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Reina and her Ovarian Cysts (Guinea Pig Health Issues)

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Tips

If you have a comfortable lifestyle and don’t need to worry about extra expenses, I’d say no – you don’t need it. If you’re living on a tight budget and an expensive vet bill can really mess things up for you, then I’d say definitely yes – it’s worth it. I make $15,000 a year and I struggle to pay the bills each month. Last month, my dog got really sick and started leaking green fluid out of her bum. The vet told me she had pyometra – meaning her uterus was infected and needed to be removed or else she would probably die. Now, a normal spay costs $350, because I got my other dog spayed with this vet. I called my credit card company and got an increase in my credit limit, and I charged the bill on the credit card. That credit card is at a 24.99% interest rate and the monthly minimum payment is $60.00. By the time I pay it off, I will have paid a lot more than $1200. So for someone like me, pet insurance makes a lot of sense. I struggle just to pay bills, so instead of going with pet insurance, I opted to go for Pet Assure. 7.95 a month is doable for me, and it will help me pay less on the vet bills when I need to go there.

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How to Care for a Pet Guinea Pig

Before you actually bring your guinea pig home, do a little research online and in magazines and books. Guinea pigs need more care and attention than you might expect. Guinea pigs are social animals-they’d much rather live with another guinea pig or two than by themselves. Female guinea pigs can usually live comfortably together. Since guinea pig neutering isn’t widely available, don’t keep males and females in the same pen. One guinea pig needs at least four square feet of space-but the roomier, the better. Tip.A hard-sided children’s wading pool makes a good guinea pig pen. A guinea pig’s main food source should be fresh, high-quality timothy hay. Step 7: Give them vitamin CGuinea pigs depend on their owners to provide them with vitamin C. Commercial guinea pig pellets contain the necessary amount of C. Generally, one adult guinea pig needs a cup of pellets per day. Tip.Many guinea pigs think Vitamin C tablets are a treat. Give your guinea pigs plenty of ‘floor time’ each day. A happy, healthy guinea pig can live for up to 10 years, so with good care your little friend will be around for a nice long time.

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Pet care for Rabbits & Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs need roughage in the form of hay as the main part of their diet. It is important to provide 2 biscuits of high-quality hay per day that is mould and parasite free. Hay that has been let outside to become wet and exposed to vermin like wild cats, rodents or birds can result in ill health in your guinea pig. Good hay has a fresh pasture smell and is green tinged in colour. It is tricky to find good hay in urban areas, so you may need to make friends with some farmers. Guinea pigs less than 6 months old also need access to Lucerne hay, which is the dark green coloured hay. A healthy adult guinea pig also needs 25mg of Vitamin C daily, via high-vitamin C fruit and vegetables or a vitamin C supplment,. Do not use vitamin C supplements in your guinea pig’s water. A pregnant guinea pig will need about 30 to 40mg/day. Aim for 70% hay, 30% green leafy veggies and some occasional treats, such as apple, banana, cranberry, tomato and watermelon. Avoid too much lettuce varieties, cabbage and fruits as they can make your guinea pig very sick. Choose an age appropriate pellet variety for your guinea pig and only feed about a tablespoon per day.

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Source: http://woodendveterinarycentre.com.au/petcare-advice/rabbits-guinea-pigs

How to care for your pet guinea pig » Small Animal Hospital » College of Veterinary Medicine » University of Florida

Below are our general recommendations for basic care of your pet guinea pig. Quality commercial guinea pig pellets should be fed daily. Most guinea pigs will not overeat but the amount of pellets may need to be restricted if a guinea pig becomes obese. Choose a good quality pellet designed for guinea pigs. Alfalfa is richer and higher in calcium and is a good supplement for young growing guinea pigs, as well as pregnant or nursing guinea pigs. Vitamin C is an essential part of a guinea pig’s diet as they are unable to manufacture their own. Without enough vitamin C, guinea pigs can become severely ill. Offer your guinea pig vegetables and fruits high in vitamin C. Supplements in tablet or liquid form can be purchased from any local pet store. Regular brushing will help keep your guinea pigs coat in good condition. Unless your guinea pig has become soiled or has a skin condition, bathing is often unnecessary and an added stress to your pet. Provide your guinea pig with toys and items to chew to avoid overgrown teeth. Most guinea pig health problems are a result of nutrition, digestive, dental issues, or obesity.

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Source: http://smallanimal.vethospital.ufl.edu/clinical-services/zoological-medicine/how-to-care-for-your-pet-guinea-pig/

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