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Pig brands

Pig producers must brand their pigs with a registered brand within 7 days before sale or slaughter. This is a requirement under the Livestock Regulations 2013. Pigs under 20 kg are exempt from branding for welfare reasons. Carcasses can be identified and traced back to their property of origin. Pig brands are designed to be read after the pig has been killed. Brands are made by dipping the points of needles in a carbon-based fluid or paste and then slapping them firmly against the side of the pig. The needles must penetrate about 2-3 mm into the skin. The needles leave the carbon behind in the shape of the letters. Left shoulder for pigs bred from the owner’s stock. Pigs that have been slaughtered may be branded on both shoulders. Pig brands are issued free with Property Identification Codes. Phone 8207 7919 to check the availability of a brand or have a brand added to your Property Identification Code.

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Source: http://www.pir.sa.gov.au/biosecurity/animal_health/pigs/pig_brands

Bishopton Vets provide specialist consulting advice on pig herd health

Specialist consulting advice on pig herd health and management are a hallmark of the pig department at Bishopton Veterinary Group, and we have been providing service to the UK and International pig industry for over 45 years. Our focus has always been on the correct management of the individual pig in order to promote good health and to minimise the effects of disease. We have a team of four full time veterinary surgeons who are dedicated to the area of pig health and work within the UK pig industry, as well as further afield. Their roles vary from direct advice to commercial pig farmers and training of staff, through to rigorous research projects that will influence the industry and independent advice to Government and retailers. Have a look through our services and training to see what we get up to, and check out our articles on pig issues that we are continually updating and expanding.

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Source: http://www.bishoptonvets.co.uk/pigs

National Adopt Rescued Guinea Pigs Month |

A Habitat For Your Guinea PigsIt’s always good to have an ideal home for the health and happiness of your guinea pigs! Find out the latest information on making a modern guinea pig cage. Travel with Your Guinea PigsSometimes you gotta hit the road. Learn how to do it safely with your cavy companions. Pignics in the ParkSpend a day at the park with your guinea pigs and fellow cavy enthusiasts. Pignics are a great way to get together to share safe piggy fun. Rescues vs. BreedersThe Cali Cavy Collective explains why supporting rescue organizations and adoption is better than breeding your guinea pig or choosing a guinea pig from a breeder. Are Guinea Pigs Good Starter Pets?Children are naturally curious in small animals but need to be taught how to address a pet’s needs that are different from their own. Find out what is needed to bring a guinea pig into your child’s life.

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Source: http://adopt.guineapigtoday.com

All Things Guinea Pig: Breeds and Varieties

I have two favourite guinea pig breeds: Texels and Sheba Mini Yaks. We work with a lot of other breeds here at the caviary, but my heart remains with those two varieties in particular. And as time goes on, you will probably find that my main piggies mostly represent one of those two looks, hopefully resulting in some incredibly curly and/or fluffy bubs. CURLY. At Present, these are my ‘Curlies’, including Texel, Alpaca, Rex, Merino and all the crossed versions of these varieties. It gives a great overview of how many different ways the curly gene can manifest in guinea pigs, and even how different two ‘pedigree texels’ can look, depending on the quality of their breeding. It may also help you identify what breed your pet piggy might be. SMOOTH COATS. And these guys are your classic guinea pigs, the ones most of us remember from our childhood.

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Source: http://emmasguineapigs.blogspot.com/p/breeds-and-varieties.html

Swine Diseases and Resources « CFSPH

Pork is the most widely eaten meat in the world; approximately, 1.3 billion pigs are produced each year worldwide. The United States was the leading exporter of pork in 2009 with a 33% share of the market, followed by the EU, Canada and Brazil. In addition to protein pork provides, other important products from swine include insulin, valves for human heart surgery, suede, and gelatin for food uses. Pigs also generate important byproducts that can be used in manufacturing insulation, rubber, antifreeze, plastics and fertilizer. The diseases listed here are some of most important transboundary. FMD Pocket GuideThe Foot and Mouth Disease pocket guide was designed to enhance vesicular disease surveillance in swine by providing practitioners, veterinary students and USDA personnel with a convenient resource illustrating the progression of FMD lesions.

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Source: http://www.cfsph.iastate.edu/Species/swine.php

Health, Medicine and Natural Healing 06

Hmmm, maybe she had a nightmare about Elmo and his pigs??? As I live in the Ham Capital of the World, field, Va Yes, field Ham is made right here in my town! I knew I’d moved to a country town when I witnessed a truck full of pigs flip. Slaughter house, running all around the road, running for freedom, and eating. Ok, Tori came home from school yesterday with a note saying she was quite. Upset in school because she was ” afraid of pigs ” and that ” pigs are scary! “. What the heck??? Apparently, she kept ” wiping them off her back ” during school. We asked her about the pigs when she got home, where they were from and she kept. Well, we went through all of her DVDs and cannot find one. I don’t even know if she knows what the words afraid and scared mean. ” Success manifests in small daily events, not only in accomplishing great”.

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Source: https://www.remedyspot.com/content/topic/3467068-re-afraid-of-pigs

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