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How To Choose a Healthy Guinea Pig!

guinea pigs weight at birth

Among the many misconceptions I run in to, one of the most frustrating is the assumption that an adult guinea pig will remain the approximate size of a hamster. For the sake of the animals, let’s keep in mind that guinea pigs aren’t especially similar to hamsters, gerbils, or any other small rodent friend. Let’s say you have recently acquired, or plan to acquire, a new baby guinea pig. Your average baby guinea pig will weight somewhere in the range of 95-105 grams at birth. Guinea pigs are best weaned when their weight has tripled, usually within three to five weeks of delivery. 

The pups are quick to learn to take care of themselves, but weaning guinea pigs early is not encouraged. Much of their energy at this point in time is dedicated to weight gain Your junior cavy is likely a bit pudgy, and may look a bit like a cartoonish version of an adult guinea pig. This is usually the age where most guinea pigs enter the pet market. An intermediate guinea pigs weighs between 23 and 32 ounces, and is about four to six months old. The fat it stored up as a junior will go to building the cavy’s adult frame, and as such, your guinea pig will grow longer, rather than wider, as an intermediate. 

Guinea pigs begin filling out and reaching their adult weight somewhere between six and eight months of age. When finished growing, it’s important to note that an adult guinea pig can weight as much as three pounds or more – ergo, by the time they’re six months old, guinea pigs are far too large for smaller rodent enclosures designed for hamsters or mice. 

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Farmers can raise guinea pigs for health, wealth

Today, guinea pig farming business is gaining popularity throughout the world. Farmers should try raising guinea pigs for health and wealth as the demand is becoming huge both at the local and the export market. Guinea pig, small livestock with big potential, can be raised to improve the nutrition and livelihoods of farmers by providing food and additional income. Guinea pig farming business is a more profitable source of food and income than many traditional stock animals as they require much less room than traditional livestock and they reproduce extremely quickly. Guinea pig meat is white, lean, tasty and healthy for consumption, in addition to being wholesome and delicious. 

In the farming families, children benefit most from the increased availability of fresh and nutritious meat from home-produced guinea pigs. Daily Sun learnt that guinea pig is a specie of rodents. They are not pigs nor do they come from Guinea or Guinea-Bissau. Guinea pigs are cavy type rodents, they are warm blooded mammals. Like most cavies, guinea pig has short legs, a short neck, a big head and no tail. 

The Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Jovana Integrated Farms, Prince Arinze Onebunne, said the demand for quality guinea pig meat has been increasing yearly because of the growing awareness of their nutritional benefits, especially among health-conscious people. He added that the production of guinea pigs gives small farmers a chance to increase their income and health, and offers an alternative means of livelihood to urban and rural farmers. 

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Guinea Pig Neutering, How to Neuter your Guinea Pigs

The only valid, non-medical reason to neuter your male guinea pig is because you have a female you want him to room with. Cat & Dog vs. Exotic VetsPlease do not assume that any vet can do a guinea pig neuter. Most cat and dog vets should NOT do a guinea pig neuter. You need to find a vet who has done quite a few guinea pig neuters AND has a high success rate doing them. 

When you are looking at comparing the cost of a neuter for your guinea pig, please be very careful about choosing a shelter to do this for you. Almost every vet will insist that you bring the guinea pig in for a first-time health check visit, and rightly so. Most breeders do NOT neuter their guinea pigs! Vets who work with breeders and 4-H clubs often tend to approach guinea pigs as stock animals rather than as beloved companions. Call some of the non-exotic vets and ask them who they think the top 3 guinea pig vets are in the area. 

Keep in mind that a vet who advertises as a small animal or exotic vet isn’t necessarily an expert or even competent with guinea pigs. Healthy!Your guinea pig should have already been seen by the vet prior to his castration appointment. If you have to take the guinea pig back to the vet to have stitches or staples removed, continue the post-op care and monitoring until you are certain there is no possible infection at the suture site. The downside risk of prescribing antibiotics after a neutering procedure on a guinea pig is insignificant compared to the much higher risk of infection after a cavy neuter. 

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