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Guinea pig insurance

Find out what you need to know about buying and insuring a guinea pig with the help of our guide. Guinea pigs can make a great first pet for children or young families as they are known to be very low maintenance and fun creatures. If you’re looking to insure a guinea pig, follow that link through to the site of our preferred provider, ExoticDirect, who provide an extensive range of cover for different types of animals, including guinea pigs. ExoticDirect’s guinea pigs policy covers veterinary fees for an accident or illness which will be capped at a certain level per policy period. They can be sociable critters, and if it’s possible to house your pet with other friendly guinea pigs it’s recommended. If you are buying more than one to live together, always check their sex or you may end up with lots of baby guinea pigs on your hands! As natural grazers, the majority of your guinea pig’s diet should be hay and fresh grass, as well as daily fresh vegetables and greens. Grass-based guinea pig pellets should provide your pet with the vitamin C that they require as they aren’t able to make it themselves. Unnecessary changes to your guinea pig’s diet should be avoided as they have very sensitive digestive systems. If you aren’t sure whether you should feed your guinea pig a certain food, consult with your vet first. Guinea pigs are naturally preyed upon by other animals such as cats and foxes, so they must have an area where they can avoid being seen. Guinea pigs enjoy having toys to play with and chews to file down their constantly growing front teeth.

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CDC links pet guinea pigs to multistate Salmonella outbreak

The CDC has announced a multistate outbreak of Salmonella enteritidis infections linked to pet guinea pigs. An outbreak of nine Salmonella infections in eight states is being investigated by the CDC, several states and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service. One hospitalization and no deaths have been reported. The CDC reports that epidemiologic and laboratory evidence has indicated that contact with pet guinea pigs is the likely source of the outbreak, with illnesses reported between July 17, 2015, and Dec. 15, 2017. Contact with a guinea pig or its habitat in the week before getting sick was reported by four of seven people interviewed. An ill person’s pet guinea pig in Vermont was used to identify the outbreak strain of Salmonella, according to the CDC. The agency also reports that illnesses could continue if people are unaware of the risk. An outbreak of nine Salmonella infections in eight states is being linked to pet guinea pigs. The investigation began in December 2017, when CDC PulseNet identified three Salmonella infections that were identified through whole genome sequencing. Six additional cases dating back to 2015 were identified upon a review of the PulseNet database. Not keeping pet rodents for children younger than 5 years, nor as pets in childcare centers; and. Any time a pet rodent is touched, fed or cared for, hands should be washed. The CDC reports that illness from Salmonella usually lasts 4 to 7 days, with most people recovering without treatment.

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5 of 7: Health – Home of Frankenstein and Prometheus

Let me begin by saying that the best source of information and advice on guinea pig health is a qualified vet. If you have any doubts or concerns about your pigs health you should consult the vet immediately. Keep in mind that all guinea pigs are different, and the more you observe and learn their behavior, the easier it will be to catch the problem early. It’s important to make sure that guinea pig is eating and drinking while they’re sick, so that antibiotics can work. UTI can occur if guinea pig is constantly touching the bottom of the cage with their lower body and picks up bacteria from wet bedding or droppings. In one of the previous posts I’ve explained that guinea pigs eat part of their feces caecal pellets) to retrieve important nutrition elements. It’s dangerous for two reasons – guinea pig can’t eat caecal pellets and the blockage is interfering with digestive process. Main point is to have access to guinea pig rear and make sure they don’t weasel out. Bloat is exactly what you think it is, with only one big difference – guinea pigs can’t pass intestinal gas on their own, so build up of gas can be fatal for them. Fungal infection usually affects areas around the nose, ears, paws and back of guinea pigs. Bumblefoot is a painful infection of a foot pad. When a food pod is swollen and crusted guinea pig will be reluctant to step on it, or move in generally. Mites can’t live or reproduce on humans, so there is no risk of contracting them from the guinea pigs but people who are sensitive may experience some itchiness.

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Guinea Pig Medicine – Health

Recent articles in the press on the cost effectiveness of drugs and different medical procedures have refocused the discussion on what I am going to call guinea pig medicine. Precision medicine is of course medicine where we as a society know what is wrong and what is needed to solve the problem for examples you need antibiotics for an ear infection. The deliverance of a treatment that does not have a known outcome is by definition an experiment. A participant in that experiment can be called a guinea pig. Understanding this, I realize that I do not believe in being a guinea pig. Effectively practicing as the above author euphemistically termed intuitive medicine is making me the patient a guinea pig. As a society we do not condone much less support Hitler’s World War II medical experiments on Jews. As a society now that we know the true nature of the US government 1932-1972 Tuskegee syphilis experiment we don’t support that either. When people finally realize that they are being charged exorbitant amounts of money for participating in medical experiments where they are effectively guinea pigs they will all of a sudden stop clamoring to receive the treatments involved. I, for one, have no desire to be a guinea pig for money or for free. Author: Ainat Elos – Ms. Elos has been helping individuals, companies and governments solve their medical and healthcare issues. Physyko.net – a medical and healthcare forum and coop dedicated to helping everyone obtain appropriate, cost-effective, state-of-the-art medical care.

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