liquid at first then gradually increasing the cereal as we go along. Nothing will kill a baby pig any quicker than bad diarrhea. Baby pigs born outside don’t need iron as they get it from the dirt as they go along. 

The less you put into this baby that isn’t necessary the better off he will be. All babies will try you at some point in their life and to think that a hand raised baby will be worse than a sow fed baby is just not been proved to our satisfaction. 

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Source: http://www.pigpalssanctuary.com/health/baby_pigs.htm

Have Fun at the Fair, But Don’t Pet the Pigs

WEDNESDAY, Aug. 23, 2017 – You go to the fair for corn dogs and cotton candy, not an infectious swine flu. Researchers are warning that flu can spread among pigs at agricultural fairs and then make the leap to humans, which could potentially lead to a swine flu epidemic. The good news is that people can take steps to protect themselves by doing simple things, including keeping as much distance from the pigs as possible. The new study looked at 18 cases of H3N2 swine flu in people in Ohio and Michigan in 2016. All were linked to agricultural fairs and exposure to pigs infected with flu. 

Most of the flu cases were mild, the study authors said in a university news release. The threat remains that a pig-to-people transfer of a flu virus could spark a worldwide crisis, the researchers said. Use signs to warn people against eating and drinking near the exhibits, and provide instructions about proper handwashing. Encourage those at higher risk of flu – such as young kids, people over 65 and those with weakened immune systems – to stay away from animal exhibits. The new study stemmed from a previous one led by Ohio State researchers, too. 

Nearly 80 percent of them were harboring the flu virus, although many didn’t appear to be sick. For more about swine flu, visit the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

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