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Guinea Pig Care : Pet Guinea Pig Bedding

Pig Care Sheet

I see no reason, why people cannot rotate pig pens, as they do with cows. My thoughts on this is, the more confined and dirty a pig pen the higher risk for disease. BERKSHIRE PIGS CHESTER WHITE PIGS DUROC PIGS Mature Berkshires are medium-size, generally smooth, solid hogs. HAMSHIRE PIGS LANDRACE PIGS POLAND CHINA PIGS Hampshire pigs are America’s most popular breeds for the pork industry. Landrace pigs are noted for having the highest number of pigs per litter, high birth weights, and good milking abilities. 

This breed of pig is the result of several crossings. YORKSHIRE PIGS CROSSBREEDS PIGS OTHER BREEDS OF PIGS Originating in or around Yorkshire county, England, some 200 years ago, the Yorkshire breed was first called the Large Whites. Pig Sounds Pigs will make several different type sounds. Housing Pigs Good sanitation and management are needed for pigs. A piglet will be able to squeeze through small openings, a 200lb pig can root under fences and break down their house. 

Feeding and Nutrition Grains, most commonly corn, are the chief source of carbohydrates for calories and energy in pig rations. Some people add 7 extra pounds if the pig weighs less than 150 pounds. 

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Source: http://www.sybilsden.com/caresheet/pigs.htm

5 Reasons to Get Pigs This Year! – Farm Fresh For Life – Real Food for Health & Wellness

If you haven’t met me yet, or haven’t been hanging around farmfreshforlife.com long enough, you may not know that I love pigs. Real lard from pigs living outdoors in the sunshine is one of the healthiest fats you can eat. Since my jump into self-raised foods I’ve continued to hear more and more about the greatness of pastured lard. So!!!!!! Today I am here to convince you that this is the year you should get a pig 2 pigs. 

No matter how much land I give my pigs, they destroy it. When you are choosing your area to raise pigs, pick a place you want to be transformed into a dirt lot. Roots, shrubs, brambles and grubs living underground are all tasty things for pigs. In order to properly consume every bit of life in your pig area – your pigs will till up the ground and leave no stone unturned. If you live in a climate like mine where there is spring, summer and fall you can raise you pigs while it’s nice out. 

Raising pigs isn’t hard – I think you’ll enjoy it. By far, the best reason to raise your own pigs is the healthy food you will receive from your labor. Nitrates & Nitrites are found naturally in many fresh foods and are actually very good for you. 

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Source: https://farmfreshforlife.com/5-reasons-to-get-pigs-this-year

Peruvian Guinea Pigs

We’re going to talk about Peruvian Guinea Pigs today! Originating from South America, guinea pigs aren’t pigs, and don’t have anything to do with Guinea. Different breed varieties of guinea pigs include the Peruvian, which have a unique, long haired, rock star look. Peruvian guinea pigs considered one of the oldest and most distinctive breeds of guineas. Peruvian guinea pigs commonly fall into the same weight category as the other breeds. 

Peruvian guinea pigs are loved for their gorgeous Fabio hairdo. Because of this, Peruvian Guinea Pigs are high maintenance, and thus aren’t recommended for children or first-time guinea pig owners. Peruvian guinea pigs need a good diet to stay healthy. Peruvian Guinea pigs can live anywhere from 3 to 8 years. If you decide that Peruvian Guinea Pigs are for you, and you can’t do without one, they may prove somewhat difficult to find. 

Because of the special needs of Peruvian Guinea Pigs, they are not usually carried in pet stores. Immobility issues from the long hair puts Peruvian guinea pigs at risk for fly strike, which is dangerous and painful. 

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Source: https://squeaksandnibbles.com/peruvian-guinea-pigs

Caring for Your Senior Guinea Pig

The average lifespan for a guinea pig is about five to seven years. It’s almost impossible to gauge the age of an adult guinea pig after they are full grown. Signs of aging appear earlier in some guinea pigs, and later in others. A senior guinea pig may lose muscle tone and weight. Senior guinea pigs spend more time sleeping and less time exploring, so it’s important to make their environment a cozy one. 

Senior guinea pigs tend to stay in one spot longer, so be sure to spot clean daily and change the bedding more frequently, if needed. One of the easiest ways to pick up on a health issue early is to weigh weekly, and more frequently in aging or ill guinea pigs. Female guinea pigs are prone to ovarian cysts as they age. Normally, spaying a guinea pig is the recommended course of action. Your guinea pig may need help for the rest of his life cleaning this area out so poop doesn’t get backed up. 

Senior guinea pigs can be allowed some extra treat foods like raw oats and corn on the cob. Senior guinea pigs can still enjoy satisfying lives and even stronger bonds with you. 

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