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Marty the CyberPig

Guinea pigs have compact bodies and flat faces, and all teeth are open rooted. Male guinea pigs are called boars and females are called sows. Guinea pigs orphaned during the first four days of life may be given ground guinea pig pellets soaked in cow’s milk. Grabbing a guinea pig over its back may inhibit respiratory movements. Guinea pigs are strict herbivores and cecal fermenters, as are rabbits and horses. Guinea pigs should be fed a feed prepared specifically for the species. A commercial pelleted guinea pig diet containing 18 to 20 % protein, 4 % fat and 16 % fiber is highly recommended. Rabbit pellets are NOT the same, and should not be given to guinea pigs. Common problems in guinea pigs include vitamin C deficiency, respiratory infections, abscess, skin mites, overgrowth of premolar teeth, cystitis and bladder stones. Kidney disease: Often terminal, common in older guinea pigs. A few organisms that infect or inhabit guinea pigs are potentially zoonotic, but these organisms are seldom associated with human disease. Allergy to guinea pig dander is another frequently reported condition in people handling guinea pigs.

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Guinea Pig Health Problems

Because these parasites can cause itching, your guinea pig may scratch. How to Treat Ringworm: If you think your guinea pig might have this, you must take him to your vet. How to prevent scurvy: Guinea pigs need 10-50mg of Vitamin C daily from their diet. Your guinea pig must have fresh vegetables daily and this should provide him with the vitamin C he needs. Respiratory problems are probably the most common health complaint in guinea pigs. In some cases, such as stress, your guinea pig will develop signs of an infection. Treating pneumonia: If you think your guinea pig might have pneumonia, you must take them to the vet straight away. Your guinea pig may need antibiotics to treat any underlying infection. Guinea pigs have very sensitive tummies and need to carefully balance the bacterial flora in their gastrointestinal tracts. You may also find that your guinea pig goes off their food. Signs of Bumblefoot: Your guinea pig’s feet will look inflamed and may also have lumps and abrasions. Satin bred varieties of guinea pig are prone to this abnormal bone development and can cause considerable pain for your cavy.

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Source: https://www.guineapiggles.co.uk/health-problems

Guinea Pig food and Feeding Guide

To maintain a good diet each Guinea Pig should be given 10mgs of vitamin C per day to 1kg body weight. Pets Stores and Super Markets sell Guinea Pig food that has a vitamin C supplement. Since finding out about Gerty Guinea Pig food I have noticed that a lot of pet stores call random Guinea Pig food gerty. In Super Markets and Chain Pet Stores they sell the pre-bagged Gerty Guinea Pig food in sealed bags. Kornage and Millie prefer this Guinea Pig food to the others. Fig.3 This is a no name Guinea Pig food with added vitamin C. This is Nutmeg’s favourite dried food. Although all the different kinds of food I have mentioned are designed for Guinea Pig’s, you can not really compensate giving Guinea Pigs fresh vegetables daily. So I am going to give you a rough guide going on what I have been feeding my Guinea Pig’s. Cucumber: If you own a Guinea Pig then you must have ‘Plenty Of Cucumber!’. Clean out all of the seeds when you give them to your Guinea Pig. My guinea pig had 1/2 grape 2 weeks ago and now may have kidney disease. Spring Onion: These should not be fed to a Guinea Pig.

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RSPCA Victoria

Long-haired guinea pigs can be especially hard to look after. BehaviourIn the wild, guinea pigs live in large social groups. Two adult guinea pigs that don’t know each other may fight. We do not recommend that guinea pigs and rabbits be housed together. BreedingThe RSPCA strongly advises that you do not breed from your guinea pigs as it is very difficult to find good homes for the young. HealthGuinea pigs should be checked regularly for overgrown claws and teeth. Long haired guinea pigs in particular may suffer from the potentially fatal disease flystrike, cause by flies laying eggs in soiled fur. To avoid this, make sure the guinea pig’s home is cleaned every day and their bedding changed regularly. Groom guinea pigs every day, checking their fur all over for any dirt, especially under the tail. If a guinea pig develops bald patches this could be the fungal disease ringworm. FoodGuinea pigs can suffer from vitamin C deficiency, which causes weight loss, general weakness and swollen joints. Like people, guinea pigs cannot make Vitamin C and need to eat fresh greens every day.

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Source: http://www.rspcavic.org/health-and-behaviour/guinea-pigs

Guinea pig teeth care

Let’s see what a guinea pig owner that keeps his/her pets in a small apartment needs to know about the pet’s teeth. This is the main reason why we recommend guinea pig diet that provides guinea pigs with hay 24 hours a day. Don’t forget guinea pig vitamin C supplementing. A lot of people, when they think of guinea pig teeth, think of teeth trimming. Not even all guinea pigs have the same length of teeth. In case you did not notice that your guinea pigs are not eating, maybe you will notice that the pet is loosing weight. Take the guinea pig in your hands and look at his teeth. Some guinea pig owners buy special tools to open guinea pig’s mouth and check teeth. If the guinea pig teeth are overgrown don’t trim them yourself unless you know what you are doing. If guinea pig is eating that might be all he needed. Don’t be too worried about guinea pig teeth problems because, as we mentioned, overgrown teeth are not a normal, everyday occurrence. This guinea pig can also be a loving pet but be prepared to invest much more money and time into taking care of them.

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