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Guinea pigs health check arriving into rescue

Guinea Pig Health & Swollen Ears

While guinea pigs typically have ears that are folded over, with an interior not readily visible, they are susceptible to different types of ear conditions that can cause their ears to appear red, inflamed and swollen. Allowing a guinea pig ear problem to go unresolved can result in pain, loss of equilibrium and potential worsening of the underlying cause of the problem. A guinea pig that develops an ear infection may exhibit red, swollen inner ears that may be painful, inflamed, red and warm to the touch. You may see your guinea pig shake or tilt her head, rub her ears against her cage bars or paw at her ears to try and alleviate the irritation. She may also appear to be disoriented when she walks, as an ear infection can sometimes result in an inner ear imbalance that leads to dizziness. 

If your guinea pig has crusty, swollen ears, it could be a sign of a fungal or bacterial infection. If your guinea pig’s swollen ears also feature black spots or a dirt-like appearance, she could have ear mites or other parasites. Excessive ear wax in your guinea pig’s ears can lead to an appearance of swelling. Don’t attempt to remove the ear wax on your own, but rather, consult your vet about the appropriate steps to take to address the problem. You can potentially hurt your guinea pig if you attempt to clean her delicate inner ears on your own. 

If your guinea pig has a housemate and they squabble, it could result in an ear bite or scratch that becomes infected, red and swollen. If you attempted to clean your guinea pig’s ears and inserted an object like a cotton swab too far into the ear canal, you may have inadvertently penetrated or irritated the inner ear, leading to swelling. 

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Porcilis M. Hyo ID OnceIntradermal one-dose vaccine for control of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae with a small dose size of 0.2 ml. Porcilis PCVAn inactivated vaccine against porcine circovirus infection developed and produced in Boxmeer, the Netherlands. Porcilis PCV M. HyoA new ready to use, one dose combination vaccine that protects your pigs from both porcine circovirus type 2 and Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae throughout the critical grow/finish period. 

Porcilis® APPThe four way vaccine that confers protection against all known serotypes of Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae. Porcilis® AR-TThe high titer inactivated sow vaccine that prevents Atrophic Rhinitis in piglets by passive immunization. Porcilis® BegoniaThe effective and reliable marker vaccine for control and / or eradication of Aujeszy’s Disease. Porcilis® GlässerThe first Glässer’s disease vaccine to pass EU regulatory standards. Porcilis® ParvoThe one shot vaccine against Porcine Parvo virus. 

An inactivated vaccine against Porcine Parvo virus infection in pigs, based on the PPV strain 014, in an aqueous adjuvant Diluvac Forte. Porcilis® Porcoli DFThe superior subunit vaccine contaning the four most important pili and LT toxoid against neonatal enterotoxicosis in piglets caused by E. coli. Porcilis® PRRSA PRRS live vaccine based on an EU strain to protect against the economic losses of a PRRSV infection. PRV/Marker Gold LiveA live virus vaccine for the immunization of pigs against pseudorabies, specific genetic modifications of the vaccine virus optimize safety and efficacy and allow serologic differentiation based on either gE or gX deletions. 

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Source: https://www.msd-animal-health.ph/species/pigs.aspx

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