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Rex Guinea Pig Information, Facts and Hd pictures, all details

It is believed that the Rex guinea pig originated from South America between 1200AD and 1532AD a time once the indigenous people of South America were conducting selective breeding of pigs for food. A Rex Guinea Pig will live for up to 6 years, depending on their environment they live in and the care they receive. Rex guinea Pig Facts The rex guinea pig is a main classified breed. With its short, dense wavy coat and it’s hedgehog-like appearance the Rex Guinea Pig or Cavie makes for a popular pet. They look slightly similar to a Teddy Guinea pig, however a Teddy Guinea pig has a much softer coat. Rex Guinea Pig has a long ears with dense in addition to the rough coat. A Rex guinea Pig needs some special attention, as it’s toe nails grow very quickly. The Rex guinea pig can grow up to 6 years depending on what type of care they get and the environment in which they live. Whatever material is being used for your Cavies bedding, ensure it has not been chemically treated and is safe for consumption by your Rex Guinea Pig. When grooming your Guinea Pig, keep in mind that a Rex may require their nails be clipped much more often than different Guinea Pig breeds. A Rex Guinea has the same food/dietry requirements as most other Guinea Pigs. As they cannot produce vitamin c themselves, to prevent health problems ,you should give your Rex Guinea pig with fruit and vegetables containing vitamin c. Rex guinea Pig Health and Diseases.

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Indigenous pig management practices in rural villages of Western Kenya

PO Box 29053, Nairobi Abstract The management of indigenous pigs in rural villages of Busia and Kakamega district, Western Kenya, is discussed. Indigenous pig management in Western Kenya is reportedly poor. Key words: Indigenous pigs, management practices, pig cysticercosis, pig production, pork consumption. Introduction Smallholder pig farming is an important livelihood source in many rural communities of Kenya. Indigenous pig population in Kenya constitutes a small percentage of the overall pig population, popular in the Western districts of the country. A study was therefore undertaken to investigate smallholder pig management practices in the districts of Busia and Kakamega, Western Kenya. Data on pig management practices were gathered during face to face interviews with the farmers. Challenges thought to be either serious or moderately serious by pig farmers in Busia and Kakamega Districts of Western Kenya, 2006-2008. Discussion Smallholder pig farming is an important livelihood source in many households in rural Western Kenya. Allowing pigs to scavenge is against the Kenya government legislation which recommends pig confinement in pig- proof houses. Kagira J M, Kanyari P W, Munyua W K and Waruiru R M 2008 Relationship between the prevalence of gastrointestinal nematode infections and management practices in pig herds in Thika District, Kenya. Farmer perceptions on rural pig rearing in Kakamega District, Western Kenya.

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Is My Pig Sick? Micro Mini Teacup Pig Health Care

One of the most important decisions you will make in the health of your pig is which veterinarian you will use. When you first get your micro mini pig, if it is a baby, you only need to give it 1/4 cup of pig chow in the morning and 1/4 cup in the evening. Never feed your micro mini pig or teacup pig avocado or chocolate. Be aware of special needs of your micro mini pig or teacup pig in the winter months. Whether you have a six month old piglet or a 14 year old adult pig, he will at some point need medical care. Pigs are subtle in their communication, but a pig who dies without warning is a rarity. Your pig will get bumps, scrapes and even cuts, particularly if it lives, as it should, with another pig. Aspirin is handy to have in your medicine kit when you pig is injured, especially if your pig hurts a hoof or leg. If you pig likes applesauce then crush the tablet into the applesauce and give the applesauce to the pig like it is a treat. Most pigs love human food, although it should be given to them only on special and rare occasions, so the treat of human food will probably make your pig take its medicine with no problem. The beginning of after care for a pig who doesn’t want after care is rough. A word of encouragement to all of you care givers, the pig who begins by fighting you usually learns through his experience that he is getting better and becomes much more cooperative over the days or weeks of treatment.

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health certificates

Buyers: If you are having a pig shipped from another state, the breeder is required to obtain a health certificate. Every state has different requirements, but generally the certificate has to be dated within 10 days of crossing state lines when a pig is being sold. I say usually bc I do not have every state memorized, but have not come across a state that does not require it. Let me repeat that, it is ILLEGAL to transport a pig across state lines for the purpose of sale without a certificate. If your state requires blood tests it can take up to a week. One very handy thing a health certificate contains is the vet’s contact information. So if you have any questions regarding your pig’s health you can contact the vet that examined them. God forbid there be an issue, but if there is you know where to go to contact the breeder or report them to their state’s USDA and/or Department of Agriculture’s office. If you are unsure of your state’s requirements, something you should know before purchasing an out of state pig, there is a link on the blog for every state on Inspections page. As one of our piggy friends asked, is it required if his vet is across state lines. If you are going to visit family, go shopping, or traveling for less than 15 days out of your home state a certificate is not required for ground travel. For a health certificate you don’t necessarily need a vet that is experienced with mini pigs, just swine.

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