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What are symptoms of dying guinea pig

Well i knew my guinea pig was’nt ok because is had sunken eyes and very thin -a common thing was that her teeth were too long for a long time and was’nt drinking or eating- i gave her norer stiks and things like that but she had’nt been to the vets before so she didnt get cheked up and by just not being normal. Ellie x When my guinea pig died last night, She was breathing really hard and was lying on her left side. She was always trying to snuggle up to the other guinea pig. Once I had held one last time, I put her back into her cage next to lucky. Anna When my Guinea pig was dieing she did not move at all except for a little twitching every once and a wile. 

She would lay on her left side and when I held her she would not want to snuggle like she always does she just sat there. When I tried to feed her she would not eat or drink her eyes were wide open and she would not blink and she would pee a lot. When your pet is on the last chapter of their life, there are some tell-tale signs that may help you deal with the pain of loosing them. Some obvious changes with their eatting and drinking habbits will start to show, and they may start to get bald patches and be slugish when walking around their cage. Theirs not much you can do for them except let them know they were a great pet, and keep encouraging them to eat. 

You know when your guinea pig is dieing when it is not eating or walking slowly and just laying down a lot. 

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Common Guinea Pig Health Problems

Guinea pigs are generally very active animals, and signs of any health problems become immediately visible. The deterioration rate of the guinea pig is very fast and if not treated immediately, it could result in sudden death. It is better to avoid feeding your guinea pigs with foods rich in starches, sugar, carbohydrates and fruits. Streptococcal infections are bacterial infections that could be fatal to the guinea pig if not treated in the early stages. Guinea pigs generally do not refrain from eating and hence, if you see the pig refraining from food, then it is important to immediately seek medical help as there is a very high possibility that the guinea pig is sick. 

Anorexia results in the breaking of liver cells which deteriorates the health of the pig rapidly. Heart problems and blood circulation problems manifest by excessive panting, snout and blue-tinged lips. The guinea pig should not strain more than 10 minutes while delivering the baby or stop trying to deliver due to exhaustion. The pigs squeal too much while delivering and the placenta is not produced during the delivery. Pigs suffering from diarrhea look very ill and are not active. 

This is generally mistaken for another disease called scurvy caused due to lack of vitamin C. Open wounds, scaly skin, excessive scratching and pain are signs of fungal infections in the pigs. Guinea pigs do not recover automatically if they catch infections. 

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Georgia Wild Pigs

Aside from the obvious physical damage caused by wild pigs, these animals can also pose a threat in other ways. While there are multiple diseases and parasites that are limited to pigs, there are several that are carried by wild hogs that can be contracted by humans, livestock, and other wild animals. A major concern is foreign animal diseases: those that have never been in North America or those that were present at one time but have been eradicated during the last 100 years. Zoonotic Diseases A zoonotic disease is an animal borne disease that can be contracted by humans. Zoonotic diseases may also be transmitted through contaminated water supplies or through tick bites. 

Animal/Livestock Transmitted Diseases A major concern in the livestock industry is the risk of diseases spreading from wild pigs to livestock. While there are several diseases that are swine specific there are others that can be contracted by both livestock and wildlife species. Transmission of these diseases occurs via contamination of water sources, contamination of feed troughs, and direct contact with infected animals. Thoroughly clean and disinfect work areas and tools used to dress and butcher wild pigs. Dispose of animal remains, used gloves, and other materials properly. 

Animal remains should not be left for scavengers, nor should they be fed to dogs. Cook wild pork to an internal temperature of 165°F to 170°F.. 

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The Bankrupt PIGS of Europe

For 30 years, the fertility rate of Europe has been below the 2.1 children per woman necessary to replace a population. In Western Europe, the passing of the native-born goes on quietly, as Third World peoples come to fill the empty spaces left by the aborted and unconceived. As the number of young entering the European labor forces shrinks, the number of seniors and aged grows. In Europe, wages and taxes are high, regulations heavy, unions strong, and lawyers ubiquitous. Greece is the first European nation to hit the wall. 

As an EU member state, she is obligated to keep her deficit to 3 percent of GDP. But this year’s is 12.7 percent, and Athens needs to issue $75 billion in bonds alone to finance the deficit and roll over debt. To borrow, Athens must pay more than twice the interest rate Germany pays. As Portugal, Ireland and Spain gaze on, Greece approaches a moment of truth. Should she default, their bonds, too, will plunge in value out of fear of a copycat default, and the interest rate they pay would also rise. 

They, too, might then take the Argentine road. The EU’s crisis would then be like a crisis in the United States should California default on its state bonds and interest rates on other municipal bonds surged to double digits. One option is for the EU to bail out Greece with a huge loan. Where Greece is at today we shall all arrive tomorrow. 

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