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Healthy, fresh feed every day

For decades, corn, grain and soybeans have been the standard feed option for swine, but with the cost of these feeds continuously rising, hog producers are in need of an affordable alternative. Hydroponically grown fodder, due to its low cost and nutritional benefits, is quickly being adopted by the hog industry. FodderPro Feed Systems allow swine operations to grow healthy, fresh livestock feed that is high in protein, essential nutrients and amino acids, for just pennies a pound. Fodder is a completely controllable feed option that allows farmers to customize the nutritional content of the fodder they provide. Feeding fresh, green fodder on a daily basis will result in faster weight gain and dramatically improve the quality of pork products for market. Legumes offer many nutritional advantages and are an excellent supplemental feed choice for pigs. They are high in amino acids, which are essential for fast weight gain and maximizing feed efficiency. Sprouts, like soybeans, are highly digestible, high in protein and have a good balance of amino acids. The FodderPro Feed System comes complete with everything you need to start growing fresh, healthy swine feed today. With a few environmental modifications, fodder can be grown anywhere. Our affiliate company, FarmTek, can outfit any space with everything you need to make the environment suitable for growing fodder hydroponically. Our expert fodder specialists will work with you to find the right products to suit your needs and budget.

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US bid to grow human organs for transplant inside pigs

Scientists in the United States are trying to grow human organs inside pigs. They have injected human stem cells into pig embryos to produce human-pig embryos known as chimeras. The team from University of California, Davis says they should look and behave like normal pigs except that one organ will be composed of human cells. Human induced pluripotent stem cells are injected into the embryo. The team at UC Davis hopes the human stem cells will take advantage of the genetic niche in the pig embryo and the resulting foetus will grow a human pancreas. The main concern is that the human cells might migrate to the developing pig’s brain and make it, in some way, more human. His team has previously injected human stem cells into pig embryos but without first creating the genetic niche. By deleting a key gene involved in the creation of the pig pancreas, they hope the human cells will have more success creating a human-like pancreas. His team is also trying to create dopamine-producing human neurons from chimeric embryos to treat patients with Parkinson’s disease. Gene editing has revitalised research into xenotransplantation, and the concept of using animal organs for humans. In the mid-90s there were hopes that genetically modified pigs might provide an endless supply of organs for patients, and that cross-species transplants were not far off. The scientific teams believe human-pig chimeras should look and behave like normal pigs except that one organ will be composed of human cells.

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Source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-36437428

How to Care for Pet Guinea Pigs

Appearance of Guinea PigsGuinea pigs are approximately 10 inches long and weigh two to three pounds. Before You Decide on a Pet Guinea PigGuinea pigs are social animals and you should consider keeping a same-sex pair so they have someone to socialize with. While usually quiet, guinea pigs can call out pretty loudly and be active both day and night. Guinea pigs may be nervous at first but rarely bite and generally become very tame with frequent handling. Purchasing a Guinea PigPet stores are a common source for pet guinea pigs, but they should only be purchased from a store if the store/staff are knowledgeable about guinea pigs, keep them in clean housing with a good diet, and handle the guinea pigs regularly. Breeders are your best option if looking for a show quality pig, a specific breed, and even pet quality pigs. Shelters have guinea pigs more often than you might think. This is a great way to give a guinea pig a second chance at life. Guinea pigs from shelters might be a little more skittish at first if they were not handled much while they were young, but most will settle down in their new homes once a routine is established. Whichever source for purchasing a guinea pig is chosen, make sure they appear to be in good health, body condition, are well socialized, and are easy to handle. Choosing a Guinea PigTry to avoid guinea pigs that are panicky when handled, especially if they do not relax quickly. Avoid guinea pigs that are overly skinny or grossly overweight.

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Welcome to The Potteries Guinea Pig Rescue,a safe haven in North Staffordshire

The Potteries Guinea Pig Rescue is a small,dedicated rescue run by experienced owner Helen Chadwick with the help of a dedicated team of foster carers. All advice is based on our own experiences and supported by a Guinea Pig vet. We offer Guinea Pig dating for single and bereaved Guinea Pigs – this depends on single Guinea Pigs available in the rescue. Promotion of Guinea Pig welfare and care through effective public education and interaction. Educate the public on the long term responsibilities of Guinea Pig ownership. Educate the public on the correct care and health needs of a Guinea Pig. Ensure all our rescued Guinea Pigs have a loving forever home with a suitable companion. The rescue base and foster homes offer clean and spacious accomodation with garden access for lawn grazing and sleeps in the sunshine, all our Guinea Pigs are cared for to current RSPCA standards and in accordance with The Animal Welfare Act 2006. Our definition of a rescue guinea pig is a Guinea Pig who is in potential danger and needs our help !!. Breeding Guinea Pigs is not something to be taken lightly, pregnant Guinea Pigs need care and attention and babies need loving forever homes. There are many unwanted Guinea Pigs bred by irresponsible hobby breeders who, have not taken into account these vital requirements resulting in rescues picking up the pieces, when it all goes wrong. Up to date information and advice – Our rescue is supported by advice from an Exotics Guinea Pig vet.

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Source: http://www.thepotteriesguineapigrescue.co.uk

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