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Wellsboro Veterinary Hospital

If there’s any doubt about the nature of the disease, take your guinea pig to a veterinarian right away! See the previous section for techniques for finding a good guinea pig vet. If your guinea pig is sneezing all the time, or is sneezing a lot in combination with other symptoms, he or she may have a bacterial infection or other illness. Sniffling, wheezing, constant sneezing, runny nose: Your guinea pig probably has a bacterial infection or other illness. Separate him from any other guinea pigs you might have immediately so they don’t catch the disease. If the vet prescribes any sort of antibiotic, you should give the guinea pig a supplement of lactobacillus acidophilus or live culture yoghurt, so that the antibiotic doesn’t kill the good bacteria in the stomach that enable digestion. Take him/her to a good vet right away! Diarrhea: If you have recently fed your guinea pig a new type of vegetable, or an unusually large quantity of fresh vegetables, that may be the cause. If your guinea pig has been on an antibiotic, the problem may be enteritis, which just means that the antibiotic is killing off the digestive bacteria in the stomach. If your guinea pig is kept on a softwood bedding, like pine or cedar, he may also be scratching because he is allergic to the bedding. Being small animals, guinea pigs usually eat pretty much constantly and metabolize food very fast, so if an illness or other condition is preventing them from eating they could die overnight. You will probably need to trim your guinea pig’s toenails, unless he or she does a lot of running around on bricks or concrete or other rough surfaces that will keep the nails short. Once the nails start getting long there is nothing but you clipping them to remedy the situation; the nails will eventually either curl back into the pad of the foot, crippling the guinea pig, or else break off and sometimes cause bleeding and infections in the process. The thing you have to be careful of is not to cut the quick, which is the pink part in guinea pigs with white nails. If your guinea pig has dark nails, you may need to use a brighter light source to see the quick, which should be slightly darker than the end of the nail. There are no known health reasons to neuter a male guinea pig, although I hear that it can reduce their sex drive and cause them to stop mounting female guinea pigs, if that is an issue. Ask any prospective vet how many guinea pig spays/neuters they have done in the past year, and what their success rate is.

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Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue

NEW* Animal Birthday Parties on the Ranch Parties are three hours and offered on Saturday and Sundays at 10am and at 1pm. Parties include a ranch tour, meet & greet visit with all our rescued animals, the use of the front area of the ranch that we set up in cute ranch style with tables, checkered table clothes etc,. 25 minimum suggested donation for two pigs, $15 for a single pig. Guinea Pigs Love Company Children and Guinea Pigs If you are interested in adopting for your children you must read this first before deciding that a guinea pig is the right pet for your family You may decide that a guinea pig is not for you after reading this information kindly provided by Cavy Spirit,Kids and Guinea Pigs Hercules the Really Really Big & Huge Hunk of Love! This Video went Viral! Going Away? Need Boarding? We recommend the Guinea Pig Hotel in Northridge run by Kate who is also a trusted volunteer. Guinea Pigs are social creatures that thrive in the company of other pigs. Because of this we do not re home single guinea pigs unless the animal is to be a companion for the guinea pig you already have. So please count on adopting at least a pair or trio of guinea pigs. PLEASE FILL OUT THE SURRENDER FORMPlease do not call if you need to give up a guinea pig. This video will give you a good idea of where our guinea pigs live and how we care for them. 3 is the perfect number and make for happy piggies – same adoption fee for 2 or 3 guinea pigs)$100 for a pair/trio that contains a neutered boar. 75- for a fixed Cuy male Check Out Our Guinea Pig Blog We added a blog to preserve our more interesting Facebook posts. Giant Guinea Pigs – have you seen one? Do you own or know one? Things we need are on our Wishlist We were at KTLA promoting the rescue! Guinea Pig Savvy Vets Dr Jody Milburn – Animal Hospital of Thousand Oaks 1772 Avenida de Los Arboles, Suite F Thousand Oaks, CA 91362. Guinea Pig Cages The typical pet store cages are NOT OK for guinea pigs – even the XL versions. If this is a problem for you then we suggest you look into adopting a different animal altogether, preferably one that will not be restricted to a cage or is happy with a smaller living arrangement like a hamster It is our job to make sure the pigs will live in an appropriate cage that will keep them healthy and happy. So do not buy a cage yet till you have read the cage requirements. We have been caring for and rescuing guinea pigs for over 17 years.

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