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Pigs for small farms: Journey to Forever

The farmer chased the pigs out of the house onto the field. Several pigs began digging in the soil with their noses. Pigs had cleared the trees and grass, eaten it all, and quickly turned poor red mountain soil into fertile black soil rich in microorganisms, and the microorganisms then became good food for pigs. He told me that costs are low farming pigs this way, and the pigs grow happily and healthily with plenty of exercise and lots of sunshine. Only the mountain soils are safe for pigs, most other soil is now too polluted. Pastured Pigs – Greg Gunthorp of Indiana is a fourth-generation pasture pork producer. Email mailing list for the exchange of ideas about raising pigs on pasture. Htm The Kunekune is a cute and friendly little pig from New Zealand, smaller than other pigs and with one other big difference – they’re grass eaters. A Kunekune is quite happy eating grass alone: you can use them as a lawnmower, and unlike other pigs, they won’t harm trees or shrubs. Includes a comprehensive introduction to various breeds of pigs, a common-sense approach to feeding, step-by-step instruction on building piggeries and pens, plus dozens of other useful lessons, all leavened with a healthy dose of humor. Pigs are found everywhere, often kept by peasants, but methods and function differ widely. Also covers scavenging pigs and tethered pigs, and uses of liquid manure and dung.

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50 Fun Facts About Guinea Pigs for Kids

If you are looking for some fun and interesting facts about guinea pigs to help with a homework project or maybe you are just really interested in them, then here are 50 Fun Facts About Guinea Pigs for Kids to get you started. Guinea pigs originally come from the Andes mountains in South America. Guinea pigs need to drink water to stop getting thirsty but actually get a lot of water from eating grass. Guinea pigs really don’t like the weather when it’s really hot or really cold, they like it somewhere in-between. Guinea pigs are really easy to handle as they are very tame. A female guinea pig is able to produce a litter of up to 4 young guinea pig pups. Guinea pigs need their nails cut on a frequent basis to stop then growing into their foot. Guinea pigs are fragile creatures and so need to be treated with gentle hands. Guinea pigs have a very good field of vision and are able to see around them so as to detect predators. Guinea pigs were brought to Europe by Spanish sailors returning from south America during their travels to the new world in the 15th century. Another thought to how guinea pigs got their name is that the name may have come from the Spanish name ‘conchinillo’ which means ‘little pig’ as when they are cooked they look a bit like pigs. Guinea pigs have also been known to sing by rubbing their teeth in an unusual way which indicates that it is very scared.

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Squeaks and Nibbles

A guinea pig is the best fit for your lifestyle, but now you must make the decision on what kind of guinea pig you want. Guinea pigs, despite their name, are not from Guinea nor are they pigs. The American Cavy Breeders Association officially recognizes 13 different breeds of guinea pig, five of which are long haired. The Silkie variety was first seen in the 1930s when it was discovered in Peruvian Guinea Pig litters. Breeds of guinea pig that have long hair, like the Silkie, tend to look slightly bigger than a short haired breed. With 10 different combinations and variations of these colors, each Silkie Guinea Pig has a unique coat. One of the appeals of the Silkie Guinea Pig is how soft, lovely, and shiny their hair is. Beyond the addition of taking care of their long hair, Silkie Guinea Pigs require the same things that other breeds require. If you suspect your Silkie Guinea Pig is coming down with any illness, take them to your veterinarian right away. Before you get a Silkie Guinea Pig companion, make sure you have a local veterinarian who treats guinea pigs. After you have exhausted these options and are still desperate for a Silkie Guinea Pig, you can start looking up breeders. Ask about how often they clean the cages, what sizes the cages are, how often they are breeding their guinea pigs, what food they feed them, and how often they groom them.

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guinea pigs – Mental Health @ Home

I am the proud mama of 4 guinea pigs, each one full of personality. When my depression has left me feeling like I’m too tired to go out of bed, I can count on them to be very vocal about reminding me I need to get my butt up and give them their veggies. Sometimes I’ll feel like the most effective therapeutic therapeutic intervention I provided during a shift was my animals. Sometimes I’m able to give an agitated client a guinea pig to hold rather than giving them extra medication, and it can be just as effective. Clients who have been quite disconnected from the world because of their psychosis will sit for hours holding a guinea pig. Cookie has watery eyes, and one client believed that her tears were because she knew what he was feeling. We may be broken and battered by our illness, feel like a failure, and be ready to give up, but none of that matters to our animals. She likes to make sustained eye contact, and it feels like she’s looking straight into my soul. Oreo likes to give kisses, especially when I need them the most. While dogs may be the most recognized support animals, there are many animals that can engage with humans in meaningful ways. Update: I have just added a 5th member to my guinea pig family. I may be well on my way to becoming the guinea pig version of the crazy cat lady, but my mood has improved, and I’m feeling less isolated.

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