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Care links: home food habitats health boys & girls cavy lifeThese care pages serve as a basic overview of guinea pig care. To ensure the best life for your guinea pig, you must provide not only food and shelter, but also companionship and care. Sites listed under the “Care” section on the CavyMadness Links page also delve deeper into medical care for your guinea pig. Find a vet who is experienced with guinea pigs! Many vets can be certified as exotics vets without treating any guinea pigs. It is also important to know your guinea pig’s weight, since weight loss is one of the most common signs of illness in a guinea pig. As a new guinea pig owner, you must visit your vet so you can understand how to do a quick examination of your guinea pig at home, and to get a baseline weight of your pig. A congested guinea pig is a sad, frightened guinea pig. Guinea pigs can pick up germs from humans, so if you have a cold, handle your guinea pig only as necessary, and wash your hands before preparing food and picking up your pig. Some calcium is good for your guinea pig, but calcium-rich foods, such as alfalfa, must be fed sparingly to avoid getting a surplus of calcium in your guinea pig’s system. A guinea pig’s teeth grow continuously, so it is important that your pig has enough hay and other roughage in his diet to wear the teeth down. To quote Seagull, this wise guru of guinea: … if you happen to come across a guinea pig in your daily travels, chances are that it’s going to be in the middle of a nap, or about ready to take one. A flat-out piggy is cute indeed, but you should note when your guinea pig has a change in habits; instinctively, sick guinea pigs will separate themselves from the herd, and they will also sleep more to conserve energy. The Peter Gurney Guinea Pig Pages is UK-based, so some products may not be familiar to those living outside the UK. But the information is valuable to anyone who wants a better understanding of the illnesses that affect guinea pigs. If you have a male long-haired guinea pig, check to make sure that long hairs around his genital area are not getting stuck in the penis Although a Peruvian guinea pig with hair flowing on the ground is a beautiful sight, trimming the hair results in less matting and general ease of care for a pet guinea pig. Many guinea pigs can be held without a struggle to be clipped; some guinea pigs need to be wrapped tightly in a towel.

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Guinea Pig Care and Information Sheets

They are relatively easy to care for however there is some important information about feeding, husbandry and veterinary care that all guinea pig owners should know and understand. This care sheet will highlight these important points and share some handy tips about how to keep your guinea pig healthy. An average guinea pig litter size is between 2-4 babies and the average gestation period of a guinea pig is between 63-72 days: a lot longer than rabbits, rats and mice. There are many reputable guinea pig breeders that are members of the club and are more than willing to help new guinea pig owners out. Regardless of where you choose to buy your guinea pig from it is important that you give them a thorough examination before purchasing. It can require some skill to correctly identify the sex of a young guinea pig, therefore we recommend buying from someone that has experience in determining the sex of young guinea pigs. If any problems are identified it may be best to consider having a guinea pig vet check up before purchasing your guinea pig. Guinea pigs are thought of as a herd animal, and they enjoy the company of other guinea pigs. Good husbandry is very important with guinea pigs, with many diseases being preventable with adequate care. Ammonia is produced in guinea pig urine and guinea pigs are sensitive to high ammonia levels in the air. Guinea pigs love hidey holes, and enrichment can be provided by placing things such as hide away castles, plastic tunnels pipes, cardboard houses and hay nests in your guinea pig s hutch. Guinea pigs are unable to produce and store Vitamin C in their body hence Vitamin C is a dietary essential for a guinea pig and must be provided in the daily diet. It is important to provide a diet for your pet guinea pig that is high in protein, fiber and vitamin C. This can be achieved by providing a good quality guinea pig pellet or muesli at all times, plenty of good quality oaten, meadow or lucerne hay or chaff and daily vegetables and fruits. There are no vaccinations available for guinea pigs in Australia, and as such, guinea pigs do not require annual vaccinations. Guinea pigs make wonderful pets! By following the above advice you can help to reduce the chances of common problems occurring and can ensure that your guinea pig is receiving the care that it deserves.

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